Manager, Digital Business Employment Opportunity – Stanbic Bank

Job Title:       Manager,
Digital Business
Organisation: Stanbic
Duty Station: Kampala,
About US:
Stanbic Bank Uganda
Limited is a subsidiary of Stanbic Africa Holdings Limited which is in turn
owned by Standard Bank Group Limited (“the Group”), Africa’s leading banking
and financial services group. The Standard Bank Group is the leading banking
group focused on emerging markets. It is the largest African banking group
ranked by assets and earnings. Stanbic Bank Uganda Limited is the largest bank
in Uganda by assets and market capitalization. It offers a full range of
banking services through two business units; Personal and Business Banking
(PBB), and Corporate and Investment Banking (CIB).
Job Summary: The
Manager, Digital Business will deliver on Stanbic Bank’s strategic
capability of digital banking by driving commercialisation of the Digital
Channels. The role is also driving the transactability across the digital
Key Duties and Responsibilities: 
Business Delivery
and Operational Effectiveness
  • Drive the Digital Strategy throughout the bank with a focus on CCC,
    Distribution and the Corporate functions
  • Identify opportunities to harness technology to deliver increased
    traffic to the alternate banking channels and reduce foot traffic to the
    banking halls.
  • Assess operational effectiveness requirements across all
    distribution channels, directing the identification of change requirements
    and the design and development of improved processes and procedures to
    support the desired customer and employee experience across channels,
    support operational stability and integrity and meet all audit
  • Increase profitability of all the digital channels
  • Focus on sales and marketing drivies to increase transactability and
    commercialise the channels
  • Emphasis on the cost control and optimization of financial and
    non-financial resources
  • Focus on the business analysis and MIS insights to inform business
  • Analyses needs and challenges of diverse sales, service and
    operational groups to ensure that focus is targeted on those activities
    that drive the most fundamental change and that align to key strategic and
    tactical changes led by other business units.
  • Engage impacted stakeholders and direct the development of
    decision-making protocols and design principles to ensure goals of
    multiple stakeholders are satisfied for processes which cross functional
    business units.
  • Act as member of PMO leadership team and support continuous
    improvement of execution processes
Change Management
and Innovation:
  • Creates innovative capabilities that bridge mobile, social, email
    and web in order to provide appropriate solutions and services that are
    driven by consumer insight.
  • Identifies potential opportunities for the bank’s digital channels.
  • Anticipates and responds appropriately to new demands, priorities,
    challenges, or obstacles that impact digital channels.
  • Defines key business challenges and models digital, and electronic,
  • Leads design thinking and ensures success of product innovation and
    digital initiatives based on a customer-centric approach to design (from
    concept to actual working application for both staff and external
  • Design, develop and implement a change management strategy and
    framework for digital banking
  • Ensures user-centric design approaches are adopted throughout the
    organisation to ensure customer led design is evident and becomes part of
    the organisation’s DNA. (This refers to broader than digital; it is
    enterprise adoption of customer-centric design as opposed to applying it
    to digital channels only.)
  • Oversees the digital ecosystem and initiatives to ensure efficient
    and effective planning, design and build of digital platforms and assets.
  • Drives the collaboration with cross-functional teams to plan, design
    and build successful digital solutions
Stakeholder and
Vendor Management:
  • Manager vendor relationships and partner engagements to ensure
    smooth running of the channels
  • Vet potential Fintech and Technology partnerships to extend the
    bank’s digital capabilities
  • Work closely with PMO to ensure that projects are delivered to
    completion and charged in line with deliverables
  • Ensure that the channels enhancements delivered in country are
    aligned to customer insights and voice required to adequately service
    customersPut in place strategies to increase staff utilisation of the
    channels and knowledge of the digital channels through creation of class
    room and on line learning content.
People Management
  • Provides leadership and sets appropriate context and establish
    prescribed limits for direct reports
  • Responsible for establishing and optimizing team integration by
    articulating the linkages between the accountabilities and authorities of
    different roles across the business.
  • Accountable for ensuring the effective implementation of Bank
    initiatives and programs through the establishment of appropriate context
    and setting of direction for direct reports and matrix reports by
    providing relevant information, establishing goals, and setting limits
    with the context and prescribed limits of the business head.
  • Responsible for inspiring, motivating, leading and managing the
  • Ensures skills assessments and competency-based training takes place
    as and when required.
  • Creates an environment in which learning and development are
    emphasised and valued.
  • Takes personal responsibility for coaching and mentoring others.
  • Promotes a culture where the values of the Bank are seen to be
  • Ensures the implementation of the leadership promise and employee
    engagement programme.
  • Ensures that disciplinary action and grievances are addressed and
    aligned to the Standard Bank policies and procedures.
Training and Support:
  • Act as a process subject matter expert and prepare documentations,
    such as procedural and training manuals by educating business users
    responsible for managing and operating business processes. Provide content
    for the L&D team to design learning material and curriculum in the
    digital channels
  • Monitoring, measuring and providing feedback on digital channels
    performance. The job holder will develop measurement criteria and tools
    for digital banking commercialization; measure and report to business on
    process performance and offer recommendations for process improvement
  • Contribute to the ongoing development and maintenance of the control
    framework, establishing standards and controls and maintaining product
    governance and policies to ensure regulatory requirements are met and to
    optimize and sustain the distribution channel operations and achieve
    business objectives.
  • Accountable to develop tools and performance metrics to identify
    areas of non-compliance  and work
    with internal partners to rectify the gaps in order to deliver a
    consistent customer and employee experience
  • Manage of all compliance processes (Institutional requirements,
    statutory requirements, regulatory requirements) and reporting.
  • Report non-compliance and any process deviations from the vendor
  • Interacting with internal and external bodies such as Risk management,
    Internal Audit, Legal Services regulations and other industry bodies in
    order to maintain a sound compliance and risk free environment in the
    digital banking space.
Key Performance Indicators:
  • Percentage achievement of revenue targets
  • Delivery of the business/ commercialisation model for the digital
  • Delivery of marketing strategy for the digital channels
  • Delivery of the Change the Bank Projects
  • Channel user experience/usability metrics and dashboard implemented
  • Achievement of customer experience measurement targets aligned to
    organisation Customer Experience objectives.
  • Delivery of change management models for projects that are being
  • Increased staff utilisation and adoption of the digital channels
  • Delivery of digital projects with agreed timelines and budget
  • Increased engagement with strategic partners
  • Well-articulated goals for direct reports
  • Percentage staff productivity achieved
  • Internal utilisation of the channels
  • Adoption, migration and utilisation of the digital channels
  • Timely feedback on process improvements
  • Satisfactory Audit rating
  • No overdue repeat audit findings
Qualifications, Skills and Experience:
  • The ideal candidate for the Stanbic Bank Manager, Digital Business
    career placement should hold a good first Degree in Business, Commerce, IT
    and Computer Science, Project Management
Personal Competencies:
  • Business Acumen: Understands
    the fundamental value drivers within the organization and devises goals,
    objectives and performance measures to increase shareholder value combined
    with innovative ways to mitigate or manage business risk, or proposes
    and/or leads initiatives that can make a dramatic impact on business unit
    / organization profitability. May understand process re-engineering or may
    create unique, high-value services to meet customer needs..
  • Proficiency Level: EXPERT – Provides leadership in this field both
    within the organisation and in the larger industry
  • Change Leadership: Competency
    Description: Publicly challenges the status quo by comparing it to an ideal
    or a vision of change; may create a sense of crisis or
    disequilibrium.  Takes dramatic
    actions to reinforce or enforce the change effort.  Involves being responsive to and responsible
    for planning evolution, causing change and transformation.
  • Proficiency Level: EXPERT – Provides leadership in this field both
    within the organisation and in the larger industry
  • Influence: Creates
    and articulates a compelling vision of the positive repercussions that
    will occur and benefit others from a proposal that will have a longer-term
    impact on an institution/project, its policies and programs. This vision
    is supported by credibility achieved as a result of structured contacts
    and interventions with the target audience. The ability to create an
    attributable change in the behaviours, attitudes, or beliefs of others
    regarding significant, complex and often contentious issues, frequently
    involving a commitment requiring an investment / disinvestment / change in
  • Proficiency Level: EXPERT – Provides leadership in this field both
    within the organisation and in the larger industry
  • Risk Management: Anticipates
    and prepares for a specific risk that is not obvious to others. Looks at
    broad trends, identifies scenarios beyond the norm where applicable and
    develops strategies to manage risk in the current situation and in the
    ongoing structural elements. Involves analysing all exposures to the
    possibility of loss and determining how to handle these exposures through
    such practices as avoiding the risk, reducing the risk, retaining the
    risk, or transferring the risk, usually by hedging / insurance.
  • Proficiency Level: EXPERT – Provides leadership in this field both
    within the organisation and in the larger industry
  • Strategic Thinking: Competency Description: Creates new concepts or models that are not
    obvious to others and not learned from previous education or experience to
    explain situations or resolve problems. 
    Generates and tests multiple concepts, hypotheses or possible
    explanations for a given situation as related to long-term performance.
  • Proficiency Level: EXPERT – Provides leadership in this field both
    within the organisation and in the larger industry
  • Technology Management: Competency Description: Subject-matter expert regarding core
    technology requirements and supporting technology processes, best
    practices in technology management. 
    Experienced in employing tools to optimally guide and support
    technology deployment and optimization
  • Proficiency Level: EXPERT – Provides leadership in this field both
    within the organisation and in the larger industry
How to Apply:
All candidates who
wish to join the one of Africa’s biggest Banking Groups, Standard Bank in the
aforementioned capacity are encouraged to Apply Online by visiting Link below.
Deadline: 15th June 2018
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