TOR for Consultancy – Conducting ACTV needs and Capacity assessment for integration of child care services in rehabilitation of survivors of torture – African Centre for Treatment and Rehabilitation of Torture Victims (ACTV)

Consultancy Title:    Terms of Reference for Consultancy – Conducting ACTV needs and Capacity assessment for integration of child care services in rehabilitation of survivors of torture

Organisation: African Centre for Treatment and Rehabilitation of Torture Victims (ACTV)

Duty Station:  Kampala, Uganda


Background and summary

The African Centre for Treatment and Rehabilitation of Torture Victims (ACTV) is a Non-Governmental Organization that advocates against torture from state and non-state actors and provides physical and psychological treatment as well as rehabilitation of survivors of torture in Uganda and the Great Lakes Region. With support from the Danish Institute against Torture (DIGNITY). ACTV has continuously provided rehabilitation services to an average of 1000 survivors of torture annually and about 03% are children aged between 0-17years who are either primary or secondary survivors of torture[1]. Important to note is that ACTV has no specific interventions that target children, and neither are services tailored for such a category. ACTV has not consciously and deliberately reached out to provide services to children because the organization has no streamlined strategy and expertise to do so.


With this in mind, it is important to carry out an assessment in order to explore structures and integrate children care services into ACTV’s rehabilitation services.  In that regard, ACTV is seeking the services of a highly professional and experienced child specialist consultant to undertake a needs and capacity assessment.


Purpose of the study

The purpose of the study is to assess the specific needs of children who are survivors of torture and those whose parents are survivors. The consultant will also assess the capacity of ACTV to ascertain her readiness in addressing the needs of children who are survivors of torture.

The assessment will enable ACTV to get a better understanding of how the organization can build up the necessary structures and competences to integrate child care services in their existing work. As such the assessment should enable ACTV to increase their knowledge of the needs and capacity gaps related to child care services and include specific recommendations on how to develop strategies and policies capacity building efforts needed for ACTV to integrate child care in to their existing work.


Furthermore, based on the identified needs, the consultant will provide ACTV with specific recommendations on how to strengthen their Organisational capacity to   address the specific needs of the children who are direct or secondary survivors of torture. , including:

  • The needs for developing strategies, and safeguarding policies and guidelines
  • The needs mainstreaming child-centered approaches into their work
  • The needs for training and skills development


Specific Objectives

The Objectives of this study are;

  1. To identify the needs and gaps in terms of children survivors of torture that need to be addressed in a rehabilitation process.
  2. To review existing guidelines for providing services for children.
  3. To identify needs for strategies and safeguarding policies and guidelines for including the provision of child services.
  4. To provide specific recommendations for how ACVT can integrate child services into their existing rehabilitation work.



The methodology will, be developed by the consultant, as well as all relevant tools and presented in the inception report. The selected methodology should be participatory in nature, with meaningful engagements conducted with the relevant key stakeholders.

The data collection method should include the use of a number of approaches to gain a deeper understanding of the overall questions to be addressed by the research;

  • What are the needs of tortured children, and the needs whose parents have gone through torture?
  • What are the existing experiences and guidelines other organizations working with child care services
  • What is the capacity of ACTV to handle tortured children, and children whose parents have gone through torture?

Next to the data collection method, an appropriate and strategic sampling method should be selected e.g. snowball sampling, purposeful random sampling or mixed purposeful sampling methods


Expected deliverables

The consultant is, expected to lead, accomplish and submit the following deliverables within the agreed timeframe and budget:

  1. An inception report, which will serve as an agreement between parties on how the research study will be, conducted. Items to address:
    • Understanding of the issues and questions raised in the ToR
    • Data sources; how to assess the questions in the ToR
    • Research methodology, including suggested sample and size
    • Schedule of activities (timeline)
    • Detailed budget
    • Appropriate validated draft data collection tools (e.g. methodological guidelines, group interview questions)
  2. Draft research report
  3. Presentation of the main findings to the relevant stakeholders for validation
  4. Submission of 3 Hard Copies of the final report customized and well designed.
  5. Re-writeable DVD Copy of the Final Report.


Duration: The consultant is expected to complete the assignment within 20 working days after being contracted.

Qualifications, Skills and Experience:


  • At least a Master’s degree in Psychology,  Social Sciences; a certificate in child protection is an added advantage
  • At least seven years’ experience in working with children  programs
  • Demonstrated experience with quantitative and qualitative research and statistical data analysis
  • Proven record of communicating with survivors of torture and other forms of violence
  • Ability to develop child-tailored strategies and programs
  • Relevant subject matter knowledge and experience regarding the thematic areas of this research


How to Apply:

Along with their CV interested candidates should submit:

A technical proposal explaining, their comprehension of the, ToR, and how they would approach this assignment, summarising, the methodologies, and approaches they, plan to use, including a timeline.

  • Two samples of similar previous assignments
  • Their availability
  • A financial proposal outlining their expected fees and costs


All interested candidates/firms should submit a technical and financial proposal and two samples of similar previous assignments. Applications should be, submitted to or


Deadline: 11th November 2022.


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Date Posted 2022-11-09
Valid Through 2022-11-11
Hiring Organization African Centre for Treatment and Rehabilitation of Torture Victims (ACTV)
Job Location , , Kampala, 0256, Uganda