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Organisation: Danish
Refugee Council (DRC)
Duty Station: 
Kampala, Uganda
Reports to: Team
Leader Protection
About US:
The Danish Refugee
Council (DRC) is a private, independent, humanitarian organization working on
all aspects of the refugee cause in more than 36 countries throughout the
world. The aim of DRC is to protect refugees and internally displaced persons
(IDPs) against persecution and to promote durable solutions to the problems of
forced migration, on the basis of humanitarian principles and human rights. DRC
works in accordance with the UN Conventions on Refugees and the Code of Conduct
for the ICRC and NGOs in Disaster Relief.
Job Summary:    The Risk and Compliance Specialist will
contribute to the realization of business benefits through supporting DRC and
its staff to uphold and safe-guard the necessary standards of conduct and to
avoid misconduct. 
Key Duties and Responsibilities: 
Code of Conduct
Focal Point
  • Facilitates, in collaboration with the responsible line managers,
    that all staff in the operation are trained in DRC’s Code of Conduct and
    what it means for them in their particular job function and risk
  • Facilitates, in collaboration with the responsible line managers,
    that DRC’s stakeholders are informed about:
  • How to report misconduct 
  • What standard they should expect from a DRC staff
  • The right to report misconduct.
  • Facilitates, in collaboration with the responsible line managers and
    Accountability Focal Point, that DRC’s stakeholders have safe and trusted
    access to report suspected misconduct in confidence.
  • Oversees that the Country has a functional Intake Committee under
    their standard Terms of Reference and that vacancies are promptly filled
    and correct name details are communicated to the regional and global Code
    of Conduct Focal Points.
  • Compiles information and recommendations regarding the
    implementation of DRC Code of Conduct and its reporting mechanism for
    inclusion in the Intake Committee’s annual report and ensures it is
    submitted for consideration by the Annual Review.
  • Ensures that compliance self-checks with respect to DRC’s Code of
    Conduct Quality Standards are done in a timely manner and identified gaps
    are followed up with recommendations and a clear work plan to implement
  • Liaises with other Code of Conduct Focal Points (HQ, region if
    relevant, and country) regarding the operation’s implementation of and
    compliance with the Code of Conduct.
Authorizing Officer
in charge of administrative investigations
  • Formally receives and registers each and every incoming Report of
    Suspected Misconduct (RSM) in DRC’s global online case tracking tool when
    the RSM is received.
  • Informs the Country Director immediately if the reported matter may
    constitute a risk to life or welfare or significant security, financial or
    reputational risks to DRC.
  • Forwards all RSMs to the Intake Committee and convenes and services
    the Intake Committee in accordance with its procedures.
  • Submits referred RSMs to the applicable recipient, unless otherwise
    decided by the Intake Committee.
  • Conducts all communication with the Reporting Person (except
    investigative steps which are conducted by an assigned investigator) in
    accordance with templates provided in the Library of the online tool:
  • Confirms within two working days that the RSM was received and will
    be processed in accordance with DRC’s regulations.
  • If the Intake Committee decides to refer the report to the
    management, HR or to another institution or authority: informs, and
    obtains the Reporting Person’s accept, of this decision
  • When the RSM is closed, informs that the RSM has been concluded in
    accordance with DRC’s regulations.
  • After considering what each RSM case will demand from the
    Investigator, assigns an Investigator to an RSM determined by the Intake
    Committee to be investigated; this can be for a Preliminary Assessment or
    for a full Investigation
  • Issues the Investigator’s Terms of Reference in the prescribed
    formats, defining what is to be investigated and time limits as well as
    the Investigator’s authority and responsibilities.
  • Informs, on a need-to-know basis and in accordance with DRC
    procedures, senior management at a competent and non-implicated level that
    an investigation is going to happen
  • If suspension of staff during an investigation is deemed necessary,
    recommends such action and the possible communication thereof to the
    management at a competent and non-implicated level 
  • Assures, and monitors as necessary, that the entire investigation
    complies with the issued Terms of Reference, the Investigator’s agreed
    Investigation Plan including risk assessment, and DRC’s Guidelines for the
    Conduct of Administrative Investigations; the Authorising Officer is the
    Investigator’s only reference point
  • Quality assures the Investigator’s report(s), ensuring that
    Investigation Report or Closure Report 
  • Demonstrate that the investigation is complete and due process has
    been followed
  • Satisfy the prescribed formats and present clear, objective,
    accurate and relevant facts and analysis
  • Present a conclusion that is logically founded on the analysis of
    the investigative details 
  • Do not include any implicit or explicit suggestions, recommendations
    or judgments
  • When necessary, prioritises investigative capacities and RSMs and
    ensures that investigations are concluded as soon as possible within three
    months of the registration of the RSM, except when the Intake Committee
    agrees there are compelling reasons to extend or suspend an investigation
  • Submits the Investigation Report or Closure Report in the prescribed
    formats to the appropriate, non-implicated management
  • Submits any Advisory report(s) in the prescribed format to relevant
    management and – in case of an observed weakness in DRC’s rules,
    regulations or systems – to the custodian of the affected rules,
    regulation or system.
  • Where an investigation report is issued, he/she will prepare talking
    points to inform disciplinary hearings. 
  • Ensure the online Code of Conduct tracking tool and donor due
    diligence matrix and reporting templates are consistently updated. 
  • Notifies the subject of an investigation when it is closed (as per
  • Monitors that cases are closed and reports to the Intake Committee
    when cases continue to be open without progress.
  • Receives generic information from Management about action taken in
    investigated cases (disciplinary, programmatic, operational, if any) and
    logs it in the online case tracking tool.

Qualifications, Skills and Experience: 
  • The ideal candidate for the Danish Refugee Council (DRC) Risk and
    Compliance Specialist job placement should hold a Bachelor’s Degree in
    Law, Business administration or related field.
  • Six years’ relevant previous job experience.
  • Prior experience in supporting investigation and/or audit functions.
  • Excellent drafting skills in English.
  • Experience in database management and the preparation of
    analytical/statistical reports.
  • Proven competency to liaise professionally with senior managers,
    field staff and the staff of other functional units on highly sensitive
    and confidential issues.
  • High integrity, pro-active, stable, robust character and a good
  • Highly motivated, results-oriented, and with well-developed
    problem-solving skills.
  • Ability to cope with heavy workloads and to work under pressure to
    meet tight deadlines.
  • Excellent communication skills.
  • Excellent analytical and negotiation skills.
  • Proven commitment to accountability practices.
  • Ability to work independently and without supervision.
  • Excellent written and spoken English is a must.

How to Apply:
All candidates who
wish to join the Danish Refugee Council (DRC) should apply online at the link
Deadline: 30th November 2018
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