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has advertised over  15,000 jobs in sales and marketing in a diversity of areas
i.e. Solar Companies, Banking, manufacturing, Insurance Firms, Telecoms, Non-profit organizations, Oil
& Gas, etc this year alone, 2017. Please have a look at the variety of jobs
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Rationale of Training: A study we conducted revealed that 97% of
the CVs received for each job posted, were not good enough i.e. it seemed as
though the applicant didn’t understand the job they applied for. We noticed
that selling oneself is ideal in job seeking and designed a training program to
support our job seekers. The study also found that many of the job seekers
found it hard to transfer their book skills to practice. This is an opportunity for job seekers that are passionate about sales and would like to
become the perfect sales executives.
Today’s marketplace is highly competitive and every organisation is looking for
a larger share of the market. In an economy where the customer is king, how do
sales representatives position the features and benefits of the
products/services they sell?

Purpose of this Training:
  1. Are you a new sales person who fears selling
    or would like to develop the art of selling?
  2. Are you an old sales person struggling with
    your targets?
  3. Are you a sales professional looking to be
  4. How do you decide where to sell?
About Training:
Training Firm: iPerformance Uganda Ltd is a Human Resources and Organisational Development consultancy firm that provides companies with practical people solutions. Our goal is to maximize your company’s potential by helping you run it as efficiently as possible. We also provide, through our associates, outsourcing and business support services in the fields of corporate governance and finance.

Who Should Attend? The
Sales Training Course will help sharpen the skills of both fresh and experienced
sales representatives to enable them to take advantage of sales opportunities
and aggressively expand the business.

Training Guide:
Lesson 1: Defining the Sales Process

  • Type of Sales
  • Common Sales Approaches
Lesson 2: Sale before the Sale

  • Identifying your clients
  • Performing a Needs Analysis
  • Creating potential solutions
  • Sales Pipeline
  • The stages from Prospect to Customer
Lesson 3: Making the Appointment

  • A basic opening for warm calls
  • Warming up Cold Calls
  • Using the Referral Opening
Lesson 4: Active Listening

  • Importance
  • Minimal Encouragers
  • Restating and Paraphrasing
Lesson 5: Delivering
Presentations that SELL

  • Body Language
  • Features and Benefits matched to Customer Need
  • Outlining your unique selling proposition 
  • The Burning Question the every Customer wants answered
Lesson 6: Managing
the Sale

  • Sales Psychology 101
  • Leading representation bias
  • Tie Downs / Tag-Ons
  • Competing without competing on price and maintaining your professionalism.
Lesson 7: Handling

  • Type of Objections
  • Basic Strategies
  • Advanced Strategies
Lesson 8: Closing
the Sale

  • Understanding when it’s time to close
  • Powerful Closing techniques
Lesson 9: Relationship Management / Following

  • Thank You Notes
  • Expanding Relationships
  • Delighting Customers
  • Resolving Customer Service Issues 
  • Staying In Touch
Lesson 10: Sales Strategies

  • Partnerships
  • Cross Selling and Upselling 
  • Technology
  • Packaging products for your market

BOOK your Place now!!  (Limited Spaces)
Event: Sales Training Course
Venue: Eight Winx Hotel Ntinda (Kakungulu Road) next to Ntinda Police Station 
Date: Saturday, 5th August 2017 (9am – 4pm)
Booking Fee: UGX. 60,000 /= only with training certificate and lunch
Contact:  077 0 829220 (iPerformance Office line) 

Don’t loose your clients, spend a day with us!!!
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