United States US Embassy Jobs – Program Management Specialist (Private Sector/Partnership Development Unit (Salary – 191 millions))

Organisation: United
States Embassy, US Mission in Uganda
Duty Station: 
USAID, Health & HIV/AIDS Office, Kampala, Uganda
Salary Grade: FSN-12
(UGX 191,547,014 — 282,336,746 inclusive of allowances).
Reports to: Feed
the Future Coordinator
About US Embassy:
Welcome to the United States
Embassy in Kampala, Uganda.  The United States has enjoyed diplomatic
relations with Uganda for over 30 years.  Ambassador Deborah R. Malac
currently heads the U.S Mission to Uganda.  The Mission is composed of
several offices and organizations all working under the auspices of the Embassy
and at the direction of the Ambassador.
Among the offices operating
under the U.S Mission to Uganda are:
  • United States Agency for International
    Development (USAID)
  • Centers for Disease Control
  • Peace Corps
Job Summary: The
Program Management Specialist serves as Unit Leader for Private
Sector/Partnership Development. The incumbent is USAID/Uganda’s senior advisor
and expert on public-private partnerships and the development of Global
Development Alliances, and heads a unit of three to four people. The Unit is
located in USAID/Uganda’s Economic Growth (EG) Team, but serves the Mission’s
entire private sector portfolio, including the EG, Democracy and Governance and
Investing in People Portfolios. The incumbent is recognized by USAID/Uganda and
USAID/WASHINGTON as the Mission’s leading expert in identifying partnership
opportunities and developing and implementing strategies for effective outreach
to private corporations and other potential alliance partners. S/he is the
Mission’s foremost authority on networking and promoting USAID/Uganda to
private corporations and other potential resource partners. The Unit oversees
the full range of concepts, skills and best practices available to map
partnership opportunities, manage relationships, and negotiate with potential
resource partners. The incumbent is also the Mission’s senior advisor and
manager of USAID’s Development Credit Authority, the Agency’s credit guarantee
facility. The incumbent provides strategic, technical and organizational
leadership oversight in private sector development and finance within the
Mission. S/he collaborates with all Mission staff in achieving the country
team’s overall objectives and specific intermediate results. The incumbent is a
key expert in developing new mission Private Sector, Alliances and Partnerships
programs. In this, s/he is closely involved with Government of Uganda (GOU)
officials, consultants, the private sector, other donors and stakeholders in
the development and implementation of initiatives, writing requests for
proposals (RFPs), Statements and Scopes of Work (SOW) and other procurement
mechanisms consistent with (GOU) economic development initiatives and U.S.
Country Development Cooperation Strategy (CDCS) goals. The Unit Leader plays a
key role in generating ideas and advises throughout the entire procurement
process. The incumbent must have demonstrated experience leading/chairing
diverse teams. This senior position ensures the Mission has the necessary
management and technical expertise to successfully leverage substantial outside
resources to expand and deepen the impact of the Mission’s large and
technically diverse development portfolio. The incumbent also leads
collaboration with other USAID projects, and other donors and organizations in
the economic development sector to ensure synergy of private sector activities
with those of other organizations.
Key Duties and Responsibilities:  
Supervision, Coaching/Mentoring and Staff Support (50 %)
  • Supervises at a minimum, two technical
    FSNs and may mentor one US Direct Hire Foreign Service /Private Sector
    Officer, which includes developing annual work objectives, mentoring,
    facilitating professional development, completing ad hoc and annual
    performance reviews, and providing performance feedback.
  • Works closely with Private
    Sector/Partnership Unit staff to determine training needs, helps identify
    appropriate training opportunities, and ensures fair participation in
    training by Agriculture Unit staff, with approval of the Feed the Future
  • Collaborates with PPD, FMO, and A&A
    to coach and mentor Private Sector/Partnership Unit members, as needed, in
    effective project and financial management.
Managing for Results (30%): The incumbent is the Mission’s source of technical and organizational
leadership on the design, implementation, monitoring and evaluation of private
sector/partnership development programs. S/he ensures that private sector and
partnership activities achieve their intended results. The incumbent:
  • Analytically assesses the private
    sector/partnership portfolio, the performance of partners, the available
    budget, the need for additional activities or ending activities, and designs
    new projects or activities appropriate to achieve objectives including,
    but not limited to (i) Feed the Future (ii) Power Africa and (iii) Trade
  • Fully participates or takes the lead on
    each stage of project design for new activities, including drafting and
    getting approval for concept papers, writing scopes of work, evaluating
    applications/proposals, and starting up new projects.
  • Ensures that implementing partners for
    the private sector/partnership portfolio abide by their reporting
    requirements, including quarterly reports, trip reports, accruals, PMPs,
    annual reports, and other requirements such as reporting for the OP or
    other requests. This includes supportive supervision of other project
    managers in the Private Sector/Partnership Unit as necessary.
  • Actively participates in routine
    USAID/Uganda implementing partners meetings to discuss technical and
    programmatic direction of the USAID/Uganda and Economic Growth strategy.
  • Manages projects as Agreement or
    Contracting Officer’s Representative and/or Activity Manager, which
    includes review and approval of workplans, budgets, quarterly and annual
    reports, performance monitoring plans, monitoring activities through field
    visits and ensuring that financial reporting (accruals/vouchers) are
    submitted to FMO as required.
  • Identifies opportunities and strengthens
    existing opportunities for integration of private sector/partnership
    programming other areas of the Mission programming.
  • Technically advises and makes
    recommendations on the need for short-term technical assistance from
    USAID/Washington central projects and writes the technical components of
    the scope of work for the consultants.
  • Works in liaison with the program office
    and the Financial Officer and the Office of Acquisition and Assistance to
    help track private sector/partnership projects/activities, annual funding
    amounts, field support, procurement actions, and management units.
  • Work in close collaboration with the
    Economic Growth monitoring and evaluation officer, manages the Economic
    Growth Office analytical agenda for private sector programming and
    partnership development.
  • Manages the Economic Growth Program
    Monitoring Plan (PMP) for the Private Sector / Partnership Unit.
  • Supports the Economic Growth Office
    Director and Feed the Future Coordinator in coordinating the portfolio and
    pipeline reports and the procurement plans for the private
    sector/partnership portfolio.
  • Leads budget allocation discussions for
    private sector/partnership funds and makes recommendations to the Economic
    Growth Office Director and Feed the Future Coordinator.
  • Prepares reports and responses to US
    AID/Washington requests for information.
  • Supports the Economic Growth Office Director
    and Feed the Future Coordinator to monitor the private sector/partnership
    budget and work in collaboration with the Economic Growth Financial
    Analyst to ensure that budgets are up to date, reprogramming is completed,
    and budgetary changes are approved by Economic Growth Office Director.
  • Monitors the private sector/partnership
    budget through quarterly accruals and pipeline analysis for projects in
    the Private Sector/Partnership Unit and participates in Mission portfolio
    and pipeline reviews.
Strategic and technical leadership (20%) The incumbent is the Mission’s recognized
expert in identifying private sector programming and public/private partnership
opportunities. S/he develops and implements strategies for effective outreach
to private corporations and other potential partners. Specific duties include:
  • Provides senior/high level technical
    advice to the Mission and to the President’s Investor’s Roundtable, the
    Uganda Commodities Exchange, the Uganda Securities Exchange, the banking
    sector and key Ministries on the strategic alignment of private sector and
    partnership efforts with key USAID/Uganda goals and objectives. S/he will
    be involved in strategic decision making, budget allocations, and project
    designs. S/he assist negotiates with GOU on project design and
    implementation, ensuring that host country officials at the highest level
    are apprised of program progress.
  • Forge relationships that may lead to
    future partnerships in key areas of priority to USA! D/Uganda. Facilitates
    the conceptual development of new partnerships, reaches out to potential
    partners to identify areas where USAID priorities coincide with theirs;
    objectively assesses the commitment of potential partners; identifies due
    diligence issues; and communicates the Agency’s partnership building
    policies and processes to manage expectations accordingly. Develops and
    sustains close collaboration, professional relationships with senior GOU
    officials, key business leaders, other major donors, international
    organizations, leading economic development research institutes and other
    private and public sector contacts necessary to build strong, inclusive
    and sustainable alliances and partnerships.
  • Develops and implements a Mission-wide
    strategic approach to private sector programming and partnership
    development in collaboration with other USAID support offices and
    technical teams as appropriate.
  • Responsible for private sector and
    partnership contributions to the Mission’s strategic planning and
    reporting as part of the Mission Strategic Resource Plan and Foreign
    Assistance Framework Operational Plan and Reporting Process (OP).
  • Represents USAID with stakeholders and
    external development partners in a wide variety of events sponsored by
    USAID implementing partners or working groups and forums such as the
    Private Sector Donor Group (PSDG) where USAID is affiliated. This includes
    conferences, workshops donor subgroup meetings, and other economic
    development fora. Actively engages in the Private Sector Donor Group and
    other committees to advise, comment and participate in strategic decisions
    affecting private sector programming in Uganda.
  • Serves as primary point of contact with
    Alliance Builders in other USAID missions and with USAID’s Office of
    Development Partners in Washington to develop contacts and share
    information; serves as the Mission’s POC for the Development Credit
    Authority (DCA) U.S. Treasury guarantee facility program.
  • Represents US Government in multilateral
    coordination efforts for private sector programming, including giving
    technical and strategic advice, and input.
  • Collects, analyzes and synthesizes
    information to inform and strategically guide program planning, including
    keeping the Mission and team abreast of current events in Uganda, EAC and
    COMESA that impact on mission goals or cooperation; Conducts consultations
    with stakeholders and track legislative, policy, regulatory reforms,
    competiveness and Doing Business developments.
  • Offers strategic direction and technical
    input to key USAID governmental and nongovernmental partners on their
    strategies, workplans and monitoring and evaluation as it relates to
    private sector engagement and development.
  • Represent the Economic Growth Office at
    appropriate Mission meetings with and/or in the absence of the Economic
    Growth Office – e.g. petroleum working group, interagency meetings,
    country team, Economic Growth Office Staff Meeting, USAID Senior
    Management, etc.
  • Provides leadership and may act as Feed
    the Future Coordinator in his/her absence.
  • Drafting talking points, assisting with
    high level visits (e.g. Congressional, political appointees, senior
    representatives from US Government), developing/updating briefing
    materials as it relates to private sector activities.

Qualifications, Skills and Experience:
All applicants must address each selection criterion detailed below with
specific and comprehensive information supporting each item.
  • The ideal candidate for the United
    States US Embassy Program Management Specialist (Private
    Sector/Partnership Development Unit should possess a Master’s degree in
    Economics, Management Science, Business Administration, Finance,
    Marketing, International Development or related fields required with
    strong technical emphasis or specialization in the area of business
    development, finance, trade and investment, competitiveness.
  • A minimum of eight (8) years of work
    experience in private sector development with multi-lateral or bi-lateral
    development organization(s), including experience in inclusive development
    finance mechanisms.
  • Five or more years’ experience in
    developing or managing private sector development projects.
  • Previous experience in donor
    coordination and chairing/leading diverse teams is required.
  • Other relevant trainings or
    certifications to augment university degrees and work experience.
  • Effective written and oral
    communications are absolutely critical to perform successfully in this
    position. Incumbent must be able to communicate effectively and
    accurately. The incumbent must be able to draft reports, correspondence,
    briefings and other written products in accurate and grammatically correct
    English with title or no editing required, often under tight deadlines.
  • Recent experience in programming of
    business development services, competiveness, advocacy against constraints
    to business, public-private partnerships, private sector growth enabling
    national economic governance policies (for example licensing,
    registration, certification, trade compliance) is required.
  • The incumbent must exercise a
    considerable degree of specialized knowledge and experience to be applied
    in identifying and analyzing complex issues related to programs.
  • The incumbent is expected to have an
    in-depth understanding of US GOVERNMENT foreign assistance to Uganda and
    familiarity with central aspects of US GOVERNMENT policy in Uganda.
  • The incumbent is required to understand
    and appreciate the US GOVERNMENT Mission’s strategic direction, its chief
    accomplishments and its challenges in order to skillfully articulate the
    rationale, objectives and priorities for the provision of US GOVERNMENT
    foreign assistance to Uganda. The incumbent must have specific knowledge
    of partnership building with corporate and/or government partners.
  • Broad knowledge of the way USAID
    conducts business, including budgeting and programming and procurement
    procedures is essential. The incumbent is required to understand the
    objectives, methodology and status of USAID/Uganda’s programs and
  • Broad knowledge and inderstanding of
    major problems frequently faced by transition post-conflict emerging
    economies such as Northern Uganda, and hands-on-experience is valuable and
    a plus.
  • Excellent communication skills, commitment
    to transparency and teamwork, and an outstanding ability to exercise sound
    and independent judgment, discretion and patience on a daily basis. This
    position requires flexibility and the ability to accept and react to
    changing policy direction with sound analyses, professionalism and poise.
  • Work effectively
    in teams: 
    The ability
    to participate in and/or lead internal and external teams, adapt to the
    existing management team, and be a good listener is essential. The
    incumbent must be able to respond professionally and adjust priorities in
    often fluid, changing, and challenging situations with minimal guidance.
    The incumbent must be able to resolve complex planning and implementation
    issues with colleagues in technical offices and other parts of the mission
    that may arise during the course of work, for which there often is not a
    clear solution. Excellent interpersonal skills, including diplomacy and
    tact, to work effectively with people at all levels, from senior officials
    to support staff, accepting divergent points of view, able to set forth
    new ideas, and able to help find consensus to achieve team goals. Able to
    lead a team when necessary, allowing for two-way communication, bringing
    divergent views together to consensus, and exercising fair judgment and
    decision-making. Ability to work in and appreciate a culturally diverse
    office and to translate local customs and culture to American counterparts
    and senior staff as necessary is essential. The incumbent must be able to
    provide information and advice with detachment and objectivity, and
    orient, coach and mentor fellow Ugandan and U.S. personnel, as described
    in the duties.
  • Communicate
    incumbent must be able to communicate information in a transparent,
    accurate, concise and meaningful oral and written form. The incumbent must
    be able to exercise excellent communication skills to appropriately
    represent USAID/Uganda’s programs and priorities to a wide range of
    outside parties including senior corporate representatives, senior Ugandan
    officials up to the minister level; USAID senior management, and others.
    Verbal communication skills will be used to negotiate partnership
    parameters, manage expectations of resource partners at senior levels, and
    to resolve activity implementation issues with counterparts, partners and
    team members. The incumbent must use excellent communication skills to
    establish and develop sustainable working relationships within the US
    GOVERNMENT Mission including USAID, State Department, USDA, Treasury
    Department, Department of Defense, and Peace Corps. Ability to establish
    and maintain effective working relationships with implementing partners,
    private sector partners, other donor partners, and both central and
    district level Government of Uganda counterparts is a must. The incumbent
    must have the ability to communicate effectively, both orally and in
    writing – and able to help others do the same.
  • Achieve results. Independently conceive, plan,
    organize, manage, and evaluate important, diversified and complex work
    projects efficiently and accurately for individual and team work. Such
    skills are essential to meet deadlines and to ensure that activities for
    which the incumbent has the lead go smoothly, particularly in the event of
    competing priorities and/or time pressures. Excellent technical and
    project management skills to review and provide substantive feedback on
    documents including concept papers, proposals, program descriptions/scopes
    of work, annual submissions for performance reports, operational planning,
    oral and written feedback to implementing partners, and other technical
    and programmatic documents.
  • Highly flexible and
     The incumbent
    must possess the ability to remain calm in a fast moving work environment.
    The incumbent must also be able to work calmly, tactfully, and effectively
    under pressure and to demonstrate extreme flexibility to manage more than
    one activity at a time in the performance of daily duties and
  • Be a thought
    : The incumbent must
    have the ability to identify significant economic, political and social
    trends in the host country and assess their important and impact on USAID
    development assistance objectives and programs. S/he should exhibit
    critical thinking for addressing current assistance challenges, as well as
    mitigating near future challenges through creative solutions. Incumbent
    must be able to draft factual and interpretive reports that cover complex
    subject-matter, and provide recommendations for USAID intervention.
  • Excellent
    computer skills
    : These
    include Microsoft Office, web-based databases, and electronic filing,
    including the ability to help others, ability to learn new programs
    quickly is required to adequately perform in this position.
  • Language
    in English (written and oral) language.
How to Apply:
All qualified candidates should
submit the following;
  • A hand-signed AID-302-3 Offeror
    Information for Personal Services Contracts Form, Download
  • Cover letter clearly indicating the
    position for which you are applying and describing how you meet the
    minimum requirements
  • Updated Curriculum Vitae/Resume
  • Copies of Academic Transcripts
  • Names, contact numbers, and e-mail
    addresses of three (3) professional references. At least one of the
    references must be a prior or current direct supervisor.
  • U.S. citizen, Resident Aliens and other
    nations (resident in Uganda) must attach a copy of a valid work permit.
Send them to: KampalaHR@state.gov in standard file
types such as Microsoft Word (.doc) or Adobe Acrobat (.pdf). All should be in
one document which should not exceed 10MB.
Deadline: 4th May 2018
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