Earn over 191m Annually as Program Management Specialist- (Deputy HIV/AIDS Team Leader) at United States Embassy / US Mission

Organisation: United States
US Embassy, US Mission in Uganda
Duty Station: Kampala,
Salary Grade: FSN-12 (Ugshs
191,547,014to 282,336,746 p.a Inclusive of allowances)
Vacancy Announcement Number:
About US Embassy:
Welcome to the United States Embassy in Kampala, Uganda.  The United States has enjoyed diplomatic
relations with Uganda for over 30 years. 
Ambassador Deborah R. Malac currently heads the U.S Mission to
Uganda.  The Mission is composed of
several offices and organizations all working under the auspices of the Embassy
and at the direction of the Ambassador.
Among the offices operating under the U.S Mission to Uganda are:
United States Agency for International
Development (USAID)
Centers for Disease Control (CDC)
Peace Corps
Job Summary: The Program
Management Specialist- (Deputy HIV/AIDS Team Leader) will work closely with these units on cross-cutting issues and
projects such as developing health systems, strengthening laboratories,
integrated service delivery, and private sector initiatives.  The incumbent provides primary support to the
HSS Team Leader in in directing and guiding the strategic, programmatic,
technical, and financial directions of this technically complex and challenging
portfolio, as well as some project. The incumbent will also collaborate closely
with other team leaders and management positions within the mission during the
implementation of the country Development Cooperation Strategy (CDCS) 2.0. The
incumbent of this positions services as a Senior Officer and Deputy of the HSS
Team within USAID/Uganda Development Objective 3: Improved Human
Capacity/Investing in People (DO3). The Health Systems Strengthening (HSS) Team
consists of one USDH PHN Officer, two expatriate staff (two TCNs), six foreign
service nationals, five of which are technical staff. The incumbent will work
closely with these units on cross-cutting issues and projects such as
developing health systems, strengthening laboratories, integrated service
delivery, and private sector initiatives. 
The HH Office is headed by a US Foreign Service Officer who reports
directly to the Mission Director. 
Managing a budget of over US$200 million in fiscal year 2015 (FY15), the
Health Systems Strengthening Division has a significant portfolio in the
Mission.  The incumbent provides primary
support to the HSS Team Leader in in directing and guiding the strategic,
programmatic, technical, and financial directions of this technically complex
and challenging portfolio, as well as some project. The incumbent will also
collaborate closely with other team leaders and management positions within the
mission during the implementation of the country Development Cooperation
Strategy (CDCS) 2.0. This position also serves as acting Team Leader during the
absence of the HSS Team Leader; including attendance and participation in DO
and Mission meetings. The incumbent must have broad technical experience in the
areas of health mentioned above, and must demonstrate a comprehensive
understanding of the Ugandan health sector, including decentralization and the
Sector Wide approach (SWAp) in Uganda. The incumbent must have prior
supervisory experience. This senior position ensures that the Mission has the
necessary management and technical expertise to handle and successfully
implement health programs and activities in USAID/Uganda’s portfolio.
Key Duties and
1. Management and Supportive Supervision: 50% A key role of the
Deputy position will be to provide day to day management of a subunit,
including supervision of staff, within the HSS team.
Coaching/support supervision
  • Supervise
    approximately three (3) technical and administrative staff; which includes
    development of work objectives, professional development and training
    plans, complete ad hoc and annual performance reviews.
  • Coach
    and mentor all HSS team members, as needed, in effective project and
    financial management; work in collaboration with PPD, FMA and A&A to
    develop an orientation and training program for staff who have not yet
    received C/AOR training or need a refresher; ensure effective coordination
    and planning with supervisors of other HSS team members
  • Develop
    and oversee project planning and monitoring schedule including work plans,
    quarterly and annual reports, meetings with C/AORs and other staff,
    integrated field visits.
  • Undertake
    quarterly integrated support supervision with technical and other Mission
    staff i.e. FMO, A&A.
Financial Management:
  • Monitor
    the HSS budget; work in collaboration with the DO3 Financial Analyst to
    ensure that budgets are up to date; reprogramming is completed; budgetary
    changes are approved by HSS, DO Team Leaders and DO3 Office Director;
    ensure working group members are informed of minimum and maximum budget
    expectations for COP, MOPand OP planning; coordination with other teams
    for projects with multiple funding sources
  • Provide
    technical support to HSS team members in reviewing, understanding and
    responding to quarterly accruals and pipeline analysis; ensuring that the
    HSS team is prepared and “on the same page” for Mission reviews.
Planning and Reporting:
  • Facilitate
    team participation in the portfolio review process and products.
  • Works
    with PPD to ensure that HSS staff are informed of new developments and are
    contributing to or participating as needed.
2. Strategic and Technical Guidance: 30%
  • Work
    collaboratively with other health/HIV management teams.
  • Provide
    leadership in USAID planning and review of HSS portfolio; refocusing, as
    needed, current and future priorities.
  • The
    incumbent provides strategic direction and technical input to key USAID
    governmental and non-governmental partners on their strategies, work plans
    and monitoring and evaluation as it relates to HSS
  • Support
    and facilitate technical staff to identify and employ technical resources
    in their day to day management.
  • Facilitate
    and strengthen USAID’s collaborative contribution to the USG HSS portfolio
    and national response.
  • Coordinate
    with USAID HSS Advisors for Donor and Community relations to ensure that
    activities are effectively integrated with other national initiatives such
    as the Global Fund
  • Identify
    opportunities and strengthen existing opportunities for integration within
    the Health portfolio and across, other DOs including democracy and
    governance, conflict and economic strengthening.
  • Provide
    leadership and act as HSS Team Leader in absence of the Team Leader
  • Organize
    and help facilitate team building sessions and retreats.
  • Actively
    participate in and contribute to Mission and team meetings as directed.
  • Actively
    facilitate implementation of evaluations of program activities in
    coordination with M&E Advisor and Health management team.
3. Technical and Project Management: 20% The Deputy will
maintain a small technical portfolio to ensure that s/he stays current with the
HSS response in Uganda, including new directions and trends, as well as issues
related to project management.  In doing
so, the Deputy is responsible for:
  • Providing
    substantial input, based on technical and managerial experience, into the
    planning, design and oversight of USAID HSS activities at national,
    district and sub-district levels; planning and reporting process include
    but are not limited to PEPFAR Country Operational Plan, Mission
    Operational Plan and Malaria Operational Plan.
  • Providing
    strategic direction and technical oversight to key USAID governmental and
    non-governmental partners to ensure that they develop strategies, work
    plans and targets that are aligned with USAID goals and objectives.  He/she is responsible for undertaking
    sound project management and will serve as a role model for other HSS
  • Ensuring
    technical and programmatic synergy within USAID/Uganda supported HSS
    activities and between those of government and other development partners
    by facilitating exchange of technical information and identifying and
    fostering opportunities for partnership on technical and programmatic
  • Participating
    as a senior USAID/Uganda representative in national level technical,
    programmatic and policy meetings and consultations related to HSS with
    other donors, government officials and implementing partners. 
  • Drafting
    talking points, assisting with high level visits (e.g. Congressional,
    political appointees, senior representatives from USG),
    developing/updating briefing materials as it relates to the HSS
Qualifications, Skills and
NOTE: All applicants must
address each selection criterion detailed below with specific and comprehensive
information supporting each item.
  • The ideal candidate for the US Embassy Program Management
    Specialist- (Deputy HIV/AIDS Team Leader) career opportunity should hold a
    Masters’ Degree in field relevant to development assistance such as social
    sciences, social work, public health, organizational development, public
    or business administration, international development, law or medicine or
    related degree strongly required.
  • At
    least five years’ experience in development assistance, or related work
    for USAID, other donor agencies, host government organizations or private
    sector institutions.
  • A
    minimum of three years’ experience of progressively responsible,
    professional experience in the field of development.
  • Broad
    knowledge of supporting a comprehensive approach to Health is required
    including strategic planning, monitoring and reporting in the areas of
    systems strengthening and service delivery.
  • Broad
    knowledge and understanding of the concepts, principles, techniques and
    practices of the multisectoral response to HSS.
  • Thorough
    knowledge of Uganda’s economical, political, social and cultural
    characteristics and the history of development assistance, in particular
    the response to HSS in Uganda, including current trends and directions
    (including health sector strategic planning, health financing, public
    accounting systems, SWAps, and decentralization).
  • Thorough
    knowledge of Uganda’s development prospects, priorities and HSS
  • Management
    and supervisory experience, including human resource management.
  • Broad
    knowledge and understanding of USAID’s business processes for acquisition
    and assistance including planning, formation and administration;
  • Working
    knowledge of USAID and GOU/MOH monitoring and evaluation systems.
  • Solid
    knowledge of USAID’s businesses processes preferred.
  • Ability
    to establish and maintain effective working relationships within the USG
    Mission including USAID (Mission and Headquarters), State Department, the
    Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), The Department of Defense,
    the National Institutes of Health, and Peace Corps.
  • Ability
    to establish and maintain effective working relationships with
    implementing partners, private sector partners, other donor partners, and
    both central and district level Government of Uganda counterparts.
  • Strong
    Analytical ability to: a) analyze ongoing public health interventions to
    assess their efficacy and efficiency; and b) obtain, analyze, and evaluate
    data and prepare precise and accurate reports for other decision-makers.
  • Multitask
    and exercise sound judgment and decision-making in a very fast paced,
    dynamic environment.
  • Independently
    and effectively plan, organize, manage and evaluate important, responsible
    and complex projects for individual and team work.
  • Consistently
    demonstrate excellent technical and project management skills to review
    and provide substantive feedback on documents including concept papers,
    proposals, program descriptions/scopes of work, annual submissions for
    various operational plan planning processes, oral and written feedback to
    implementing partners, and other technical and programmatic documents.
  • Identify
    significant economic, political and social trends in the host country and
    assess their important and impact on USAID development assistance
    objectives and programs.
  • Draft
    factual and interpretive reports covering complex subject-matter.
  • Ability
    to work in and appreciate a culturally diverse office, and able to
    translate local customs and culture to American counterparts and senior
    staff as necessary.
  • Work
    collaboratively, professionally, and positively with all other USAID staff
    to achieve team objectives.
  • Excellent
    interpersonal skills, including diplomacy and tact, to work effectively
    with people at all levels, from senior officials to support staff, accepting
    divergent points of view, able to set forth new ideas, and able to help
    find consensus to achieve team goals.
  • Ability
    to lead a team when necessary, allowing for two-way communication,
    bringing divergent views together to consensus, and exercising fair
    judgment and decision-making.
  • Ability
    to positively appraise staff, write annual performance evaluations, and
    set mutually agreed-upon and achievable work objectives for staff that
    s/he supervises.
  • Demonstrated
    ability to communicate effectively, both orally and in writing – and able
    to help others do the same.
  • Excellent
    computer skills including Microsoft Office, web-based databases, and
    electronic filing, including the ability to help others, and the ability
    to learn new programs quickly is required to adequately perform in
    this position.
  • Language Proficiency: Minimum
    of level 4 – fluent in English (written and oral) language. Knowledge of
    one or more Ugandan local languages preferred.
How to Apply:
All those interested in working with the US mission in Kampala should
send their applications and strictly adhere to the following:
a completed and signed Universal Application for Employment as a Locally
Employed Staff, Download it Here.
Any additional
documentation that supports or addresses the requirements listed above (e.g.
transcripts, degrees, etc.).
Submit Application To:
Human Resources Office
By email at KampalaHR@state.gov
NB: Your application will
be reviewed if you have fulfilled all the requirements including submission of
standard file types such as Microsoft Word (.doc) and Adobe Acrobat (.pdf) in a
single attachment (No Zipped files, Links or Multiple Attachments) and should
not exceed 10MB. Please clearly indicate the position number and title you are
applying for on the DS-174 form.
Deadline: 28th August, 2016
The US Mission in Kampala provides equal opportunity and fair and
equitable treatment in employment to all people without regard to race, color
religion, sex, national origin, age, disability, political affiliation, marital
status, or sexual orientation.  The
Department of State also strives to achieve equal employment opportunity in all
personnel operations through continuing diversity enhancement programs.
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