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Job Title:     Field Representative (45 No Experience Job Opportunities) Organization:  Marketing Arina (U) Ltd Duty Station:  Kampala...

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United States Peace Corps Careers - Voucher Examiner / Travel Assistant

Organisation: United States Peace Corps
Duty Station:  Kampala, Uganda
Reports to: Deputy Director, Management and Operations (DDMO)
Vacancy Announcement No. 2019 – 002

About Peace Corps:
The Peace Corps is an agency of the United States Government, which sends American Volunteer development workers to assist in capacity building and technical assistance activities in over 70 countries worldwide.  The United States has enjoyed diplomatic relations with Uganda for over 30 years.  Ambassador Scott H. DeLisi currently heads the U.S Mission to Uganda.  The Mission is composed of several offices and organizations all working under the auspices of the Embassy and at the direction of the Ambassador.

Among the offices operating under the U.S Mission to Uganda are:
  • United States Agency for International Development (USAID)
  • Centers for Disease Control
  • Peace Corps 

Job Summary:  The Voucher Examiner / Travel Assistant is responsible for all aspects of Peace Corps Uganda voucher examination, preparation of Travel Authorizations and review of Travel vouchers.  This is a multi-function position requiring a great degree of planning, flexibility and creativity and a high degree of organization and ethics. Due to the myriad of duties required, the Voucher Examiner / Travel Assistant will need a sense of prioritization, planning and attention to detail and the ability to efficiently juggle multiple tasks simultaneously.

Key Duties and Responsibilities: 
Finance / Voucher Examiner (50%)
  • Examines, analyzes, ensures eligibility and recommends for payment a variety of difficult and complex vouchers, including claims against contracts, purchase orders, grants, and complex travel vouchers. Makes independent judgment as to the accuracy and eligibility of the voucher claim presented for payment; ensures that it conforms to the payment provisions set forth in the obligation. Rejects incomplete or invalid voucher claims and returns the documents to vendors.
  • Ensures that the request for payment documents are valid and accurate; the expenditures presented for reimbursement are consistent with the terms and conditions as stated in the contracts; and that they are adequately supported by proper and sufficient documentation.
  • Ensures that travel and program advance requests are approved in accordance with PC Cash Management Policy and the established standard operating procedures.
  • The incumbent scrutinizes vouchers and works directly with the FAs to resolve discrepancies at the lowest level and informs supervisor of unresolved issues.
  • Ensures that administrative approvals, justification and/or additional supporting documentation have been obtained prior to processing claimed expenses.
  • Ensures that payments are eligible under current PC guidance and made against valid obligations and sufficient funds in ForPost. Analyzes historical payment records of recurring expenses and coordinates with the Financial Assistants to provide any necessary increments/adjustments in obligated amounts.
  • Ensures that all invoices are paid on time and in full compliance with the requirements of the Prompt Payment Act. Assists vendors with the prompt resolution of payment problems and/or inquiries by tracking all payments.
  • Provides interpretation of applicable PC UG payment regulations, procedures and guidance to vendors regarding proposed payments.
  • Assist in tracking and reconciling of Vendor Payments
  • Processing of VAT reimbursement requests; Put VAT stamp on all invoices lined up for VAT reimbursement, collect receipts for paid up invoices, fill the online VAT return form and submit it to the Embassy.
Travel (40%)
  • Preparation of Travel Authorizations
  • Review and process Travel vouchers for PC staff and official visitors
  • Dissemination of policies related to travel such as allowable travel expenses, reimbursement procedures, travel Regulations, Per Diem rates, and others.
  • Coordinate with Travel Agents to ensure that travel related permissions / formalities are adhered to and also that tickets are issued in a timely manner.
  • Coordinates with relevant staff to ensure that PC staff travel requirements are appropriately met
  • For staff on official travel, coordinate with hosting Posts to ensure that all travel requirements are met in a timely manner e.g. sending TAs, passport information, VISA information, etc.
  • Follow up on travel related invoices and payments such as those for tickets, airport transfers, visas etc
  • Makes hotel and other travel-related reservations for official Peace Corps travelers and visitors.
  • Ensures obligation in FORPOST is done for travel-related expenses to include but not limited to accommodation, Meals and Incidental expenses, tickets and other miscellaneous expenses
  • Official Travel Card holder
Administrative (10%)
  • Assist with photocopying / collating of non-cashier vouchers.
  • Coordinate and track all DHL/FedEx shipment to Peace Corps HQ/GAP.
  • Be knowledgeable of the Peace Corps Uganda Safety and Security policies and procedures to include timely reporting of suspicious incidents, persons, or articles.
  • Ensure complete confidentiality regarding all information related to PC staff, volunteers and operations.
  • Serve as back up for admin staff as assigned.
  • Develop and regularly update travel related guidance for all PC official travelers
  • Performs other duties as assigned by the DMO and the DDMO.
  • Immediately communicates Volunteer safety and security concerns and issues to the Safety and Security Manager (SSM) and CD.  Knowledgeable and supportive of Peace Corps safety and security policies and procedures, including the timely reporting of suspicious incidents, persons or articles.

Qualifications, Skills and Experience: 
  • The ideal candidate for the United States Peace Corps (PC) Voucher Examiner / Travel Assistant job must hold a bachelor’s degree or equivalent in accounting, auditing, business administration or a related field.
  • At least five years of progressively responsible experience in voucher examining, accounts payables, accounting, auditing or related budget and fiscal work.  Furthermore, 2 years of experience in Travel and logistics coordination is also a requirement.
  • US Government experience is an added advantage.
  • General familiarity with accounting principles and concepts, financial management and reporting procedures.
  • Ability to comprehend and logically, accurately and properly apply the voucher examination process, various and detailed technical program regulations, terms, and conditions as exist.
  • Must have tact and ability to explain clearly and convincingly the rationales for payment disallowances.
  • Must have demonstrable analytical and decision-making abilities.
  • Ability to work under limited supervision, and to organize and prioritize work schedules is also critical.
  • Incumbent must also be able to  undertake a critical review of vouchers, applying technical skills together with existing general rules and regulations to each and every voucher submitted for payment and liquidation.
  • Excellent interpersonal and customer service skills.
  • Legally able to work in Uganda
  • Language Proficiency: Level IV English proficiency

How to Apply:
Please submit a Word formatted letter of interest, resume (maximum 3 pages), names and contact information for three references to applications@ug.peacecorps.gov. Please clearly indicate your name and the position applied for on the subject line of the cover email as well as on all the attachments: For example “Akello Ritah_ Voucher Examiner” for the Grants Coordinator Position. Do not write any other words in the subject line of your mail. Submitted documents become the property of the Peace Corps.

Deadline: 22nd February 2019

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Senior Risk Officer - Uganda Development Bank Ltd (UDBL)

Organisation: Uganda Development Bank Ltd (UDBL)
Duty Station: Kampala, Uganda
Reports to: Risk Manager

About US:
Uganda Development Bank Ltd (UDBL) is the country's only Development Finance Institution (DFI) established in 1972. The Bank has recently re-positioned itself as a partner to the Government of Uganda in delivering the theme of its National Development Plan. 

Key Duties and Responsibilities: 
  • Implement the Risk Management function of the Bank in line with the Risk Management Procedures and Policy
  • Review procedures and report major risks facing the Bank in line with the Bank's Risk Management procedures Regularly visit business units of the Bank and meet with its managers to promote imbedding risk management into the culture and daily activities of the Bank in line with best practice Maintain a cost benefit focus on Enterprise Risk Management in the Bank.
  • Communicate and manage the establishment and ongoing maintenance of Enterprise Risk Management pursuant to the Bank's risk management strategy.
  • Develop and maintain a risk management capability in all Business units of the Bank in line with the Bank's Risk Management policy
  • Assess to establish whether Enterprise Risk Management is functioning in each business unit of the Bank and that all significant risks are being recognized and effectively managed in a timely manner.
  • Work with the Banks business unit heads to ensure business plans and budgets include risk identification and management. Validate Key Risk Indicators (KRIs) identified by the business units and track threshold compliance.
  • Liaise with the various business units of the Bank to identify and review the Bank's risk profile and strategy in line with the Risk Management Framework of the Bank.
  • Review/Update Portfolio Loss Event Database.
  • Coordinate risk and control self-assessment (RCSA) in the Bank. Perform any other function as assigned by the Risk Manager.
  • Implementation of department work plan.
  • Establishment of risk management systems and procedures. Guidance and support given to different bank functions in the area of risk management.
  • Effectiveness of risk policies in mitigating fraud and other loss events
  • Existence of Enterprise risk management framework in the Bank.

Qualifications, Skills and Experience: 
  • The applicant must hold an Honors Degree in any business field.
  • At least five years of cognate experience.
  • A good understanding of the Banking Industry and the financial sector.
  • A good understanding of Financial & Economic issues
  • An excellent grasps of all dimensions of risks, lending and credit approval process.
  • Strong interpersonal and communication skills.
  • Ability to work under pressure.
  • Integrity and sound judgment.
  • Analytical.
  • Organized.
  • Responsive individual.

How to Apply:
All candidates should send their applications by hand delivery to Reception and addressed to:

The Director Strategy and Corporate affairs,
Uganda Development Bank Ltd,
Plot 6 Nakasero Road,
1st Floor Wing B,
Rwenzori Towers.

Deadline: 15th February 2019

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Manager Internal Audit - Public Procurement and Disposal of Public Assets Authority (PPDA)

Job Title:     Manager Internal Audit
Organisation: Public Procurement and Disposal of Public Assets Authority (PPDA)
Duty Station: Kampala, Uganda
Reports to: Audit and Risk Committee of the Board

About US:
The Public Procurement and Disposal of Public Assets Authority (PPDA) is established under the PPDA Act No.1 of 2003 to develop standards and regulate procurement and disposal practices in respect of all Procuring and Disposing Entities which include Central Government Ministries and Departments, Local Governments, State Enterprises, Constitutional and Statutory Bodies and post primary training institutions.

Job Summary:  The Manager Internal Audit will be strategizing, implementing, coordinating and monitoring PPDA’s internal audit activities, ensuring provision of an efficient and effective risk based audit coverage of PPDA operations.

Key Duties and Responsibilities: 
Strategic Contribution Outcome Statement: Develop the annual operation risk based audit plan for the unit:
  • Reviewing current audit plan and determine level of implementation - to identify areas that are outstanding so that they are included in the next annual plan.
  • Reviewing the risk register and risk logs to identify critical high and medium risks to guide functions and processes for inclusion in the audit plan for the year
  • Independently reviewing the risk management process to ensure it is adequate in identifying and putting in place measures to address all the risk for PPDA
  • Identifying and developing the priority areas of the annual work plan, based on the frequency of occurrence; level of risk rating and level of impact on the Authority, so as to ensure that they are incorporated within the annual audit plan
  • Categorising the activities in the annual plan in accordance with the key focus and core areas for internal audit to ensure that all fundamental aspects have been planned for review
  • Inquiring from client departments to obtain views and challenges that could provide input to the planning process before preparation of the plan for audit committee consideration and approval
  • Taking the lead in identifying audit findings / gaps within processes that may result in investigations
  • Planning for resource allocation and utilisation
Implementation of Audit Plan Outcome Statement:
  • Oversee the management and implementation of internal audits ensuring that they are managed and conducted in the most transparent manner and in accordance with the International Professional Practice Framework, international auditing standards, policies and procedures.
  • Reviewing the audit plan with the audit team so as to agree detailed schedule of activities
  • Developing the engagement letter and have a face to face with audit client at the start of the audit activity
  • Reviewing the audit methodology - based on audit manual review- to determine that the approach is relevant, providing the Senior Internal Auditor with guidance to address any gaps especially in new emerging situations and best practice- adding value
  • Reviewing the draft audit report and requesting for additional information as required
  • Providing review notes to Senior Internal Auditor so that aspects identified in the report for improvement of the report are addressed before submission of the draft report
  • Sharing audit findings with Management for their feedback and response before submission to the Audit and Risk committee
  • Reviewing audit reports and ensuring that any gaps identified are addressed to maintain relevance and applicability.
Reporting Outcome Statement: Taking the lead to ensure that all audit reports are completed in time and that the quality of the reports provides Management and the Audit and Risk Committee with comprehensive information for appropriate decision making:
  • Scheduling, preparing and availing accurate and timely reports, minutes and other documents for Board Audit and Risk Committee meetings
  • Regularly providing senior management and the Audit and Risk committee with an opinion on the adequacy, effectiveness and efficiency of the internal controls, risk management and governance processes in the Authority
  • Acting as the secretary of the Audit and Risk Committee ensuring that all quarterly and annual Audit and Risk Committee reports are compiled and submitted to the full board
  • On a quarterly basis ensuring that the internal audits are summarized and presented to the Audit and Risk Committee for review and discussion in order to determine areas of good performance and improvement
  • Provide copies of internal audit quarterly and annual reports to the Internal Auditor General.
Audit Follow Up Outcome Statement: Taking the lead to track and follow up the implementation of audit recommendations by Management, to mitigate further risk to PPDA:
  • Working with the Executive Director review audit recommendations as provided by the OAG so to incorporate within the authority recommendations / guidelines for implementation and provide a status report on level of implementation of OAG recommendation
  • Preparing a follow up matrix that comprehensively articulates areas of action points and to the relevant directorate
  • Working closely with directors to ensure that there is a clear line of accountability on specific and all recommended action points
  • Monitoring the implementation of recommendations to high risk- high impact areas ensuring that these are addressed as to avoid significant impact on the authority
  • Consolidating the status of audit action points that have implemented supporting management to remain focused and prioritise audit findings closure
  • Receiving feedback from the user departments on the impact that internal audit recommendations have on the departments and their effectiveness for maintaining consistent user department performance and whether the recommendations are relevant and applicable in the work place.
Managing Staff Outcome Statement: To lead the Internal Audit unit in a manner that empowers them to deliver excellent customer service and high standards:
  • Communicating to the Internal Audit unit a clear and exciting vision for the work of PPDA and for the role of the department in advising /supporting the organisation
  • Ensuring that each member of the team fully understands the outcomes that are expected of them and that they are aware of best practise in Internal Audit; ensuring that they behave in a way which will maintain good relationships with Management, Audit and Risk Committee, the Board and the PPDA staff
  • Ensuring that work is planned and organised in a way which will meet the needs of PPDA in the most cost effective manner possible; ensuring that team members are given appropriate workloads and are working efficiently
  • Supporting team members to enable them to give of their best e.g. by encouraging and praising good performance, coaching, assisting staff to prevent or resolve problems, providing resources, tools and equipment
  • Monitoring and reviewing performance and, in particular, holding staff accountable for meeting standards of excellence and delivering any improvement goals which have been identified; taking decisive action in the case of poor performance
  • Ensuring that staff are adequately trained and developed for their roles e.g. by analysing staff training needs, organising the delivery of training or coaching, coordinating the sharing of experience.

Qualifications, Skills and Experience: 
  • The ideal candidate must hold an Honours degree in B.Com (Accounting), Business Administration or other business related field.
  • Masters in Accounting, Finance, Business Administration, or related fields
  • Full professional qualification in ACCA, CPA,CIA or related field
  • Membership to ACCA/ ICPAU/IIA
  • Job related experience and knowledge:
  • 5 years’ experience in an auditing role in the public sector with at least 3 years managing and leading a functional team at senior level
  • Knowledge and experience with international accounting and auditing standards including IPSAS
  • Good understanding of Uganda Tax Laws
  • Ability to work with accounting software
  • MS Office

  • Auditing         
  • Thoroughness/ Concern for Excellence
  • Coaching       
  • Result Orientation
  • Communication
  • Leadership
  • Information Handling and Filing    
  • Strategic Thinking
  • Information Technology/ Computer Skills 
  • Personal Integrity
  • Planning and Organising Work       
  • Development Orientation
  • Presentation (large groups) 
  • Team Management / Performance
  • Problem Solving and Decision Making       
  • Management
  • Report Writing /Document Presentation
  • Reliability
  • Research/ Knowledge Management          
  • Relationship Management  
  • Analytical Skills         
  • Capacity Building / Learning Design and Delivery           

How to Apply: 
All qualified candidates should download the PPDA application form fill it, Click Here and send it together with copies of academic certificates, national ID, detailed curriculum vitae showing experience and positions held to recruitment@ppda.go.ug. All files should be sent in PDF.

Deadline: Friday 15th February 2019 by 5.00 p.m.

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2 Entry Level Officer Internal Audit - Uganda Revenue Authority (URA)

Organisation: Uganda Revenue Authority (URA)
Duty Station: Kampala, Uganda
Reports to: Supervisor Internal Audit
Job Code: HRM/051/600

About URA:
The Uganda Revenue Authority (URA) was established by the Uganda Revenue Authority Statute of 1991 and set up in September of the same year as a central body for assessment and collection of specified revenue, to administer and enforce the laws relating to such revenue and to provide for related matters. This statute incorporated all the laws that were in force then regarding tax collection. The new organization (URA) amalgamated the three tax administration departments that were responsible for all the taxes collected by the Central Government of Uganda.

Job Summary:   The Officer Internal Audit conducts audits of organizational processes and systems to evaluate the effectiveness of risk management, governance and internal controls. The incumbent will conduct audits in allocated business processes/systems to evaluate the effectiveness of risk management, governance and internal controls.

Key Duties and Responsibilities: 
  • Actively participate in identifying auditable areas and drawing a sectional work plan to guide the audit process.
  • Conduct preliminary risk assessment to identify most risky areas and areas of focus
  • Participate in developing audit planning documents to guide the audit process.
  • Conduct tests on processes and systems to assess adequacy of controls in place.
  • Document audit findings and draft audit reports and submit to the line supervisor for review and further administration.
  • Attend and take minutes of the entry, exit and clearance meetings and keep a record of the same for future reference.
  • Conduct stakeholder engagements to enhance relations with partners in order to facilitate the audit process.
  • Take part in identifying key stakeholders and focus areas for the engagement
  • Send invites to stakeholders to attend engagements and organize for appropriate logistics.
  • Capture minutes and key notes during the engagement and keep a record of the same for future reference.
  • Prepare and make presentations during engagements with stakeholders.
  • Monitor and follow up agreed actions with clients to confirm their implementation.
  • Remind action owners on agreed actions and obtain feedback.
  • Physically verify and obtain evidence of implementation of agreed action.
  • Make recommendations on the status of audit issues
  • Prepare a verification report and submit to the Supervisor for review.

Qualifications, Skills and Experience: 
  • The applicants for the Uganda Revenue Authority (URA) Officer Internal Audit job opportunities should hold Bachelor’s degrees in Commerce, Business Administration, or a business related course or Professional Qualification.
  • Full or partial professional qualification such as ACCA, CPA
  • Certified Internal Auditor
  • A minimum of one (1) year working experience in Audit or Accounting function in a reputable organization.
  • Exposure to the audit of information systems is an added advantage
  • International Professional Practices Framework(IPPF).
  • The Internal Audit Manual and Charter.
  • Good communication and report writing skills.
  • Ability to analyze big volumes of data and pay attention to details
  • Problem analysis and solving skills.
  • High level of organizational skills
  • Good Interpersonal skills
  • Ability to work well as part of a team.
  • Possession of an impeccable record of integrity
  • Ability to exercise flexibility and resilience under different working conditions

How to Apply:
All suitably qualified and interested candidates who wish to join URA should apply online by visiting the website below. Please go to Careers link, Click Here, ‘CAREERS -> EXPERIENTIAL HIRING -> Login (If new, register, else continue)’ to view detailed job description of the roles and responsibilities and other required competencies. All applicants are required to scan and attach copies of the required academic documents only e.g. Transcript, O’ Level, A’ level, Degree certificates. Each attachment should not exceed a limit of 1MB and ONLY Portable Document Format (pdf) are allowed.

Note: The list of shortlisted and successful candidates will be published on the URA website. Academic documents for the successful candidates will be vetted and background checks conducted before they are considered for appointment into the Authority. Any applicants found with forged academic documents will be charged in the courts of law.

Deadline: 5th March 2019 at 11:59pm

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Country Administrator NGO Jobs - Ayuda en Acción Foundation

Job Title:         Country Administrator
Organisation: Ayuda en Acción Foundation
Duty Station: Kampala, Uganda

About US:
Ayuda en Acción Foundation is an international organization working in 20 countries leading integral development and humanitarian work, side by side with local partners. Our Mission is to inspire to a world without poverty, exclusion and inequality. A world where people help each other and can develop their capacities, fully enjoy the human rights that correspond to them and participate through democratic channels in the resolutions that affect their lives to be the protagonists of their own development. Ayuda en Acción has been in Uganda for over 20 years and is now in the process of establishing itself stronger, in order to expand impact by creating more partnerships and work projects implemented through partners as well as direct implementation.

Job Summary:  The Country Administrator will administer and supervise the incorporation and use of the financial, human and material resources of Ayuda en Acción Uganda in accordance with the values of transparency, quality, austerity and efficiency that the organization promotes, always ensuring the best management of the assets of the entity. S/he will collaborate in the achievement of the Organization’s objectives and promote the implementation and execution of the institutional processes in Uganda, in coordination with the teams of the Headquarters in Spain and the Uganda National Program team.

Key Duties and Responsibilities: 
·         Managing the Ayuda en Acción registration process in Uganda.
·         Coordinate the processes of budgeting, implementation and control of the financial resources provided by Ayuda en Acción Uganda.
·         Actively participate in the preparation of proposals to be presented to external funders, mainly in the economic part.
·         Managing the financial, human and material resources of the institution complying with legality and current control systems.
·         Inclusively control and monitor the implementation of funds allocated by Ayuda en Acción Uganda for the implementation of projects, whether these are managed by Ayuda en Acción Uganda or by Local Partners.
·         Work in close coordination with the other Ugandan Ayuda en Acción management and the Headquarters team, ensure the adequate allocation of resources for the efficient fulfillment of the entity’s foundational purposes.
·         Manage the human resources of Ayuda en Acción Uganda selection, incorporation, payment of salaries, training, temporary leaves, termination of employment relationship, etc. in accordance with strict compliance with applicable regulations.
·         Supervise and manage the institutional treasury, as well as the preparation and updating of the inventory of assets.
·         Supervise and manage the acquisition of goods and the contracting of works and services in accordance with applicable procedures and regulations.
·         Prepare financial statements periodically in accordance with legal and tax regulations and the accounting values and regulations applicable in the country, as well as in accordance with corporate accounting criteria.
·         Supervise the proper execution of financial, accounting and administrative processes that are subcontracted to third parties, so that they respond to the Ayuda en Acción Uganda’s needs and are provided in a timely manner.
·         Ensure compliance with all legal and tax obligations of the institution according to the requirements and regulations of the institution itself, as well as according to the regulatory framework at the local level.
·         Coordinate the monitoring, supervision and administrative-financial audit of the institution, both internally and externally.
·         Referent of Internal Control in the country, ensuring the implementation of all internal procedures in the country, as well as compliance with the internal regulatory framework.
·         Periodically report through the established channels and through the pertinent tools the different reports to be sent to the Headquarters in Spain.
·         Perform any other activity inherent to the job.

Qualifications, Skills and Experience: 
·         The applicant must hold a Bachelor’s degree in Auditing, Economics, Business Administration or Accounting.
·         Five years of experience in similar positions in international cooperation organizations.
·         Advanced knowledge of accounting, treasury management, budget management and analytical accounting.
·         Knowledge of the labor, tax and contractual legal framework applicable.
·         Experience in project management with international donors (AECID, EU, etc.)
·         Good knowledge of Microsoft Office and the Internet. Advanced Excel.
·         Knowledge of ERP, knowledge of SAP will be valued.
·         Capacity for dialogue and to build and maintain effective relationships with the Organization's team and with local partners.
·         Result-oriented.
·         Rigor both in the quality of information and in compliance with the established deadlines.
·         Analytical capacity.
·         Teamwork.
·         Availability to travel to rural areas.
·         Flexible working hours.
·         Desirable: Certified Public Accountant, Valid driver’s license.

How to Apply:
All suitably qualified and interested candidates should send their updated CVs (up to 2 pages), Cover Letter (no longer than 1 page) and contacts of 3 references. Kindly do not add any further attachments.

Applications shall be emailed to hruganda@ayudaenaccion.org denoting the name of the position and applicant in the subject

Deadline: 29th January 2019

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