Regional Human Resource Manager NGO Jobs – Humanity & Inclusion

 Job Title:    Regional Human Resource Manager

Organisation: Humanity & Inclusion

Duty Station:  Kenya, Rwanda and Uganda

Reports to: Regional Program Director


About US:

Handicap International Federation (operating under the name Humanity & Inclusion) is an independent and impartial aid and development organisation working in situations of poverty and exclusion, conflict and disaster. We work alongside disabled and vulnerable people to help meet their essential needs, improve their living conditions and promote respect for their dignity and fundamental rights. HI has recently set up a regional structure encompassing the countries of Kenya, Rwanda and Uganda with Uganda as the regional hub.


Job Summary:  The region is known as the East African Region (EAR). HI is currently recruiting a number of regional positions, including the role of the Regional Human Resource Manager. This position is a national position, and will be based in any of three countries under the regional structure.


The Regional Human Resource Manager will drive the Human Resource strategy and set-up of the new region, responsible for setting up the standard HR systems, procedures and policies for the regional structure, as well as ensuring the countries in the regional program are aligned to the new structure, with the requisite training and coaching of the HR staff to ensure efficient functioning.


Under HI's re-organization principles, the Regional HR Manager will also play the role of the HR Manager for the country of employment. Under this role, the HR Manager will be responsible for driving quality and accountability of the HR Department, across all levels and with the other departments. He/She will ensure the mission meets all legal, regulatory and compliance requirements as laid by the government authorities, donors, headquarters, and partners - both at country and regional levels


The Regional HR Manager will establish clear ways of working with the Logistics and Human Resource Departments under the Shared Services Strategy and will ensure the project manager and teams are following proper HR procedures.

The Regional HR Manager will be directly involved in the development of the new Regional Strategy 2021-2023 where the focus will be on defining the role of the HR Department as the mission grows and in relation to the new regional structure, as well as on sounds HR policies.


Reporting to the Regional/Country Director, the Regional HR manager ensures the efficient management of human resources for the region (including affiliated countries) for which s/he is responsible. S/he participates actively in the phased reorganisation of HI in the field as part of the ROOTS project and in efforts to retain staff and open up key posts to national staff, helping to ensure that HI is recognised as an “employer of choice in the aid sector” (2016-2025 strategy).

S/he advises the Regional Director on the organisation's continuous improvement, notably with regard to managerial aspects and support to changes in working practices. S/he is the point person for the operational HR centres at HQ, especially Personnel Administration Unit. This position calls for regular visits to the field (affiliated countries) to ensure adequate HR management and monitoring over the region within his/her geographical scope.


Key Duties and Responsibilities: 

Strategy and steering

·       Contributes towards the drafting, revision and implementation of operational strategy (stratop) within his/her scope of responsibility;

·       Provides the Regional Director with HR options to support the implementation of the stratop locally;

·       Produces and updates the risk map covering his/her scope of responsibility. Proposes and implements risk mitigation measures;

·       Contributes to incident reporting within his/her scope of responsibility;

·       Produces, compiles and analyses dashboard data; if necessary creates HR KPI specific to his/her programme.

·       Represents HI externally on HR matters concerning his/her geographical area (e.g. forums, operational and strategic alliances); ensures the development of local partnerships necessary to the development of his/her area of activity.

Standards and Accountability

·       Ensures respect and application of HI HR standards for the whole of his/her professional sector - regional programme and affiliated countries, with regard to policy, processes and tools;

·       Adapts and contextualises HR standards according to specific local characteristics;

·       Oversees internal control for his/her whole area of responsibility;

·       Guarantees compliance with and application of institutional donor rules on all the projects implemented within his/her scope.

Operational HR management

·       Planning programme resources

o   Assists the Regional Director with the sizing of resources (quantitative and technical) and the drafting and monitoring of sourcing and skills development plans for the area within his/her geographical scope, thereby contributing to efforts to retain staff and open up key posts to national staff;

o   Assists with the HR section of budgets for project proposals and with budget steering, including HR /payroll projects

o   Ensures the upgrading of managerial skills for all the managers working within his/her geographical scope through the deployment of Manager 2.0 policies and tools and continuous improvement;

o   Organises talents reviews: identifies talents and low performers and adapts the support plans of the staff concerned accordingly;

o   Monitors psychosocial risks at work and ensures appropriate support is provided to any staff concerned;

o   Coordinates specific situations (disabled workers, mobility).

·       Administration and payroll

o   Coordinates and monitors the management of national staff payroll across the programme;

o   Coordinates the administrative management generated by the Conditions and Modalities of Employment of International Staff directly with the HQ operational centres ( Personnel Administration Unit, Recruitment and Mobility Unit)

·       Assisting the managers on his/her programme with the implementation of HR policies:

o   On collective issues

§  Work organisation

§  Accompanying change: changes in organisation, the emergence of new professions, the implementation of new HR processes, etc.

§  Quality of Work Life

o   On individual issues:

§  Disciplinary

§  Pay-related

§  Health, etc.

Legal and social

·       Ensures a positive social climate;

·       Represents HI with staff representatives;

·       Ensures that legal norms and changes to case law are monitored locally with specific regard to employment legislation and the application of the legal framework.

Rollout of HI's Code of Conduct and institutional policies

·       Supports the Regional Director with the deployment of HI's Code of Conduct and PSEA;

·       Contributes towards the operational implementation of decisions taken by the crisis cells;

·       Contributes towards the implementation of actions decided by the investigation cells.

Professional sector management

·       Leads the professional development of the RH sector within his/her scope and helps to do so for the organisation as whole

·       Contributes towards the professional development of the HR sector globally (community of practice);

·       Develops a pool of local talent (carries out technical interviews with the candidates and formulates recommendations; identifies training needs)

Emergency preparedness and response

·       Is responsible for providing appropriate support to emergency responses occurring within his/her geographical scope

·       Takes part in analysing the capacity of his/her programmes and teams to respond to emergencies;

·       Contributes towards identifying preparedness measures in liaison with HQ's Emergency Division; implements these measures;

·       In the event of an emergency response, mobilises and adapts his/her department and its processes: size of the team, line-management, coordination and communication mechanisms, ARCI, reporting, etc.;

·       Strengthens external coordination with colleagues from other organisations.


·       Assumes the role and stance of manager with regard to his/her HR staff:

·       Fosters a team spirit and team works to ensure the necessary synergies between the divisions. Encourages the exchange of practices within and between divisions;

·       Contributes towards the professional development of his/her team members: sets individual objectives, ensures that the know-how and motivations of his/her staff meet the organisation's needs;

·       Provides individual and collective recognition

·       Develops his/her staff‘s ability to work autonomously

·       Embodies and transmits HI's values, ensures respect of its code of conduct and institutional policies and is vigilant with regard to expected attitudes and individual and collective behaviours.


Qualifications, Skills and Experience:

·       The ideal candidate must hold a Master’s Degree in the relevant fields of Human Resource Management

·       More than 10 years experience in the HR Field with increasingly higher levels of responsibility

·       Previous experience with HI

·       At least five years of working experience in management of teams in humanitarian or development programs

·       Demonstrated capacity building and training of teams



·       Objectives and contents of transformation projects (simplification, managing change, Manager 2.0, etc.)

·       Institutional frameworks (policies, directives, standards)

·       HI's vision, mandate, values and strategy

·       Humanitarian principles

·       Humanitarian environment

·       Donor rules

·       Command of French and English

·       Command of IT tools (including advance-level Excel and Word



·       Knowledge of management methods

·       Capable of representing HI's legal and HR framework

·       Analytical and synthesis skills

·       Capable of leading change

·       Practice of HR professions in a humanitarian environment

·       Team leading and mobilisation


Interpersonal skills and attitudes

·       Positive, constructive

·       Solutions-oriented

·       Flexible

·       Excellent interpersonal skills

·       Good response capacities

·       Able to manage stress

·       Able to work in a multicultural and multi-disciplinary team



·       Proven expertise staff welfare schemes and organizational culture building

·       Fluency in the working languages of the region (French, English, Swahili)

·       Previous experience working in humanitarian/development programs in Africa

·       Previous experience in remote control programs

·       Experience setting up systems and procedures in new structures



·       Starting Date: 15 March 2021

·       Length of contract: 3 Year Renewable

·       Gross Salary: To be presented during the recruitment process depending on the country of residence



·       Handicap International/Humanity & Inclusion is an Equal Opportunity Employer,

·       It encourages females and persons with disabilities to apply to become a part of our organization.


How to Apply:

 Please send an updated CV (3 pages max, including three professional references.) with a cover letter addressed to The HR Department


Note: Do not attach certificates. Only Short-listed Candidates will be contacted. Any efforts to influence the recruitment process will lead to automatic disqualification.


Deadline: 24th February 2021.


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