5 Entry Level Youth Leader Non-profit Job Opportunities – Educate!

Organization: Educate!
Duty Station: 
About US:
Educate!’ develops
young leaders and entrepreneurs in Africa. Educate! provides a proven mix of a
leadership and entrepreneurship course, long-term mentoring, and practical experience
starting an enterprise for secondary school students. Educate! is working with
over 20,000 diverse youth across Uganda, growing to a staff of 53 in just five
years, and has already incorporated its curriculum into Uganda’s national
education system to reach 25,000 students annually. The organization has
received the Ashoka Fellowship and several international awards and grants,
proving out a program model that can be replicated across Africa.
Key Duties and Responsibilities: 
Monitoring &
Evaluation Support (30%):  
  • Receive list of Top  Scholars
    for back home Project Interviews of the Mentor  and arrange with Mentor date and time
    for Back home Project Interviews
  • During the Backhome Project Interview simultaneously enter responses
    in the Smartphone Monitoring Form “Backhome Project” and give data to the
  • Check the sms tracking sheet to ensure that the sms sent by the
    mentor have the right format and compare the sms report with the sms
    tracking sheet according to the M&E Data quality check procedure.
  • Attend mentor meetings, interschool skills retreat, association
    trainings plus meetings and record the attendance of the mentors,
    associates and scholars.
  • Enter the data in the smartphone monitoring form and hand the sheets
    to the RO.
  • Visit and collect all information for Educate! Club Survey
  • Enter the Educate! Club data in the Smartphone Monitoring Form
    “Educate! Club Information”
  • Conduct End of Course Survey with the Educate! Scholars
  • Conduct SSAT Survey with Educate! scholars
  • How will success look like in this function
Error rates below
  • All event reporting done on time and accurately
  • All hard copy reporting tools submitted whenever required.
  • Data quality checks are carried out for all mentors each month.
  • All club surveys done each term
Club Advisory (30%): 
  • Schedule with mentors club meetings and advise accordingly
  • Attend club meetings in touch with club leadership
  • Invite guest speakers who can benefit the clubs
  • Carry out club surveys and evaluations with Program Officer and
  • Lead club discussions sessions in YBE meetings
  • Take note of red school clubs for immediate support in trainings,
    meetings and mentor coaching forums
  • Provide insights into club management to mentors, Program Officer
    and regional officer
  • Monitor club progress to hit termly milestones for all schools per
  • Source for any resources necessary to make clubs successful
  • Promote a brand in visibility of club activities in schools through
    Educate! Days
  • Ensure clubs operate with right standards as guided by the Educate!
    Club guide
  • Meet leadership monthly to understand, draw work plans and mentor
    them for better leadership.
  • Visit each club at least once a month, observing projects carried
    out and update administrators on club and program progress.
  • How will success look like in this function
  • All clubs in the CU visited monthly
  • Filled out Club visit form submitted to PO for each school monthly
  • Regularly provided feedback to mentors on club findings at YBE twice
    a month
  • Each CU club meets termly milestones
  • Participated in each CU club meeting at least once a month
  • Participated in evaluation of all CU clubs with PO and Co-mentor.
  • All School heads are updated on club activities regularly.
Support (20%): 
  • Research local vendors according to the administration procedures.
  • Prepare venues and Officer with food vendors for all major events
    for community unit including Administrator Training, Experience-Week
    training, pre-term mentor training, Mentor induction, partner-trainings,
    and YBE graduation.
  • Be available to receive materials from the taxi/ bus park and take
    ownership by counting materials and distributing them.( Refer to the youth
    leader handbook for details)
  • Assist mentors with any materials and supplies they need to run the
    Educate! Experience program at schools. 
    Coordinate with regional office to collect and distribute
    replacement materials and supplies when needed.
  • Assist mentors and officers with any logistical support they need to
    run EXP and YBE programs.
  • Assist mentors with organizing community Unit retreats during term 2
    and competitions in term 4
  • How will success look like in this function
  • Adherence to procurement procedures during CU procurements.
  • Updated list of vendors maintained.
  • Mentors have all materials needed and any inadequacies are
    communicated within a week’s turnaround.
  • Conducive CU major event venues are secured ahead of each event.
Mentor Support
  • Create a monthly co-teaching schedule with mentors every first YBE
    meeting of the month
  • Co-teach with the mentors during the 
    visits and before class starts, check scholar IDs to ensure only
    scholars attend the lesson
  • Visit clubs to give advice on projects and businesses.
  • Use the judging rubric to score clubs against each judging criteria
    during the community
  • Complete club visit report form for submission to Program officer
    immediately after visit.
  • Support mentors during mentoring week and complete Mentoring week
    visit form which should be submitted to PO
  • Youth Leaders should observe each Mentor three times in the term
  • Co-Pitch the Educate! Experience with the mentors to senior 5
    students during assembly.
  • Interview students together with the mentor.
  • Support mentor during registration session with 40 selected scholars
    + give out IDs + invite scholars for first session
  • Fill in the selected 40 scholars in the Official Scholar
    Tracker  and keep in Community Unit
    file during Mentor Meetings
  • Continuously update Official Scholar Tracker during mentor meetings
    based on dropped/active status
  • Assist with mentor-recruitment during Term 2 and Term 3 through
    calling graduates on recruitment short-list to inform them about the
    program, assisting with information sessions, communicating to candidates
    about process, and collecting parental release forms.
  • Assist with back-up mentor training in during pre-term 3 holiday by
    leading sessions and organizing logistics.
  • Visit Mentors at their schools to provide support and guidance at
    least once a term.
  • Call mentors bi-monthly to support their work in EXP and YBE
  • Identify high-potential youth to participate in YBE program.
  • Select  graduates to
    participate in the Short Course program
  • Organize and run annual 4-day short course training, including
    finding a venue, coordinating with food vendors, and leading training.
  • Follow-up monthly with Junior Mentors on short-course progress.
  • Conduct Short-Course monitoring survey at end of program
  • Disseminate graduate opportunities, helping with applications in
    link with graduate fellow.
  • Coordinate with partner schools every February to ensure that
    Educate! Graduate Registration Sheet is filled in as graduates pick exam
    results from schools.
  • Call all graduates on community unit list to verify and update
    graduate contacts .Submit updated contacts to Office regularly.
  • Conduct graduate survey as directed by the M&E department.
  • Support scholars to apply for US university opportunities.
  • Source for high-potential graduates to participate in YBE and other
    graduate programs
Key Performance Indicators:
  • At least co-taught 6 LECs with mentors in a month
  • Number of schools co-pitched to with mentors
  • Mentors supported during selection, mentoring week, community day.
  • Each mentor observed at least 1 each month
  • Club visit forms submitted to PO for each school per month
  • Up to date scholar list and tracker maintained .
  • Updated graduate contact list maintained at CU.
  • Active participation in mentor recruitment exercise.

Qualifications, Skills and Experience: 
  • The ideal candidate must hold a Diploma in any relevant field
  • Experience of at least one year working in a fast paced environment.
  • Applicant MUST be a resident of any of the Five Districts
    (Rukungiri, Sheema, Kamwenge, Bundibugyo and Adjumani-Moyo)
Educate!’ 5 Cultural Tenets:
  • We Put Youth First – The youth we serve come first.
    Always. In everything. That means we wake up thinking of ways we can serve
    youth even better and get the highest impact out of every dollar that we
    spend. It means Educate! doesn’t own a single vehicle, because we’d rather
    take the bus if it means one more student can participate. It means making
    every decision like the future depends on it — because if we get our way,
    it does.
  • We Are Always
    Learning –
     When you
    work at Educate!, educating yourself is part of your job too. We encourage
    every employee to find the best book on management; share the latest
    article on graphic design; bring in your favorite college mentor; or meet
    the researcher pushing the edge of the field. We are always thirsty for
    knowledge and love to share.
  • We Only Solve a
    Problem Once 
    – We are
    allergic to band-aids so we love the person who brings the new system to solve
    the problem for good, even problems we haven’t recognized yet.
  • We Are Flexible – We thrive on change — we’re
    driving it. We are growing every day, so we have to adapt quickly to meet
    new challenges, and our team keeps up.
  • We Exceed
    Expectations –
     We assume
    we can achieve the impossible because we already have, year after year. We
    want our staff to create your own challenges, ask the toughest questions,
    and dream scary big!
How to Apply:
All suitably
qualified candidates are encouraged to apply online at the link below.
Deadline: 17th August 2018
For more of the
latest jobs, please visit https://www.theugandanjobline.com or
find us on our facebook page https://www.facebook.com/UgandanJobline

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