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Consultancy Title:    Terms of Reference for Consultancy
Services to Develop a Management Information System (MIS)

Organisation: Children’s Rights and Violence Prevention Fund

Duty Station:  Kampala,


Request for Proposals



Children’s Rights and Violence Prevention Fund (CRVPF) was established in
2015 as a regional grant-making child rights and social justice organization.
CRVPF’s goal is to provide grants and capacity development support to community
organizations and local NGOs working at community levels to prevent violence
against children (VAC) and empower adolescent girls. We believe community
organizations and local NGOs are closer to the community and better understand
their needs than other development actors. CRVPF is mainly working in Uganda,
Tanzania, Kenya, and Ethiopia, with about 85 partners organized in 27 clusters
across the countries, reaching over 200,000 children, parents & teachers.


CRVPF has been
undergoing a process of defining its monitoring, evaluation & learning
frameworks, and the specific indicators that need to be collected by the organization
and its partners. Data within and from its partners has been reported using various
formats, majorly in M.S. word that is not analysable with statistical software.
This has made it difficult to compare findings and progress across programs,
clusters, and countries, share lessons learned, document scientific evidence,
and report to various stakeholders.


We require a Data
Management Services Consultant to set up and maintain a standardized electronic
database and archiving system for storage, preservation, analysis,
visualization, and reporting/sharing/publishing. The consultant will also be
required to build the capacity of CRVPF staff to use and maintain the database.


Objectives Of The

This consultancy’s main objective is to develop a database for CRVPF that
will enable better management of grants, monitoring, and reporting on both the
organization and partners’ achievements. The consultant will work closely with
the Monitoring, Evaluation, and Learning Coordinator and Grant’s and Finance

  • To build the management information
    system for CRVPF, which covers the following departments: Grant
    management, Programs & Monitoring, Evaluation & a Learning forum,
    Finance, and Human resources.
  • Determine the best kind of database that
    fits the organization’s needs,
  • Build the database based on the set
    indicators and data that are needed,
  • Train CRVPF staff on operating and
    maintaining the management information system, team members for data
    entry, extraction, and maintenance of the system.


It is expected that the consultant will:

• Meet with CRVPF staff to determine/confirm requirements (Needs

• Identify the best Management Information System design that will meet
the following criteria:

friendly by the partners and organizations that have a low computing capability

of using software/database application over the entire Grant/project lifecycle
(planning, approval, implementation, evaluation, and completion)

storage of organization’s documents (proposals, reports, photos, videos, etc.)


record of tasks

register for applications, reports, and other templates

to aggregate and disaggregate data to generate reports based on specific fields

work plans, milestones, and reporting deadlines

up-to-date financial details (amounts disbursed and transfers, funding streams,
total project budget, approved budget, etc.)

function regarding adjustments, changes, and lessons learned

fillable fields to input various organisation’s data.

The system should also:

  1. Have web-based front end data entry
    tools using appropriate and efficient web technologies as well as
    web-based querying tools for data retrieval;
  2. Ensure data retrieval/exchange
    capability with other national and regional structures systems and
    databases as agreed in the first part of the assignment;
  3. Have relevant import/export capabilities
    to pre-designed templates or databases;
  4. Display summary pages showing data from
    all available sources, aggregate statistics, and summary visuals which
    illuminate what is and is not working;
  5. Present summary dashboards showing
    progress towards CRVPF’s strategic objectives, Programs, clusters,
    countries as well as regional progress;
  6. Allow users to overlay and compare data
    on activities, outputs, and outcomes with data on program spending and
    aggregated results against program indicators data;
  7. Provide administrators with intuitive
    tools for reconciling discrepancies between various data sources and a
    clear indication if any link between systems becomes inoperable or
  8. Provide administrators with tools for
    defining core headline indicators and defining the relationship between
    those indicators and higher-level program objectives;
  9. Provide a database administration
    module, allowing for advanced user management, with a staggered set of
    privileges for different users as well as user authorization,
    tracking/authorizing changes to results hierarchy, database download,
    online backup, and other necessary features; and
  10. Integration with a learning and Knowledge
    Management platform in place.


Qualification &

Educational Qualifications: Interested individual consultants or lead
developer for consulting firms should hold:

  • A Master’s degree in Computer science, Information
    Technology, Information management, or another related discipline
  • At least five years’ experience in
    developing Management Information Systems solutions and providing I.T.
    support and maintenance services;
  • Proven professional experience in
    developing and managing databases within the non-profit sector;
  • Proven professional experience in web
    technologies, including their development and deployment, and development
    of web-based information systems; and
  • Good understanding of Grants Management
    and Results-Based Management Concepts.
  • At least two references of previously
    developed management and reporting system for a Not for Profit


and Schedule

The consultant will deliver the following:

  1. Inception report: Detailing in-depth
    understanding of the tasks involved.
  2. User and systems requirements analysis
  3. The Systems design report detaining the
    Prototype designs and schema.
  4. Management Information Systems User
    /training manuals.
  5. The training and piloting activity. The consultant
    shall support the piloting process with one of the CRVPF partners to
    capture all the grant processes into the information System.
  6. The closeout report detailing
    recommendations for future program improvements.

The management information system’s final approval (MIS) will be the Executive
Director’s prerogative to kick-start the (MIS) rollout among other clusters
being supported. During the proposal writing, the consultant is free to suggest
different timelines with justifiable reasons, which will be considered during
the proposal evaluation process.



The consultant
shall sign a non-disclosure agreement and maintain strict confidentiality on any
information accessed from CRVPF. This condition shall apply even after the end
of the contract.

The consultant
shall install the database and demonstrate the functionality of the database to
CRVPF for final approval.

The consultant
shall provide on-call technical assistance for about three months from the close
of the contract.


Budget and Payment

The interested consultant should submit a budget and a work plan
detailing how the MIS development activity shall be implemented. All payment is
subject to verification of works at every agreed phase. The consultant proposes
the payment plan to be decided on during the negotiation with the selected bidder.


Selection Criteria:

Consultants are invited to submit technical and financial proposals based
on the Terms of Reference. The selection process will focus on:

  • Understanding of the subject and
    objective of the consultancy;
  • Methodology suggested;
  • Qualifications, experiences, and
  • Budget;
  • Task Schedule;


How to Apply:

Interested candidates will be expected to provide the following

  • Detailed
    Technical proposal in response to the Terms of Reference.
  • A brief
    description of the consultant; outlining evidence of recent experience of
    the consultant on assignments of a similar nature.
  • Financial
    proposal and Work plan indicating respective cost centers.
  • Company
    profile or Curriculum Vitae in case of individual consulting.


The original and all technical proposal copies shall be placed in a
sealed envelope marked “Technical proposal.” The original and all copies
of the financial proposal in a separate sealed envelope marked “Financial
.” Both envelopes should be enclosed in a single outer envelope,
clearly marked “Consultancy for MIS development” and the consultant’s

submit one copy (in hard & soft)


Proposal documents should be submitted by 20 March 2021, not later
than 16:00 hrs.

softcopy to


Disclaimer: Children’s Rights and Violence Prevention
Fund (CRVPF) works with Community Organizations and Local NGOs towards
safeguarding children’s rights. We need to keep children safe, so our selection
process reflects our commitment to ensuring that only those suitable to work
with children are considered for the assignment.


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