Security Assistant Jobs – Civil Aviation Authority (CAA)

Job Title:    Security Assistant
Organisation: Civil
Aviation Authority (CAA)
Duty Station: Entebbe,
Reports to: Assistant
Security Officer
About US:
Civil Aviation
Authority (CAA) is a corporate body responsible tor regulation of civil
aviation in Uganda. It manages Entebbe international Airport (EIA) and thirteen
(13) other upcountry aerodromes. CAA carries out its work in conformity with
international Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) Standards and Recommended
Practices (SARPs).
Job Summary:  The Security Assistant will ensure the
protection and safety of passengers and crew, ground personnel, the general
public, aircraft, airport facilities and navigational aids.
Key Duties and Responsibilities: 
Access control
  • Ensures that only passengers whose flights are open for check-in are
    allowed into the check-in counters by checking their travel documents.
  • Ensures that only authorized staff are allowed into the restricted
    areas of the airport according to the specifications on their passes
  • Allows only vehicles, which have a valid airside pass, to access the
  • Ensures that only authorised visitors are allowed to areas they have
    been cleared to go.
  • Accepts contractors who have been cleared to access restricted areas
    to pertomi their dunes.
  • Grants access to flight crew after presenting and verifying their
    crew cards.
  • Ensures that only deserving persons are granted access to the Very
    Important Persons (VIP) lounges.
  • Ensures access control is carried out fast without compromising
    security and avoids undue loss of time to clients.
  • Examines bags entering airport restricted areas using the x-ray
    machine to detect prohibited items that may be concealed.
  • Refers bags with a possible threat for physical search
  • Holds bags with obvious threat in the x-ray tunnel before notifying
    the supervisor for an appropriate action and keep it away from the owner,
  • Clears all bags with no threat.
  • Examines bags physically in order to detect any concealed prohibited
  • Refers bags to the checkpoint supervisor for appropriate action upon
    discovery of prohibited item.
  • Screens persons entering the airport restricted areas using the Walk
    Through Metal Detector(WT MD) to detect prohibited items that may be
    concealed on the body that may be used to commit acts of unlawful
    interference against civil aviation
  • Uses the Hand Held Metal Detector to screen persons to detect
    prohibited items
  • Physically searches persons who may not need the use of the WTMD or
    HHMD or when the security situation dictates.
  • Checks all vehicles entering the restricted areas for prohibited
  • Refers all detected prohibited items to the checkpoint supervisor
    for appropriate action
  • Ensures that all screening equipment works to the required
    specifications by carrying out the standard equipment tests and report any
    equipment which does not work according to the acceptable standards to the
    supervisor for corrective action
  • Ensures speedy, timely and accurate screening without compromising
  • Ensures proper care and use of equipment and other accessories at
    the checkpoint.
  • Reports to the immediate supervisor any irregularities / incidents
    occurring at the area of deployment and enter record of the incidents in
    the logbook; writes incident reports where necessary.
  • Carries out toot patrols to discover items that maybe hidden in the
    airport facilities that may be used to commit acts of unlawful
    interference against civil aviation
  • Uses a vehicle to check / inspect the integrity of the perimeter
  • Reports any areas of the fence that may have been broken to the
    supervisor who informs the relevant office for an appropriate action.
  • In case a prohibited item is discovered during patrols, follows the
    standard operating procedures in handling such items.
  • Apprehends intruders who are discovered to have climbed over the
    perimeter fence and hand them over to AVPOL for proper management
  • Ensures that visitors are issued with an authorization pass for them
    to perform their duties in restricted areas of the airport.
  • Staff that have been cleared, but have not been issued with an
    ofiicial airport pass, are granted one day passes to access them to
    restricted areas.
  • Ensures that Contractors of various agencies at the airport who have
    been cleared to be facilitated with the necessary passes to enable them
    carry out their functions.
  • issues temporary airside passes to vehicies that have been
    authorised to do so like ambulances, delivery vans, etc.
  • Ensures that any VIP who needs to receive guests at the apron is
    facilitated with a visitors pass for that purpose.
  • As a job holder, handles ALL visitors to the airport; it is
    important that a security assistant displays good customer care to portray
    the good image of CAA.
  • Maintains a high degree of professionalism, team work and discipline
    at all times.
  • Maintains good internal and external relations with all airport
  • Ensures quick and professional facilitation of passengers and other
    persons through security checkpoints without compromising security.
  • Observes passengers’ behaviour to detect and identify any behaviour
    that is out of the normal.
  • Reports any such suspicion to the checkpoint supervisor for further
  • Subjects persons who show suspicious behaviour to further security
    measures such as screening.
  • Guarding
  • Safeguards CAA property from theft and other avoidable losses by
    ensuring that gate passes are presented before anything can be taken out
    of the premises.
  • Protects CAA clients‘ property from theft and pilferage.
  • Ensures that access to parked aircraft is regulated to allow only
    authorised persons.
  • Notifies the electrical section about power failures in guarded areas
    so that it is restored.
  • Maintains alertness and an awareness of the security operational
  • Checks all passengers’ travel documents and only grants those with
    genuine documents to the restricted areas.
  • Reports those with suspicious documents, through the checkpoint
    supervisor, to the airline, the immigration department and AVPOL for
    appropriate action.
  • Verifies airport passes to detect forged passes and apprehends those
    with suspicious access permits for further investigation.
  • Checks all requests for passes and the subsequent authorization to
    detect any forgeries.
  • Escorts CAA property such as fuel from the pump station to the areas
    of distribution.
  • Ensures all official visitors are escorted until such a time when
    they finish their official visits.
  • Accompanies all transit bags from screening area to the baggage
    sorting to prevent any unauthorized item from being introduced into the
  • Escorts VIPs who are authorized to receive their dignitaries at the
  • Handle basic intelligence information
  • Ensures all basic intelligence information that may be brought to
    his/her attention is reported to the supervisor for further investigation.
  • Gathers basic information that may relate to threats to civil
    aviation and passes that information to his/her supervisor for follow up
Emergency response
  • Be an active member in times of emergencies by providing a butler
    for the emergency response teams like fire department.
  • Cordons off areas of incidents so that evidence is not tampered with
    for investigators
  • Restrict access to emergency scenes to only emergency teams.
  • Coordinates communication form the Emergency Operation centre (EOC).
  • Handle dangerous goods
  • Upon discovery of dangerous goods, reports to the concerned airline
    operator for proper handling.
  • Ensures that the airline property marks and labels the dangerous
    goods for safe transportation in the air.
VIP handling
  • Requests all VIPs entering the VIP lounge to register in the VIP
  • Screens all VIPs and their hand luggage before accessing them to the
  • Advises VIPs on items that may be in their hand luggage that should
    be transported as checked baggage.
  • Reports any VIP who refuses to comply with security measures to the
    VIP supervisor and to his/her supervisors
Handle valuables
  • Safeguards clients’ valuables that may be entrusted to his/her care.
  • Ensures an up to date record of valuables entrusted to his/her care
    is maintained.
  • Issue permits
  • Issues airport permits to all persons authorized to work at the
    airport according to their areas of operation.
  • Issues Airside Driving Permits to drivers who have been tested by
    the transport and airside safety offices.
  • Issues both permanent and temporary vehicle airside permits to
    vehicles that have been cleared to access the airside.
  • Keeps an inventory of all passes. both permanent and temporary,
Carry out
  • Carries out CCTV surveillance of facilities to detect any acts of
    unlawful interference to civil aviation
  • Uses physical observation to monitor restricted areas of the airport
    as well as public areas to detect unlawful acts.
  • Reports any suspicious acts to his/her supervisor for appropriate
  • Carries out ‘sterilization’/check of the area of operation at the
    time of take-over of duties and as required by standard operating
    procedures (SOPs).
Processing permits
  • Mans the pass production room to process airport passes to be issued
    to authorised persons in a timely manner.
  • Ensures that the equipment needed in the production room is in good
    working condition and reports any malfunctions to the technical officer
    for prompt correction.
  • Keeps an inventory of the equipment used in the production room.
  • Ensures all permits processing equipment and materials are properly
    used, handled and maintained.
Basic vetting
  • Scrutinizes documents presented for access requests to ascertain
    their authenticity before facilitating anyone with an airport pass.
  • Uses basic interview questioning to establish the need to access
    before any visitor, staff or contractor is issued with an airport pass.
Staff meetings
  • Attends departmental and organizational meetings whenever they are
  • Participates in the implementation of resolutions made in the
    meetings that fall under his/her jurisdiction.
  • Any other lawful assignment allocated by the supervisor And/or
    Management from time to time.
  • The Job holder is cooperative and readily responds to adhoc tasks
    assigned to him/her.

Qualifications, Skills and Experience: 
  • The applicant for the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) Corporation
    Secretary job placement must hold a Bachelor’s Degree from a
    reputable institution,
  • A background in security work from the disciplined forces will be an
    added advantage,
  • Must be physically and mentally fit;
  • Applicants should possess the following standards that will be
    verified by a CAA approved physician:
  • Eyesight: With or without spectacles or contact lenses, be able to
    read correctly a vehicle number plate or similar signage at 23 m distance
    and be able to read labels on bottles of spirits and aerosols at a
    distance selected by the candidate of between 30-50
  • Colour perception: Have colour perception sufficient to use coloured
    X-ray equipment and to check airport restricted area permits with colour
  • Hearing: With or without an audio aid, be able to hear radio and
    telephone communications, audio signals emitted by security equipment, and
    an average conversational human voice at a distance ot2.5 m in a quiet
  • Sense of smell: Be able to sense odours.
  • Perception and awareness: Have powers of observation and
    concentration sufficient to notice, identify and act on information,
    circumstances or images in an effective manner.
  • Chemical dependency: Be free from dependence on alcohol or illegal
  • Applicants should have no speech impediments that would prevent
    communicating quickly and effectively,
  • Of added advantage: ability to read, speak and write a foreign
    language and computer literacy
  • Team spirit
  • Interpersonal skills and assertiveness
  • Ability to perform repetitive and sometimes tedious tasks
  • Ability to operate under pressure
  • Willingness and ability to work flexible work hours
  • Age: Between 22 to
    35 years
NB: Should be
a person of very high and unquestionable integrity and needless to emphasize
any reported cases of questionable integrity both before and after interview,
as well as post appointment, will lead to his/her cancellation from the process
or termination of Employment.
How to Apply:
All suitably
qualified and interested candidates should send their hand-written applications
with detailed CV and copies of academic certificates and transcripts with the
Job reference number clearly marked at the top left hand corner of the envelope
should be sent to the address below, before close of business on. Please
indicate your (day time) phone contact.
Address to:
The Director Human
Resource and Administration,
Civil Aviation
Authority (Head Office),
International Airport,
P.O. Box 5536
Kampala. Uganda
Deadline: 8th April 2019
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