Human Resource Manager Employment Opportunity – Appliance World Limited

Job Title:      Human Resource Manager
Organisation: Appliance
World Limited
Duty Station: Kampala,
About US:
Appliance World Ltd
is one of the largest organizations in Uganda dealing in consumer electronics
(refrigerators, microwaves, audio products, televisions, and washing machines),
commercial air conditioning and mechanical ventilation, mobile phones, computers/network
Job Summary:  The Human Resource Manager will be a bridge
between the company’s employees and management. You will be required to deal
& resolve problems, issues and concerns raised by employees. The end result
should be that the employees within the company are happy and working in ‘good
spirit’ and feel that the company has heard their concerns and solved the
problems as much as it can be solved in a timely manner. In addition, you will
also be involved in administrative duties. This will include dealing with
company maintenance issues, e.g., power cuts, water leakages and any
maintenance to be done within any of the company’s sites. You will also be
required to take charge of the company’s insurance policies and deal with our insurance
company’s accordingly. You will need to ensure that the company abides with the
relevant law.
Key Duties and Responsibilities: 
  • Administrative duties which include staff attendance reports, salary
    calculations for casual employees, forms & documentation related to
    leave, sickness, absenteeism & other information required for the
    staff file.
  • Handling of employees issues – this includes employees having
    problems whether personal or to do with work, problems with other staff
    members. The idea here is to be very open and welcoming to an employee so
    that he/she is free to see you regardless of the issue. You are a friend
    when need be and a HR manager when need be.
  • Discipline – you must be strict but fair. Wrongful acts/behaviour
    must be acted on. Records of action taken must be recorded and stored in
    the employees file. Note that it is important that you do not gain the
    reputation of being a prison warden or a incumbent dictator. This shall
    simply drive you away from the company’s goal of harmony in the workplace.
    Appraisals also fall under this area. It is important to review an
    employees’ performance at least once a year.
  • Proactively looking for signs of problems. Learn to poke your nose
    in every area of the company’s operations. It is your right after all. Do
    not feel that you are interfering in someone else’s business. Every
    department, every employee and every operation is your concern. Many times
    problems are not brought to you but noticed by being observant and
    curious. You must do this from day one.
  • Recruitment of new employees. All steps from advertising or
    selecting from existing applications, to interviewing, to recommending to
    drafting appointment letters and getting all other forms signed and back
    ground checks done. Many times, urgent recruitment is required. For
    example, in the case whereby the company has got a air conditioning
    project and technicians are needed or where stores needs extra loaders for
    a temporary period. Always have a database of the positions where urgent
    need can arise be present.
  • Finding talent. The company is always on the lookout for that
    someone who has that amazing ability, talent and willingness. A list of
    potential candidates for various positions must always be ready and
    available should the need arise.
  • Pay special attention to the Air Conditioning Division. This is
    where there are generally a lot of issues to resolve. Either there are
    conflicts or there is absenteeism which is causing hindrance to a project.
    Or there could be need for reallocation of technicians. Note that at
    Appliance World, whilst there are heads of department, it is you
  • Smelling/sensing when other managers who are above you in hierarchy
    are not performing their role properly and solving the problem or bringing
    it to be MD’s attention. The art of telling someone above you what to do
    without offending them is one that you have been deemed to have.
  • Being in charge of administration such as approvals for money for
    various purposes including purchase of stationary, airtime, payments to
    the cook and many other items.
  • Other administrative duties which include approving leave, advising
    when you feel that a member of staff deserves an increment, preparation of
    warning letters, ensuring that disciplinary action is implemented.
  • Be prepared to deal with crisis situations all the time. One moment
    police has arrested a driver at which point another vehicle has run out of
    fuel at which point somebody was injured on site at which point stores are
    not offloading a container because loaders did not turn up. All of these
    and more happen all the time and sometimes at the same time. You will be
    expected to deal with all of these.
  • Keeping all staff data in an organized manner. This should include
    appointment letters, any changes/addendums, warnings, correspondence, bio
    data, etc.
  • Presenting deductions per employee to the accounts department so
    that salaries can be paid appropriately. Deductions may include
    absenteeism, un paid leave, etc
  • Regularly interacting with departments and their heads to see if you
    can help in resolving any problems.
  • Ensuring that an updated list of staff and their salaries is
    presented on a monthly basis to our insurance company to enable them to
    cover Appliance World on workers compensation.
  • Ensuring that all the company’s insurance policies are up to date
    and appropriate to the company’s needs. The company’s need change as the
    company grows.
  • Dealing with and approving payment for casual laborers.
  • Dealing with maintenance issues, for example, plumbing issues,
    issues to do with National water & UMEME, telephone network system,
    internet, etc. The company also has an IT manager who will work with you
    on this particular duty. However, you are finally responsible.
  • Keeping records of and dealing with employees leave, sick leave,
    unpaid leave, absenteeism, etc
  • Dealing with and keeping records of staff loans.
  • Ensuring that you are fully aware of what goes on in all
    departments, solving their issues as well as following up with them.
  • Presenting the MD with weekly attendance reports.
  • Presenting the MD with monthly reports pertaining ‘staff issues’.
  • Any other administrative duties that may be allocated to you.

Qualifications, Skills and Experience: 
 The applicant must hold relevant
qualifications and experience
How to Apply:
Send your cover
letter and CV by email to OR
Deliver your
application to Appliance World’s offices at Spring Close, Wankoko (off
Oldportbell Rd – same compound as Cairo Bank), Bugolobi
Deadline: 28th February 2019
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