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Job Title:    Head of Grants and Compliance

CARE International

Duty Station:
Kampala, Uganda

Reports to:  Operations Director

About US:

CARE International
is a global leader within a worldwide movement dedicated to ending poverty. We
are known everywhere for our unshakeable commitment to the dignity of people.
CARE works around the globe to save lives, defeat poverty and achieve social
justice We seek a world of hope tolerance and social justice where poverty has
been overcome and all people live with dignity and security. We put women and
girls in the centre because we know that we cannot overcome poverty until all
people have equal rights and opportunities CARE has been working in Uganda for
50 years and in 2019/2020, we improved the lives of 2.6 million people (60%
women). Our goal for the next five years is to reach ten million people through
our gender transformative resilience building and lifesaving programs CARE
International in Uganda seeks to recruit Ugandan professionals who are
passionate about gender transformation building resilience and empowering women
and girls to join this noble fight against poverty and injustice by filling up
the following position

Job Summary:  The Head of Grants & Compliance oversees
and coordinates the administrative management of all grants and contracts
implemented by the country office (development, delivery and closure] including
support to award setup staff training to ensure donor rules and regulations are
understood and implemented properly and preparation and submission of donor
reports & he monitors the C0 budget planning calendar, develops operational
budgets and supports program staff in proposal budget development & he
works closely with program and accounting staff to make sure all funds are
accounted for accurately and program budget line items are managed adequately
This includes activities such as awards tracking sub-grant report preparation
monitoring and filing This role will also support the Operations Director in
evaluating and analyzing the compliance affairs of CARE Uganda & managing
related risks to CARE employees Partners Sub grantees reputation assets and
interests of stakeholders

S/he will be seen to
lead, innovate and be responsible for:

·       Ensuring timely and accurate financial
reporting to donors on main grants as well as adequate management of sub grants
to partners,

·       Ensuring that all operational aspects are in
compliance with CARE Financial and Donor grant policies, regulations and
budgetary requirements.

·        S/he
will actively participate in the country office efforts to proactively seek new
funding opportunities, working to ensure that program and finance teams are
supported during proposal development to develop accurate budgets that
contribute their fair share to the

Country Office Shared Project
Costs (SPC)

·       Provision of timely reports to Budget Holders
on grants and sub grants expenditures and provide analysis on program implementation
timeline vs. expenditure.

·       Providing training and ongoing technical
support to program staff and partners on compliance with terms and conditions
of donor grants and our own sub grants management policy. S/he will support
program staff to request Fund Codes (FCs), Project IDs (PIDs) and set up grants
and sub grants correctly in CARE’s financial system.

Key Duties and Responsibilities: 

 Provide leadership in overall CO Grants
& Contracts Management

To ensure that CARE
Staff and Partners follow best practice in managing grants:

·       Keeping up to
date with changes in relevant CARE International policies and procedures (e.g.
Award and Sub award policy, SPC policy,
budgeting guidelines, etc.) & proactively ensure relevant staff are made
familiar with key policies

·       Liaise with the
CO staff when developing new proposals: support Go-No-go decisions, fill Go –
No-go forms, identify funding gaps if any,

·       Ensures start-up
and inception meetings for new awards are taking place and are documented
and ensure close out meetings are also held
and documented as per policy;

·       Work with CMPs /
HQ in developing and signing of IPIAs / BA
Ms respectively ensuring that that the terms and conditions are
acceptable to the CO and understood by the CO team & partners where relevant;
If the contract is directly with a donor in country, also review donor
agreement for acceptability and understanding by relevant staff;

·       Prepare and
submit all required forms to SSC for award and sub grants setup in the system
fund code, project ID, top
line budgets, activity ID, etc.)

·       Ensuring that
Donor requirements related to grants and contracts’ financia
l management as well as various contractual
obligations for each project (reporting deadlines, deadlines for submitting
cash projections, audits, evaluations, any other) are fully understood by
implementing teams and adhered to;

·       Ensuring that
CARE Staff
and Partners fully
understand what is expected of them in managing grants and sub grants according
to best practice and per CARE and donor guidelines.

·       Monitoring
compliance with best practice (including carrying out visits to sub offices and
partners and monitoring reporting
information managed through a tracker shared with all relevant stakeholders)
and taking assertive corrective action as required; reporting any difficulties
to the appropriate accountable manager

·       Maintains Grants
Tracking Sheet updat
ed at all

·       Maintains CO
Chart of Account (at FC, PID and AID, and Cat ID level) updated at all times;

Sub grants Management

To provide leadership
in CO sub grants management from selection (due diligence processes, sub award
contract processing and monitoring) to close out.

·       Liaising with
CARE Program Coordinators and project Managers in order to understand project
implementation plans and potential
partnering requirements,

·       Ensuring that
partners are selected in a transparent manner and according to clearly agreed
documented Minimum
Eligibility Requirements and other key requirements, as per CARE policy;

·       Ensuring that
assessments and documentation of organiz
ational capacity and due diligence have been carried out for all of CARE
Uganda’s potential & current partners, according to relevant policies and
procedures; Occasionally participates directly in these assessments;

·       Based on results
from above assessment
s, supports
program teams to make well informed, transparent and documented partners’
selection decisions for submission to Decision Management Team (DMC) for

·       Ensures results
from assessments are used to develop organizational capacity building
plans of partners and oversee and document
the implementation of these plans during the life of the sub grant;

·       As Secretary of
the CO Sub Grants Decision Management Committee (DMC), calls for quarterly
DMC meetings, prepares information and analysis
to be presented to DMC, takes notes and ensures documentation of DMC meetings;

·        Keeping an updated tracker for the sub-award
data base ensuring that all sub-award payables
and liquidations are monitored and reports shared with relevant

·       Ensures sub grant agreement files submitted
for DMC approval (e.g. new MOU to be signed, an amendment to be signed, etc.)
are complete (including all documents required as per policy);

·       Maintain a sub
grants tracker (Sub-grants dashboard) for funds disbu
rsed and liquidations received & ensure
an aging analysis of the remaining funds is prepared on a monthly basis and
follow up discussions with Program Managers;

·       Ensures
partners’ financial performance is monitored and documented based on an
analysis of
risks. Ensure in
depth monitoring visits are conducted, with a thorough review of transactions
(based on a sample) and of supporting documents; Identified issues to be
immediately reported to supervisor and CO SMT;

·       Keeps track of
partners’ compliance with their reporting obligations and immediately reports
non-compliance to supervisor and SMT;

Internal and external Reporting

·       Prepare pipeline
reports and pipeline budgets;

·       Preparation of Monthly grants and contracts
Payable/Receivable Status

·       Provide Budget
Holders with detailed Monthly Budgets versus Expenditure Reports

·       Prepare
portfolio analysis report monthly & critically examine expenditure reports
with budget
holders and provide
recommendations to address under spending, overspending or unusual expenditure
in relation to project phases impact both in the short term and long term.

·       Ensure match is
recorded internally and reports to budget holders and SMT on match
commitments’ fulfillment

·       Contribute to
various management reports including relevant section of COMFORT

·       External
Reporting: Donor Reports and Quality Review

·       Prepare donor
reports and ensure their accuracy and timeliness as specified in the
including match
reporting when relevant;

·       Ensure narrative
reports and financial reports are compliant with donor requirements and are
consistent with each other

·        Liaise with Budget Holders and provide
recommendation to address any donor budget
overspending /under spending

Budget Preparations

·       Assist Program
Staff in preparing detailed accurate budgets for new proposals and ensure these
budgets cover their fair share of SPC as per
SPC policy and budget guidelines;

·       When budgets
involve bu
dgets of local
partners, support to local partners to develop their budgets will be required;

·        Assist Program staff to prepare budget
revisions when needed. It can be Non Cost Extension or
Cost Extensions;

·       Train program
staff in accurate budgeting, understanding SPC policy,

·       When budgets
include a match, support in listing match sources and mapping the match to the

CARE & Partner staff Capacity Building

·       Conduct
g refresher) training
to CARE and partner staff to ensure all award terms and conditions are
understood and implemented properly.

·       Conduct training
to Budget Holders in use of PeopleSoft (e.g. expenditure report extraction,
analysis and interpretation of the reports
and use, chart of accounts, etc.) and in general sound grants and financial

·       Develop and
oversee the roll-out of tools, training interventions, learning materials and
strategies which will
improve CARE and partner staff capacity & compliance

·       As mentioned
under responsibility 2, plays a critical role in developing partners’ capacity
building plans and overseeing progress
against these plans;

·       What about
ensuring or supporting partners to come up with Risk registers wi
thin their organization as way of mitigating
risks and training them on how to put them in place

Performance management and supervision (%)

·       Communicating to
the grants team a clear and exciti
ng vision for the work of CARE and for the role of the Unit

·       Ensuring that
each member of the team fully understands the outcomes that are expected of
them and that they are aware of best
practice in their areas of technical specialism

·       Ensuring that
k is planned and organized in
a way which will meet the needs of programs in the most cost effective manner

·       Supporting team
members to enable them to give of their best e.g. by encouraging and praising
good performance, mentoring, coaching,
assisting staff to prevent or resolve problems, providing resources, tools and

·       Monitoring and
reviewing performance and, in particular, setting goals and conducting periodic
appraisals of staff under supervision in a
timely manner, holding staff accountable for individual and team performance;
taking decisive action in the case of poor performance

·       Ensuring that
staff are adequately trained, developed and well equipped with t
he relevant tools for their roles e.g. by
analyzing staff training needs, organizing the delivery of training or coaching,
coordinating the sharing of experience and facilitating acquisition of relevant

·       Maintain
cohesion and synergy between the gr
ants and programs teams through routine scheduled interdepartmental
coordination meetings.

Promote Gender Equity and Diversity & Safeguarding

·       Practice a
behaviour that is consistent with CARE’s core values, a
nd promotion of gender equity and diversity
Plays a leadership role in identifying and implementing initiatives that
enhance CARE’s
commitment to gender
and diversity.

·       As a Grants and
Compliance lead, ensure that CARE Safeguarding policies and p
rocedures are adhered to by our partners and
the staff that S/he supervisors both directly or indirectly

·       Ensure that
staff and related personnel under your jurisdiction are familiar with the
policies and procedures and can identify when needed how these may have been breached;
The CI Safeguarding policy, Protection from Sexual Harassment, Exploitation and
Abuse and Child Abuse, The anti-discrimination and harassment policy, The code
of conduct and the organizations Values.

Any other duties

·       Maintains CO
audit calendar updated and ensures audit companies are procured in a timely
manner, audits are completed and submitted
in a timely manner;

·       Being the Focal
Point for the CO Self Con
Assessment and monthly Procurement Spot Checks

·       As requested by


·       Excellence: Sets
high standards of performance for self and/or others; successfully completes
assignments; sets standards of excellence
rather than having standards imposed; ensures interactions and transactions are
ethical and convey integrity.

·       Integrity:
Maintains social, ethical, and organizational norms; firmly adheres to codes of
and ethical principles
inherent to CARE.

·       Communicating
with Impact: Diplomatically, logically and clearly conveying information and
through a variety of media
to individuals or groups in a manner that engages the recipient / audience and
helps them understand and retain their message.

·       Facilitating Change: Supports and manages the
change process at CARE Uganda by developing a culture affirmative of change;
encouraging others to seek and act upon opportunities for different and
innovative approaches to addressing problems and opportunities; critically
analyzing evolving and fluid situations; facilitating the implementation and
acceptance of change within the workplace; actively engaging with resistance to

·       Strengthening
Partnership: Identifying and utilizing opportunities within an
d outside of CARE Uganda to develop effective
strategic relationships between one’s area and other areas/departments/units or
external organizations to achieve CARE’s objectives.

·       Management
Excellence: Makes the connection between values and performance.
Influences the performance of others, and
ultimately, the performance of the organization. Sets direction, coaches &
develops, promotes staff wellness & safety, practices & promotes
compliance, models gender equity & diversity, communicates effectively.

·       Developing Teams: Using appropriate methods
and a flexible interpersonal style to help build a cohesive team; facilitates
the completion of team goals.

·       Diversity –
Promoting, valuing, respecting and fully benefiting from each individual’s
qualities, background,
race, culture, age, gender, disability, values, lifestyle, perspectives or
interests; creating and maintaining a work environment that promotes diversity.

·       Adaptability-
Expected to well adjust with the country, the CO operating environmen
t and with the Project team to function
effectively and efficiently

·        Coaching – Ability to demonstrate to enhance
skills and capacity of staff working in the field and
office for them continue to serve CARE in
the future program activities

Qualifications, Skills and Experience:

·       The ideal
candidate must hold a University degree in Accounting/finance, accounting, or
related area from a recognized

·       Must be an
active member of a profess

·       A post graduate
Qualification in a related field is desirable

·       Training of
Adaptive Planning (ADP) and People Soft or a related Financial system

·       At least 7 years
of demonstrated leadership experience
in grants management including significant experience working with USG
and European public donors. Experience working in relief and development
contexts a plus.

·        Experience working in international NGO is

·       Proficiency in Microsoft Office including and
good skills in using financial software applications

·       Fluency in
English language and written communication;

·       Thorough
understanding of financial accounting, reporting, and grants and contracts
management processes.

·       Solid knowledge
of Key donor regulations and compliance requirements

·       Solid Analytical
and problem solving, financial trouble shooting and audit experience

·       Excellent people
management skills and inte
skills including the ability to develop harmonious teams in a cross cultural

·       Demonstrated
ability to plan and monitor workflows and performance in a complex environment

·       Ability to
produce high quality work and balance competing priori
ties within demanding timeframes

·       Good
understanding of fund accounting and financial analysis

·       Capacity
building and facilitation skills

·       Excellent
planning, organizational, analytical and decision making skills;

·       Demonstrated
leadership ability to in
and empower others;

·       Sound judgment,
ability to work effectively with others at all levels;

·       Firm belief in
teamwork, gender equality, sensitivity to HIV/AIDS, conceptual understanding of
participatory approach and
sustainable development.

·        The
ideal candidate should be an astute finance and grants professional with very
strong analytical skills, attention to details, ability to work effectively
under time pressure, very strong business partnering skills with ability to
influence senior staff, team player, proactive individual with ability to offer
structured guidance, ability to ensure that the right priorities are set for
the CO grants team, proficiency in English and Excel.

·       The ideal candidate for this role should have
superior organizational skills, great leadership qualities, and exceptional
budgeting and monitoring skills. He /She should be able to re-enforce
relationships with donors, ensure that grant programs operate efficiently,
streamline grant administration, and keep our organization fiscally sound.

How to Apply:

All Candidates who
are interested in the above job should submit an updated CV and Application
letter giving a day time telephone contact and names, telephone contacts and
email addresses of 3 (three) work related referees only through our recruitment
email:(ugarecruitment@care.org)clearly indicating the job title in the email

Deadline: 13th July 2020

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