International NGO Jobs – Senior Program Manager at Educate!

Job Title:    Senior Program Manager
Organization: Educate!
Reports to: Program

Duty Station: Kampala, Uganda
About US:
develops young leaders and entrepreneurs in Africa. Educate! provides a proven
mix of a leadership and entrepreneurship course, long-term mentoring, and
practical experience starting an enterprise for secondary school students.
Educate! is working with over 20,000 diverse youth across Uganda, growing to a
staff of 53 in just five years, and has already incorporated its curriculum
into Uganda’s national education system to reach 25,000 students annually. The
organization has received the Ashoka Fellowship and several international
awards and grants, proving out a program model that can be replicated across Africa.
Key Duties and Responsibilities: 
Financial Oversight: 30%
Create department annual budgets
Prepare and submit monthly reports explaining
discrepancies in the Budget vs Actual, comparing budget to expense report.
Submit revised budgets to Program Director and suggest budget re-allocation.
Submit termly projections for regional programs and
bi-weekly projections for unforeseen expenses. 
Manage the half-year budget review, explaining all
causes of budget vs. actual discrepancies, and re-allocating money for second
Meet with Finance Department monthly to liaise on
issues of procedure compliance, school payment reports, Beyonic, cash flow, and
Ensure all program coordinators submit finalized
common cost sheets to finance.
Follow up on all instances of internal audit.
Review and approve Program Coordinators &
Regional Officers advances.
Ensure Program Coordinators and Regional Officers send
accountabilities within 2 week approval cycle.
Support Regional Officers in identifying training needs
of team in the area of financial management.
Ensure program coordinators have skill set and
support to approve program officer expenses.
Work closely with finance on revising and improving
financial procedures for regional program activities.
Manage team on strategy to uncover issues of
fraudulent and/or miss-use of funds. 
Ensure all members of programs management team follow up hold policy and
procedures in instances of fraudulent or miss-use of funds.
Performance Management: 35%
Set and communicate termly goals for department
Draft regional meeting memo monthly for regional
meetings.  Review memo with team of
Program Coordinators and Regional Officers so they are prepared to lead the
Lead termly planning retreats with team of program
coordinators.  Review termly monitoring
reports, Internal Advisory Board feedback, and risk analysis.  Produce a termly action plan reflected in
team’s goals and monthly priorities.
Lead 1:1 meetings with program coordinators
bi-weekly.  Review work plans, termly
mid-term and termly goals, and set/check in on monthly priorities.
Lead 1:1 conference calls with Regional Officers
bi-weekly.  Review work plans, monitoring
plans, goals, and set/check in on monthly priorities.
Conduct interviews when hiring program coordinators,
regional officers, and program officers, Create hiring guide for each position,
Create & update People Analyzer expectations for each position.
Lead bi-annual staff appraisals of program
coordinators and regional officers. Complete people analyzer and submit to HR.
Regularly observe program coordinators lead regional
meetings and conference calls. Provide feedback based on observation.
Lead termly Mentor Feedback Retreat meeting to get
feedback on program performance from mentors. Produce report within 3 week
turnaround time, including manager/director response to suggestions.
Steer termly Program Officer Feedback Retreat
meeting to get feedback on program operations and partner school
management.  Send report within 3 week
turnaround time, including manager/director response to suggestions.
Lead weekly Program Managers Meeting to follow-up on
program goals, respond to program challenges, and seek input on new procedures.
Approve coordinator and regional officer work plans
Conduct 3-tier management by observing PC’s and RO’s
in their role and checking in on program officers.
Work with HR to review and update program officer
recruitment strategy.
Oversee objectives and outline for program officer
remedial training.
Advise on all issues of capacity for regional
programs team.
Monitoring and Evaluation Coordination 15%
Call all officers at least once per term to check-in
on program, program coordinators. Un-cover cases of corruption.
Manage all evaluation activities in the program,
including program quality experiment, controls.
Review mid-term M&E reports with team and create
program strategy to respond to challenge areas. 
Direct team to investigate bright spots.
Meet with M&E bi-weekly to coordinate on M&E
and programs activities.  Work with
M&E to update reporting procedures, tools, or to organize trainings.
Coordinate with M&E on reporting, M&E
field-based activities.
Collaborate on trainings of regional programs team.
Planning and Interdepartmental Coordination: 20%
Create and update department annual work plan.
Create and share department annual calendar.  Steer cross-department planning sessions to
help manage Program Officer Work load and priorities.
Present major programs proposal at managers meeting.
Routinely communicate program decisions across
departments to ensure smooth collaboration.
Meet monthly with administration department and
Program Manager to discuss department needs, event management, and distribution
of materials, and any other department admin needs.
Qualifications, Skills and
The ideal candidate must hold a Bachelor’s degree in
related field.  Applicants with a Master’s
degree preferable.
At least five years’ work experience with 3 years’
experience managing a team of 5+ people.
Prior experience working in East Africa preferred.
Strategic planning, exceptional organizational and
planning skills. 
Good people management skills. 
How to Apply:
All suitably
qualified candidates should visit the web link below and create a profile on
the NFT Consult website by entering their e-mail addresses. Please visit web
link below and click Apply now if convinced you have the job requirements. The
applications/CVs should be prepared in English and submitted in either MS Word
or PDF format will be considered.
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