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Job Title:   Regional Support Officer   

Organisation: Imagine Her

Duty Station:  Fort Portal, Uganda

Reports to: Country Manager Project Hello World


About US:

Imagine Her is a non-profit working to accessibly provide young vulnerable women and youth with a robust innovation skillset and essential resources to create sustainable social ventures and social impact in Uganda. We do this by providing tools and collaborating with communities as key advocates to prepare pathways for their socio-economic independence.


As part of our work, we are implementing a Project dubbed Hello World which we seek to fill some vacant positions. Project Hello World provides educational resources and Internet connectivity to isolated and vulnerable communities. We do this by building solar-powered, outdoor Internet kiosks— so that underprivileged children and adults can educate themselves, communicate with others, and have a voice in the global community. To achieve this, we mobilize communities to build Hello Hubs which are solar-powered outdoor Internet kiosks, and state-of-the-art technology including high-quality solar panels, satellite connectivity, rugged, waterproof touch-screen screens, camera, and audio equipment. Hello Hubs are designed to withstand extreme outdoor weather and are energy-autonomous, which means that they can bring connectivity and education to even the most isolated communities.


Job Summary:  The Regional Support Officer will primarily be responsible for managing the network of Community Support Officers in their region. This is a great opportunity for someone who is confident they can manage a team, communicate well and problem solve.


Key Duties and Responsibilities:

Manage all hubs and Community Support Officers (CSOs) in your region

Communication with CSOs

  • Lead meetings with CSOs about the activities, challenges and successes at their hubs, to feedback to the project management.
  • Deliver any information from the project management to CSOs
  • Ensure all CSOs receive their monthly stipend and keep mobile money numbers up to date.

Communication with Project Hello World team

  • Compile a brief weekly report on each Hub that you will send to the Country Manager.
  • Participate in weekly meetings with other regional support officers led by the Project Hello World Manager.
  • You will give feedback on any successes and challenges from the Hubs in your region
  • The Country Manager will let you know if there are any additional tasks you need to carry out for the project that week

Ensure all data is collected from each Hub every week

  • Community Support Officers need to collect App usage data from the 8 tablets from their Hub on a weekly basis and send it via email to Hello World
  • CSOs may need training in how to collect this data or encouragement to keep up to date with sending it
  • Keep an up-to-date list of all Hub users with contact numbers to be used for impact measurement

Report to Project Hello World Country Manager if there have been any issue with CSOs including if a CSO needs to be replaced

  • Represent Project Hello World at any regional meetings
  • This may include meetings with communities, local authorities or other NGOs You will discuss these meetings with the project Country Manager prior and post meeting.
  • Hold regular training sessions for community support officers
  • Train the Trainers. You will train your CSOs to deliver training at their hubs. These trainings may include:
    • Vocational training
    • Using the tablets (inc. app updates)
    • Safeguarding training
    • First aid
  • Recommendations for trainings for you to deliver to your CSOs and support in the delivery will be provided
  • Encourage CSOs to hold training at their hubs and manage reporting on this.


  • Collect stories and pictures from CSOs from individual hubs detailing individual experiences of Hub users
  • Select the most interesting stories or pictures you have heard from the Hubs in your region that week to upload onto the Hello World drive


  • CSOs will refer to you first when there is an engineering issue at a Hub. Since you will receive extra training during hub builds in the mechanics of a Hub, you may be able to fix an engineering problem at a Hub.
  • In any cases of doubt, you will contact the Hello World Engineer who will advise you on what to do to fix the problem. You will either go and fix this yourself, or ask the CSO to fix it.
  • In serious cases, you will accompany a Hello World engineer to fix the problem. Educating the people

Qualifications, Skills and Experience:

  • High level of English, written and spoken
  • Able to communicate in all the languages of the Hubs under your supervision
  • University degree or Senior six level
  • Experience in working with the community
  • Strong written and verbal communication skills
  • Technology experience, confident with operating computers and tablets
  • Leadership/management experience


Personal Qualities

Imagine Her is a small non-profit organization that believes in accelerating the power and potential of every girl, woman, and youth to create sustainable futures and communities. Our model was developed to empower girls, women, and youth holistically to improve their lives and communities. We have very limited resources and staff and we are almost entirely volunteer operated. Each member of our team is working towards realizing our mission by dedicating their time and skills through a wholehearted commitment to it. As a result, we are equally dedicated to those who work with us.


We’re looking for someone who can get their sleeves rolled up and their hands dirty. Someone who is kept up at night trying to find answers to the world’s most intractable problems and willing to make some errors along the way. We need an individual willing to share what they know and learn as they go – not afraid to take a step back and think around a problem. We’re looking for an expert with drive and heart. And we need someone who can do all those things, in some of the hardest places, and still have a lot of fun.



Things We’ll Bring To The Table:

  • Management experience
  • Training- first aid and safeguarding and CGC
  • References
  • Impact measurement qualification


How to Apply:

All candidates should apply by sending their updated CVs and cover letters to


Deadline: 4th February 2022 by 5:00 pm


For more of the latest jobs, please visit or find us on our facebook page

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