Consultancy Jobs – Terms of Reference Video Project: Teach A Man To Fish

Job Title:    Terms of Reference Video Project: Teach A Man To Fish

Organisation: Teach A Man To Fish

Duty Station:  Kampala, Uganda

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About US:

Teach A Man To Fish believes that education is the key to tackling global youth unemployment and poverty. Teach A Man To Fish aims to eradicate poverty by supporting young people in developing countries to develop skills and knowledge for economic empowerment. We support schools, youth groups, NGOs and training centres to establish enterprises – from eggs to grain storage, crafts to a hotel. These enterprises serve both as learning platforms, and as income-generating activities for the organisation, as young people work on the businesses alongside their academic education. In this way, young people learn valuable business and entrepreneurial skills and the school has the ability to raise additional funds in a sustainable way.


Detailed background on Teach A Man To Fish Uganda

Teach A Man To Fish has been active in Uganda since 2009 and has been progressively scaling up its work since 2014. Through our flagship programme, the School Enterprise Challenge, and through bespoke training and consultancy work, Teach A Man to Fish Uganda currently supports schools at primary, secondary and vocational level as well as NGOs and individual entrepreneurs. Teach A Man To Fish Uganda currently has a team of 7 staff and 1 Volunteer based in Kampala.


The School Enterprise Challenge programme ( is Teach A Man To Fish’s international Awards programme for schools around the world. This Awards programme guides and supports teachers and students to plan and set up real school businesses. Divided into Bronze, Silver and Gold levels, the progressive Awards framework enables schools to build on their achievements and adopt ‘best practices’ to increase the impact of their work as they advance in successive years through the levels.


Objectives of Consultancy

Overall Objective

The overall objective of the project is to produce a video showcasing the impact of participation in the School Enterprise Challenge for young people and how it uplifts them, boosts their confidence and gives them new skills.

Specific Requirements

  • Showcase a minimum of 4 different learners (of which 2 are girls) who have taken part in School Enterprise Challenge from at least 2 schools – primary and secondary.
  • Interview each learner using a provided outline script and capture footage of each learner taking part in a practical activity with their team e.g. selling their product to real clients (and receiving real money), doing market research in their community, making their product safely and facilitated/supervised by their teacher, organising their stock. We want to hear the children speaking confidently and clearly in these scenes and we want the 4 learners to tell us and show us what skills they have developed and how they have grown their confidence etc..
  • Showcase groups of children working together in their business teams – film their activity and their conversations – need to demonstrate problem­solving, leadership (please capture a girl in a leadership role), confidence and strong communication skills.
  • Capture audio of 1 learner – script to be provided
  • Use a mixture of close up interviews with individuals and footage of teams working together in a real school-business situation
  • Film an Interview of the teacher leading the School Enterprise Challenge programme using script provided
  • Film an interview of the head teacher using script provided
  • Provide intro and exit frames – that include the Teach A Man To Fish logo and website and show the environment around the school
  • Use correct Teach A Man To Fish branding for fonts, colours – all guidelines to be provided
  • Add captions and subtitles – all to be provided
  • Produce one final film lasting 5 minutes, with shorter clips available for social media



Field visit interviews

  • The consultant will spend 2 days filming in Mpigi district and interview selected participants in the business clubs. The interviews will be the basis for the film and learners will be guided and supported by our Communications Officer, Modecai Osano.

Presentation of the video

  • The consultant will share raw footage after the first filming day for Teach A Man To Fish staff to feedback on the content to use for the first draft.
  • The consultant will then have a second filming day to film any additional footage required by Teach A Man To Fish.
  • The consultant will then provide the first draft of the film for feedback from Teach A Man To Fish.
  • Teach A Man To Fish will provide timely feedback on the first draft and all required captions and subtitles at this point.
  • The consultant will then provide 2 rounds of amends before providing a final high res version and all raw footage.
  • Teach A Man To Fish will provide all assets required – logo, additional images, subtitles and captions.



The consultancy will ideally commence on 4th October 2022 and be completed by 28th October 2022 in line with the timetable laid out below.

If at any point during the time period the Communications Officer or the videographer is unable to work due to illness for example, the schedule will need to be amended.

Activity Due date Location
Submit pitch for project by 03/10/2022 Via email
Attend interview for project 04-05/10/2022 Online
Branding guidelines and script to be provided by Teach A Man To Fish w/c 10/10/22 Online
Pre-site visit to schools 10/10/2022 Mpigi
Visit schools to conduct the filming 12-13/10/2022 Mpigi
First draft shared with Teach A Man To Fish 14/10/2022 Email
Feedback from Teach A Man To Fish 17/10/2022 Via email/skype call
Second filming day at schools 18-19/10/2022 Mpigi
Second draft shared with Teach A Man To Fish 21/10/2022 Email
Feedback from Teach A Man To Fish 24/10/2022 Via email/skype call
Produce final version and share with Teach A Man To Fish Latest date: 28/10/2022 Email



  • Share raw footage of all filming from school visits for Teach A Man To Fish staff to feedback on what footage to use for the final piece
  • Produce a final edited video recording lasting 5 minutes in high res and low res
  • Provide shorter edited clips for social media if required


Supervision and oversight: The Consultant will be managed by the Communications Officer (Modecai Osano) in Kampala, with sign off at all stages by the Communications Manager (Sally Hodges) in the UK.


Budget and payment schedule

The total available budget is UGX 4,000,000 /=. A value for money analysis on the bids will be done and a consultant with a lower price may be chosen.

This budget includes consultant day rates plus all incidental costs including but not limited to transport, accommodation, subsistence as well as related taxes and license fees. This applies to all activities except where expressly stated that Teach A Man To Fish will provide any of the above in kind.

Payment: The contract will be paid as follows:

  • 25% on commission
  • 25% on completion of first draft of video
  • 50% on delivery of final version accepted by Teach A Man To Fish


Profile and Qualification of the Consultant

The consultant will have the following competencies and skills:

  • More than three years of experience working in similar field.
  • Excellent technical capacities (state of the art filming equipment preferably High Definition) to ensure smooth and high-quality production.
  • Experience in development communication
  • Understanding of entrepreneurship education and soft skills development in a educational context
  • Established track record in delivering high quality outputs within agreed timeframe
  • Strong communication and client relationship management skills
  • Excellent English language skills, both written and spoken


How to Apply

The consultant should email the following information to and Copy in by 9am on Tuesday 27 September 2022.

  • A completed applicant details form (see form 1). Applicants without a TIN number will not be considered.
  • Scan of completed, signed declaration form (see form 2). Applications without a signed, complete declaration form will not be considered. Download TOR
  • A brief proposal of no more than 3 pages indicating how they will approach the task as outlined and 2 references at least 1 of which needs to be an organisation that you have completed work for in the last 12 months.
  • At least 2 examples of work, ideally completed in the last 12 months.
  • A budget for delivery of the project as outlined.
  • A brief profile of the consultant(s) that will be responsible.


The subject line of the email should state: Consultancy Application – Video project.


Deadline: 27th September 2022


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