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Organisation: Handicap
Duty Station: Kampala,
About Us:
International is an independent and impartial aid and development organisation
working in situations of poverty and exclusion, conflict and disaster. We work
alongside disabled and vulnerable people to help meet their essential needs,
improve their living conditions and promote respect for their dignity and
fundamental rights. Handicap International is outraged by the injustice faced
by people with disabilities and vulnerable populations, we aspire to a world of
solidarity and inclusion, enriched by our differences, where everyone can live
in dignity.
Consultancy Summary: Handicap International is currently seeking Consultancy services to
conduct the end line evaluation survey for its Mental Health and Psychosocial
Support/Protection project in Omugo and Imvepi.
General Objective:
 To assess the
status of project progress towards the achievements of project goal and
objectives during the one year of implementation (Sept 2017 to Dec 2018).
The study will cover the Omugo and Imvepi including refugee populations
and host communities in Arua district to ascertain changes. Key stakeholders
will include but not limited to beneficiaries, local government officials, OPM,
UMHCR, refugee welfare committee, partners in the protection and mental health
sector working groups among others.
It should be noted that persons living with disability will be
specifically targeted during the study. The consultant will therefore need to
adapt the tools and methodology as well as sampling to the different types of
disability. Finding should at least be disaggregated by status, age, gender and
relevant socio-economic characteristics
  • Assess the
    extent to which the project targets have been achieved.
  • Evaluate the
    implementation processes specifically whether project was able to adapt to
    changing context and quality of inputs
  • Determine
    efficiency exhibited in implementation of the project
  • Assess the
    sustainability of the project in respect to the expected outcomes.
  • Document
    important lessons learned in relation to key priority areas of the project
    and challenges faced.
  • Draw
    recommendations that may inform future possible scale up of the project or
    replication of similar projects.
  • The study will
    also focus on inclusion aspects such as how were the most vulnerable
    including persons with disability participating or involved in decision
    making processes.
The contractor will
be engaged full-time for a period of one month- 30 days.
Planned Activity
Est. Days of Work
Consultant to sign
contract for the assignment
Review of
documents and development of the inception report and study instruments 
Presentation of
Inception report and data collection tools and  review 
by  HI
Training of
research assistants and pre-testing of study instruments. Training to include
Disability Inclusion
Primary data
collection ( field work)
Data analysis and
report writing 
Submission of the
draft evaluation report to HI
comments on draft report from  HI
Validation of
final   findings 
The deliverables
will be as follow:
  • Inception report
  • Final
    methodology, sample size, questionnaires and tools presentation.
  • Draft report of
    the study.
  • Final report in
    both hard copy ( 3 copies) and soft copy
  • PowerPoint
    presentation with key findings.
  • A clean data set
    and transcriptions on CD.  
Final End line report will as a minimum include: executive summary,
introduction, description of study objectives, study methods and limitations;
study findings, conclusions and recommendation as well as the appendix.  Summary report (abridged version) will also
be prepared and packaged for presentation and dissemination purpose. The main
report (excluding annexes) should not exceed 40 pages (Single spaced, Arial, 12
pt font).
KEY Activities and Tasks
  • To design data
    collection tools that  include
    (semi-) structured questionnaires (household survey, key informants) and
    focus groups framework in line with the objectives of the study and with
    HI instructions;
  • To design the
    sampling methodology and propose samples;
  • To conduct
    pre-testing and finalize the questionnaires accordingly;
  • To collect data
    among the identified sample;
  • To conduct any
    relevant documentary review;
  • To process and
    analyse the collected data;
  • To conduct
    validation and feedback workshops;
  • To submit the
    final reports and other deliverables on time (including progress report
    and drafts)
Data and
analysis required on:
  • How people with
    Specific needs were identified, had their needs assessed and their access
    to services.
  • Psychosocial
    wellbeing, individual and collective resilience and social-cohesion  within the community
  • Access to services and specialized supports for People living with
    disabilities and their caregivers.
The consultant will propose in his/her technical offer an adequate
methodology and technical approach to answer the objectives of the study.
However, the overall approach is expected to be mixed with both quantitative
and qualitative research. The research strategy should encompass documentation
review, household survey as well as key informant interviews and focus groups.
The methodology will follow the Organisation of Economic Cooperation and
Development’s (OECD) Development Assistance Committee (DAC) evaluation
guidelines that emphasize assessment of the project’s dimensions of relevance,
effectiveness, efficiency, sustainability and impact. In addition, the evaluation
will also seek to explore and assess the level of inclusiveness. The
methodology and sampling should be adequate to answer adequately the above
mentioned dimensions.
The proposal/expression of interest should include a detailed proposed
methodology: size and structure of the sample, ethical considerations, issues
of quality assurance and example of questionnaire. Limitations of the chosen
methodology and sampling have to be clearly stated in the proposal/expression
of interest.

& Qualification of Consultants
The team should
consist of a lead and associate consultant with relevant experience and
knowledge in emergency response, research, disability movement and mental
health & psycho social support. The lead consultant should at least have
Master’s Degree in related fields in Social science or Development studies. In
addition the consultant should be knowledgeable in monitoring and evaluation
work with:
  • Documented
    experience leading evaluations studies or researches. Preferably in
    emergency response projects, protection and mental health.
  • Description of
    assignments of similar nature and complexity carried out in the last five
  • Evidence of
    availability of appropriate qualifications, manpower and skills among key
    staff earmarked for deployment on the assignment. 
  • Thorough
    knowledge of Ugandan and International development policies and
  • Ability to work
    within set deadlines and to write concise reports.
  • Gender balance
    in the team is an asset.
  • Knowledge of
    English and relevant local languages
  • Excellent
    analytical and evaluation report writing kills
experience in participatory methods, particularly in collecting data and
working with people with disability
and Organisation
The consultant/research organization will be supervised by HI MEAL
Manager. HI Arua MEAL team will provide the contractor with necessary technical
support and facilitate communication with relevant stakeholders and
beneficiaries if needed at all stages of study implementation.
The consultant is responsible for:
Proposing a study methodology consistent with the
objectives and instructions of these terms of reference;
Building a research team including data enumerators
and train them;
Ensuring the quality, integrity and confidentiality on all data collected

How to Apply:
The application
should include:
  1. One page cover letter;
    addressing the QCBS criteria above.
  2. Technical Proposal: 10
    page Maximum
a)     Presentation
and profile of the applicant including technical references;
b)     Brief
explanation of previous experience in this kind of work;
c)      Methodological
note with a proposition regarding: the organisation of the study and proposed
methodology including: size and structure of t eh sample, sample questionnaire,
identification of key informants and overall consultant’s understanding of the
d)     Tentative
work plan with timeframes and deadlines for deliverables.
e)     Structure
of the research team including qualifications and experience.
f)       Outline of
the report.
  1. Financial Proposal: The
    Financial proposal should contain the cost estimates for services rendered
    including daily consultancy fees (transport, living costs, stationary and
    supplies needed for data collection etc.). Data collection and processing
    costs are included in the account of the Consultant.
Sealed financial and
technical proposal should be submitted in soft copy to:  and in copy:
with the subject, clearly “End Line -Survey in Omugo & Imvepi-Arua
NB: Please note that this is a competitive process and only the successful
contractors/firms will be contacted. No phone calls.
Deadline: 10th December 2018
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