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Job Title:             Gender and Agriculture Coordinator
Organization: CARE International
Duty Station:  Kampala, Uganda

About US:
CARE International is a leading global development and humanitarian organization. In 2014, CARE worked in 90 countries around the world, supporting 880 poverty-fighting development and humanitarian aid projects, reaching more than 72 million people. CARE International in Uganda (CARE) works with others to make a sustainable improvement in the lives of the very poor, with a focus on women and girls. Our current program focusses on women and girls’ economic rights, particularly financial inclusion and governance of natural resources women and girls depend upon, and on their sexual and reproductive health rights, including a life free of violence. Our programming is guided by our core values of excellence, accountability, respect, integrity and transparency.

Job Summary: The Gender and Agriculture Coordinator will be responsible for engendering and ensuring Gender transformative approaches are adopted and applied in the implementation of BR & NRG initiative. He/she will be conversant with women’s economic empowerment models and gender transformative approaches. The position will also ensure all interventions under Building Resilience and Natural Resource Governance initiative are gender responsive.  The position will also from time to time provide relevant support to other WECC initiatives such as ECO DRR, PFR SP to ensure adherence to gender transformative approaches and promote equitable sharing of resources and opportunities. The Gender Coordinator will work closely with the National Advocacy Advisor to ensure gender equality in the policy and practice using CARE Transformative approaches to inform policy and practice within the Ministry of Water and Environment, the National Climate Smart Agriculture Programme, the Ministry of Agriculture, Animal Industry and Fisheries, civil society and the private sector.  This includes influencing change in attitudes of staff, partners, groups & institutions on the importance of conducting evidence based gender justice advocacy to achieve CARE’s mission. The position holder will also support  engender  design of programmatic strategies, studies monitoring and evaluation and field activities to ensure gender considerations are adhered to and adopted.  The position holder will work with CO and program staff to ensure the most efficient way of linking specific donor needs with CARE Global requirements (e.g. Gender marker). He/ She will provide overall Programme level technical guidance in gender and ensure gender transformative practices, through training, coaching and mentoring program staff and partners.

Key Duties and Responsibilities: 
Lead in providing gender programmatic technical assistance to BR&NRG Initiative. Gender transformation to ensure CARE and partners effectively target refugees, women and youth. 30%
  • Ensure Gender transformative approaches among partner and CARE interventions.
  • Lead and ensure gender analysis/audits are undertaken with specific interest to the agricultural sector in the geographical areas of the BR &NRG program.
  • Work with in the Programme team, in particular BR&NRG to ensure that gender analysis findings informs Programme design and management, and identify strategic actions to be undertaken to improve the quality of Programme implementation.
  • Facilitate identification and implementation of appropriate strategies to increase the capacity of staff, partners, and community groups to mainstream gender transformative approaches in climate smart agriculture, enterprise promotion and natural resource governance.
  • Lead the implementation of actions to ensure that empowered project’s participants, families and community groups develop confidence in their own capacities and also own their development initiatives for enhancement of their social and economic wellbeing.
  • Operationalize the national and international gender protocols and ensure the CARE’s Women Empowerment framework is adhered in implementing project actions,
  • Participate in streamlining gender equity in groups and individual families to ensure that all families’ members participate in project activities and also share the benefits equitably. Pay special attention to ensure women and youth are benefiting from the program activities.
  • Prepare briefing and policy materials for the MWE, MAAIF, MOGLSD, and MOFPED on Gender action learning (GAL) in relation to selected themes such as building resilience, Climate change risks and the nexus of women and youth empowerment and Natural Resource Governance.
Support partners to undertake Gender transformation approaches that build community /group/household resilience in Climate Smart Agriculture and Natural Resource Governance 35%
  • Support capacity building of partners and groups to implement a CAAP, GCVCA, and other defined tools in CSA.
  • Work with the other Staff and partners ensure gender transformative approaches are adhered to in composition and performance of the selected groups or associations.
  • Formulate detailed work plans to implement activities which address identified CSA, CAAP, NRG development needs of project participants.
  • Ensure beneficiaries (women and youth) good knowledge in CSA, Entrepreneurship, and diversified livelihood options on farm, are followed up regularly and re-training programs in identified capacities in collaboration with partners.
  • Exercise quality assurance, oversight and institute screening tools such as gender marker, gender audit to increase uptake of gender actions within BR&NRG and other initiatives in WENG.
  • Provide technical assistance to partners in assessing the strength of their approach to gender transformation across the Programme cycle
Support Country Office and project documentation, reporting and learning 25%
  • Lead documentation of success stories , publications,  program briefs  and other relevant program impact documentation processes to tell CARE’s Support the collection of stories,
  • Build the capacity of project partners through coaching, mentoring and training in gender transformative approaches.
  • Participate in Country office activities
  • Work with the M&E specialist to generate periodic reports.
  • Supporting Organizing Learning events.
Others: 5%

Qualifications, Skills and Experience: 
  • The applicant for the CARE International Gender and Agriculture Coordinator job placement should preferably hold a BSc in Agriculture, agricultural extension, rural development, environmental science, soil and water management, rural development or other related field
  • Five years of experience supporting Gender mainstreaming livelihoods, agriculture and climate change related programmes.
  • Previous experience and knowledge of Climate Change, Building resilience and Natural Resource Governance.
  • Knowledge of government structures and policies at local and national level (particularly within the field of gender, Environment and Natural resources, Agriculture, humanitarian
  • Experience at field level having undertaken community development.
  • Experience of leading, supporting, managing, inspiring and coaching staff with different disciplines and backgrounds.

How to Apply:
All applicants are encouraged to send their application letters clearly articulating alignment with the above profile and an updated detailed (CV) giving day time telephone contacts and names and addresses of 3 (three) work related referees to

Deadline: 13th April 2018

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