Consultancy Jobs – Terms of Reference to Conduct a 3-Day training on Resource Mobilisation for Selected Leaders of Organisations of persons with Disabilities and stakeholders in Yumbe, Arua and Mbale – Humanity & Inclusion (Handicap International Federation)

Consultancy Title: Terms of Reference to Conduct a 3-Day training on Resource Mobilisation for Selected Leaders of Organisations of persons with Disabilities and stakeholders in Yumbe, Arua and Mbale

Organisation: Humanity & Inclusion (Handicap International Federation)

Duty Station:  Yumbe, Arua and Mbale, Uganda


About US:

Handicap International! (under the operational name of Humanity & Inclusion in Uganda) is an independent and impartial aid and development organization working in situations of poverty and exclusion, conflict and disaster. We work alongside persons with disabilities and vulnerable people to help meet their essential needs, improve their living conditions and promote respect for their dignity and fundamental rights. HI is outraged by the injustice faced by people with disabilities and vulnerable populations, we inspire to a world of solidarity and inclusion, enriched by our differences, where everyone can live in dignity. We assist vulnerable populations from both host and refugee communities by providing physical rehabilitation, mental health and psychosocial support, inclusive education, health and livelihoods.


Project background

In Uganda, HI under the pillar of health is implementing a 3-year project titled “Women Integrated Sexual Reproductive Health project” (WISH2ACTION) with an anticipated outcome that women can safely plan pregnancies and improve their sexual reproductive health rights. HI is implementing activities that promote inclusion of persons with disabilities in all strategies designed to increase/improve access to SRHR services in the districts of Mbale Arua, Yumbe together with her partners including: – Reproductive Health Uganda, International Rescue Committee, Marie Stopes Uganda, Development Media International and Options. Some of the activities HI has undertaken in this project include; trainings of health workers and VHTS to provide inclusive SRHR services, supported trainings in sign language , collected data that identified barriers and facilitators for persons to access SRHR services and also conducted community sensitization on disability and SRHR issues to promote demand creation for services. The HI intervention sites are in sub-counties/zones and specifically at health center III levels that include Okubani, Yayari and Luzira HC3 in Yumbe district, Vurra, Ombidriondrea, Ajia HC3 in Arua district and Busano, Wanale, Bumadanda HCIII in Mbale district.


With the continued efforts to promote inclusive services, HI has planned for a training in resource mobilization for selected leaders of Organizations of Persons with Disabilities to equip and improve their knowledge and skills in resource mobilization/fundraising which will enable them raise resources to sustain the work and operations of the Organizations of Persons with Disabilities


Justification for the Resource Mobilization training

Resource mobilization refers to the process of finding, recognizing, and getting resources from the resource provider or the strategy of identifying and leveraging existing resources using different mechanisms, to implement predetermined goals of any organization. It can also involve maximizing and making better use of present resources.


Resource mobilization is central to any organization. Leaders of organizations (including Organisations of Persons with disabilities) need to understand and acquire skills in resource mobilization because; – (1).


It supports the sustainability of organizations (2). allows for enhancement and scale-up of services and products organizations currently renders (3). ensures the continuation of service provision by an organization.


Some of the documented challenges faced by the leadership of/and Organisations of persons with disabilities include lack of enough (meagre) resources to enable organizations’ operations, inadequate skill in mobilizing resources on behalf of their members. Therefore, this training will go a long way in improving knowledge and understanding of the best strategies for resource mobilization among OPD leaders positioning them to achieve their organizations’ goals.


This training will contribute to the process of guaranteeing sustainability of the operations of Organisations of persons with disabilities when leaders practically utilise the knowledge and skills garnered from the training.


At a project level, the activity shall contribute to the achievement of the project milestone M1.11- the number of Disable Persons Organisation members who have improved knowledge of effective advocacy for SRHR of Persons with Disabilities.


Objective for the Resource Mobilisation training

  • To raise awareness on available resources to enable stakeholders and Organisations of Persons with Disabilities to better use and maximize existing resources.
  • To orient the stakeholders and OPDs on use of technology to search for available funders for various program thematic areas
  • To orient stakeholders and OPDs on how to organize for effective fund-raising events


Expected results

  • Leaders of Organisations of persons with disabilities and stakeholders are knowledgeable of the best resource mobilization strategies and can identify, mobilize new, and utilize existing resources for improved operations of Organizations of Persons with Disabilities.
  • Participants will be able to come up with a clear resource mobilisation plans for their organisations
  • Organisations will be able to identify and tap the existing sources of funding
  • Organisations will be knowledgeable of the fundraising strategies to improve their funding base.


Collaboration to conduct the training  on Resource            Mobilization for Organizations of Persons with Disabilities and Stakeholders:


Consultancy key deliverables

HI is targeting to work with identified Consultants as expert on the topic of resource mobilisation to support the training and the consultant is expected to:-

  • Submit a practical workplan, methodology and budget for implementation 3 districts of Yumbe, Arua and Mbale
  • Develop and submit for review the content for the training on Resource Mobilization
  • Propose relevant training materials
  • Propose training plan for the 3 days of training in each district
  • Prepare pre and post-tests to assess participants knowledge gain
  • Train the participants selected by HI to understand resource mobilization, how to use of technology to search for funders for various thematic areas and how to pitch and organize for effective fundraising events
  • Write and submit to HI a training activity report with the knowledge assessment.
  • Develop a power point and make a presentation to HI


Role of HI in this activity

  • Facilitate Consultants to conduct the training i.e. financially and logistically.
  • Identify the participants to be trained and ensure full attendance
  • Make a short presentation on HI and the project as introduction to the training
  • Provide the necessary logistical support to participants to enable them participate in the training (hall hire, meals, transport reimbursement)


Proposed method of training

  • Conduct a class room training Using of lecture skills, group work
  • Sharing of experiences
  • Use of videos


Proposed Consultancy duration and work plan                               


Activity                                                                                                    Date

Review   Work pan, methodology   and   budget                     21st September 2022

submission (proposal)


Evaluation of proposal                                                                    22nd              September 2022


Awarding of contract                                                                      23rd              September 2022


Inception meeting with HI & consultant                                   26th              September 2022


Developing of training content                                                   27th September -5th October 2022





Travel to Yumbe from Kampala                                                 11th/Oct/2022


Training on Resource mobilisation                                            12th-14th/Oct/ 2022


Travel to Arua from Yumbe and rest day                                  15th/Oct/ 2022



Rest day in Arua (Sunday)                                                             16th/Oct/2022


Training on Resource mobilisation                                             17th-19th/ Oct/ 2022


Travel back to Kampala                                                                  20th/Oct/2022



Travel to Mbale                                                                                 24th/Oct/2022


Training on Resource mobilisation                                              25th-27th/Oct/2022


Travel back to Kampala                                                                   28th /Oct/2022

Target population                                     


Beneficiary category                                                                            Number        

 Yumbe           Arua                 Mbale


District Officials (District Health                            2                         2                     2

Management Team/CDO)


Organisation of persons with disability                26                      26                   26

representatives (OPD)                                               2                         2                    2

Care takers                                                                   1                          1                    1

Sign language Interpreter


HI Staff                                                                           2                          2                  2


Total                                                                            33                       33                33



Activity follow up plans

Leaders of organisation of persons with disabilities/participants will make commitments of actions/develop action plans after the training. HI shall then follow up to document progress made and use of knowledge gained basing on the commitments and action plans.


Anticipated risks and Mitigation measures

District Leaders tend to be very busy and there’s a risk that some migh t not honour the invitations for the training and or follow through with the commitments made after the training. To mitigate this risk, HI will frequent follow up on the invitations to ensure attendance of those invited or at least have relevant representation.


The current on-going unpredictable rain patterns in the country have resulted in flooding of some areas; certain roads became impassable making navigation extremely difficult for vehicles and citizens. This is likely to continue until the end of the rainy seasons. HI will closely follow updates from the Uganda National Metrological Authority and adapt its plan to ensure lives involved in this activity are safe.

Consultant qualifications and experiences

  • Demonstrate skills in training in resource mobilisation record keeping accountability and report writing
  • Experience conducting trainings for high level stakeholders (government leaders, Mangers) and approaches/ techniques for adult learning
  • Experience conducting resource mobilisation focusing strategies for local and external resource mobilisation
  • Demonstrable oral and written communication skills


How to Apply:

If you meet the criteria above and are interested in this opportunity, please email to and and copy  with the subject “Consultancy for Training OPDs in Resource Mobilisation”. Attach an application letter and the proposal including a proposed budget to facilitate the trainers. The application deadline is September 20th, 2022, time is 4:00pm Ugandan time. Only shortlisted candidates will be contacted.


Depending on the quality of the offers received, HI reserves the right to proceed to a pre-selection process and to request additional information from pre-selected candidates.


Note. Practical arrangements and other costs related to the training including participants’ meals, transport refund will be organised and provided by HI.


Deadline: 20th September 2022 at 4:00pm


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