Earn Over 117m annually as Program Management Specialist (Youth and Children) at United States US Embassy, US Mission

Organisation: United
States US Embassy, US Mission in Uganda
USAID, Education, Youth and Children Development (EYCD) Office, Uganda
FSN-11 (Ugx 117,730,581 to 172,487,987 p.a. inclusive of allowances)
Announcement Number:
US Embassy:
Welcome to
the United States Embassy in Kampala, Uganda. 
The United States has enjoyed diplomatic relations with Uganda for over
30 years.  Ambassador Scott H. DeLisi
currently heads the U.S Mission to Uganda. 
The Mission is composed of several offices and organizations all working
under the auspices of the Embassy and at the direction of the Ambassador.
Among the
offices operating under the U.S Mission to Uganda are:
United States Agency for International Development
Centers for Disease Control (CDC)
Peace Corps
The Program Management Specialist (Youth
and Children) is a key member of the Education, Youth and Child Development
Office (EYCD) Office which is responsible for developing and managing youth and
orphans and vulnerable children activities. The incumbent serves as a technical
advisor, advising senior leadership at the Mission on policies and programs for
vulnerable children and youth in Uganda, including innovations and new
strategic directions. The senior advisor is also responsible for management and
coordination of USG interagency and inter-sectoral youth and children
development activities. The Program Management Specialist (Youth and Children)
will have comprehensive knowledge and experience in youth and children, with a
specific focus on effectively addressing the needs of highly vulnerable
children (0-18 years) including safety, wellbeing, growth and development and
developing sustainable programmatic interventions that will improve the health,
livelihoods, educational opportunities, and access to civic and democratic
processes for youth (12-30) in Uganda.
Duties and Responsibilities: 
the Mission’s support to vulnerable children through different funding streams,
including PEPFAR, child survival, malaria and education is strategic,
integrated/coordinated and reflects theories, concepts, principles, practice
and current research in the development, implementation and management of child
focused activities. Requires close collaboration and communication with other
technical/senior advisors working in the same areas. Provide strategic and
technical mentoring to USAID implementing partners and staff. (25%)
management of USAID funded grants and activities, includes technical, financial
and programmatic oversight of grants and contracts as required by USAID
Agreement Officer Representative/Contracting Officer Representative (AOR/COR)
designation. Basic functions: ensure USAID supported activities are implemented
within the USG foreign assistance framework and are directly linked to
attainment of USG and USAID’s strategic objectives with an emphasis on
vulnerable children and youth; review and approval of annual workplans,
performance monitoring plans, and quarterly/annual reports; reviewing quarterly
financial accruals and pipelines; quarterly (minimum) site visits; and monitoring
of planned outcomes. (25%)
Job holder will collaborate and coordinate the USG response to highly
vulnerable children as outlined in Public Law 109-95, the Assistance for
Orphans and Other Vulnerable Children in Developing Countries Act of 2005, in
Uganda through a whole of government approach. This requires oversight of an
approximate annual $50 million in activities implemented through at least six
(6) Agencies (Health and Human Services, USAID, Department of Labor, Peace
Corps, Department of Defense and Department of State) and nine (9) Bureaus
(National Institutes of Health, Centers for Disease Control, Global Health,
Population Refugees and Migration, Africa, International Labor Affairs,
Democracy, Conflict, and Humanitarian Assistance, Department of Defense
HIV/AIDS Program, Health Resources and Services Administration). Liaise with
the Washington appointed Special Advisor for Orphans and Vulnerable Children on
Uganda’s program and activities. (15%)
incumbent will also will provide strategic direction and leadership to the
development and implementation of USAID’s youth strategy under the Uganda’s
Country Development Cooperation Strategy. This multi-year youth strategy seeks
to improve the health, livelihoods, educational opportunities, and access to
civic and democratic processes for youth (12-30) in Uganda. Oversee and manage
the Mission’s contribution to the youth strategy including coordination and
strategic alignment of education, health and HIV/AIDS programs. Developing and
forging strategic partnerships with USAID’s Health, HIV/AIDS, Economic Growth,
and Democracy, Right and Governance teams, development partners, government
agencies and civil society organizations supporting child and youth. (15%)
the guidance of Uganda’s national frameworks including the National Development
Plan, the National Policy and Orphans and Other Vulnerable Children, the
National Youth Policy, the Peace, Recovery and Development Plan, and others,
provide strategic guidance in USAID’s support to the Ministry of Gender, Labor
and Social Development (MGLSD) to support vulnerable children and youth. Through
close consultation with the MGLSD, UNICEF and other key partners, including
organizational development experts as needed, ensure USAID’s support to the
MGLSD promotes and fosters their goals and objectives for supporting youth and
children in Uganda. (10%)
senior USAID representation to Government officials including the Ministers and
senior technical staff within the Ministries of Gender, Education, Health and
the Office of the Prime Minister. Provide senior-level representation to USG
delegations. Represent USAID on other interagency working groups as needed such
as the PEPFAR OVC Technical Working Group. (10%)
Skills and Experience:
All applicants must address each selection criterion detailed below with
specific and comprehensive information supporting each item.
ideal candidate for the United States US Embassy Program Management Specialist
(Youth and Children) should hold a Masters’ degree in a field relevant to
development assistance in the social sectors such as health, education, social
welfare or development.
minimum of ten years of progressively responsible, professional experience in
the field of youth and child development of which at least seven years’
experience in development assistance, or related work for USAID, other donor
agencies, host government organizations or civil society/private sector
organizations in the field of youth and child development; and five years of
which the candidate was living and working in a developing country required.
knowledge of theories, concepts, principles, practice and current research in
the development, implementation and management of youth development. Knowledge
of theories, concepts, principles, practice and current research in the
development, implementation and management of vulnerable children and their
households, including social protection and welfare.
knowledge and understanding of positive youth and child development principles
and practices, especially in developing countries.
understanding and knowledge of programming for conflict and post-conflict
affected environments is desirable.
knowledge of Uganda’s economic, political, social and cultural characteristics
and the history of development assistance, in particular, support to vulnerable
children and youth, including current trends and directions.
knowledge of and appreciation for outcomes achieved through multi-sectoral and
integrated programming for youth and children.
knowledge of USG, including USAID development policies and priorities,
particularly as relates to youth and children.
track record in developing innovative, creative and successful programs for
youth and children that aims for transformative effects on participants and
record in managing for results and attention to the development of evidence
base. Experience to manage grants and contracts, including technical, budgetary
and human resource management components.
and knowledgeable about developing policies and procedures governing the
development, management, administration, implementation and evaluation of youth
and children development programs at all levels. Develop creative approaches to
new or unfamiliar problems.
experience with youth workforce development and developing the socio-economic
security of vulnerable households is preferred.
leadership and strong interpersonal skills (written and oral) in order to
manage and coordinate multi-agency, multi-sectoral activities. Must build and
maintain positive working relationships with a variety of stakeholders
including U.S. Ambassador, USAID Mission Director and other heads of USG
Agencies, senior levels Government officials, senior level managers and
technical staff of development partners, Chief of Parties and project staff.
Must be able to represent and defend USG development policies and programs and
to explain and interpret host-country attitudes, priorities and concerns to
senior USG officials.
and exercise sound judgment and decision-making in a very fast paced, dynamic
 Independently and effectively plan, organize
and manage and evaluate important, responsible and complex activities to
accomplish broader Agency and Mission goals.
a learning agenda; obtain, analyze and evaluate data; present in meaningful
terms to others.
excellent analytical skills to develop policies and programs and review and provide
substantive feedback on concept papers, program designs, workplans, quarterly
and annual reports and other government and donor documents.
factual and interpretive reports addressing complex, subject matter. Provide
information and advice with detachment and objectivity.
IV (fluent) English language proficiency, speaking and writing, is required.
Knowledge in other local languages is desirable.
to Apply:
All those
interested in working with the US mission in Kampala should send their
applications and strictly adhere to the following:
Universal Application for Employment as a Locally
Employed Staff or Family Member (DS-174), Download it Here.
Candidates who claim US Veterans preference must
provide a copy of their Form DD-214 with their application.  Candidates who claim conditional US Veterans
preference must submit documentation confirming eligibility for a conditional
preference in hiring with their application.
Any other documentation (e.g. essays,
transcripts/certificates, awards) that addresses the qualification requirements
of the position as listed above.
Application To:
Resources Office
By email at
Only electronic submissions will be accepted and only shortlisted candidates
will be contacted.
clearly indicate the position applied for in the subject area of the email
Please use
standard file types such as Microsoft Word (.doc) and Adobe Acrobat (.pdf) and
please send all documents in one file attachment.
Telephone:  0414-306001/259-791/5
3rd January 2016
The US
Mission in Kampala provides equal opportunity and fair and equitable treatment
in employment to all people without regard to race, color religion, sex,
national origin, age, disability, political affiliation, marital status, or
sexual orientation.  The Department of
State also strives to achieve equal employment opportunity in all personnel
operations through continuing diversity enhancement programs.
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