US Jobs – Program Manager, Health at United States Government Peace Corps

Organisation: United States
Government Peace Corps
Duty Station:  Kampala, Uganda
About Peace Corps:
The Peace Corps
is an agency of the United States Government, which sends American Volunteer
development workers to assist in capacity building and technical assistance
activities in over 70 countries worldwide. 
Peace Corps Uganda invites applicants for the position listed above
which is based in Kampala, Uganda.
Job Summary: The Program
Manager, Health will provide overall management and technical leadership in
Health to creatively determine the best utilization of the Volunteer skills and
abilities to build Uganda capacity by proactively seeking optimum placements
and translate host country assistance requests into viable, effective projects;
to provide technical and personal support to assigned Peace Corps Volunteers
(PCVs); and to ensure the maintenance of a quality Peace Corps program overall.
The Health Program Manager heads the Health Team and works as part of a
Programming and Training team with the Director of Programming and Training
(DPT), the Training Team, the Monitoring, Reporting and Evaluation Specialist
and collaborates closely with all members of the Programming and Training and
Administrative Units.
Key Duties and Responsibilities:  
Programming and Management (30% of time):
Develops and
maintains Peace Corps’ Health project that reflects and serves the needs of
Uganda. The duties include:
Identifies host country development issues and
dynamics through dialogue with Ministry of Health officials, USG development
specialists, the Project Advisory Committee, Peace Corps Washington and local
staff, consulting relevant reports and dialogue.
Carries out or coordinates periodic assessments of
host country and community assets and needs. In conjunction with host country
officials, non-governmental organizations, community members, Peace Corps staff
members, PCVs, and third parties when appropriate, identifies and develops
projects which reflect and serve the needs of the host country.
Ensures that projects also meet Peace Corps and
regional programming criteria and strategies. Determines the range of skills
and degree of competency needed for project implementation.
Keenly verifies the probability of recruiting PCVs
with the required skills and works with training staff to ensure that the PCVs
will be given training to achieve necessary competency levels.
Provides support and guidance to resolve, implement,
or manage program or policy issues that involve major areas of uncertainty in
approach or methodology. After consultation with other staff members, PCVs, and
host country officials, makes recommendations to the CD about the continuation,
completion, closure, or reconfiguration of existing sites, activities or
Researches and writes all major programming
documents including project plans, volunteer assignment descriptions, Job
Specific Requisitions (JSR), funding requests, periodic report forms, and
Project Status Reports (PSRs). Revises project plans annually as part of
PC/Headquarters’ annual review.
3 Surveys potential PCV sites and evaluates them for
appropriateness along multiple lines including opportunities for meaningful
work, living conditions, and opportunities for community involvement, the
availability of supporting resources, and safety and security.
The incumbent ascertains safety situation for PCVs,
including the adequacy of transportation and communications for emergency
evacuation purposes. Works with the community and organizations at each site to
prepare them to work with and receive a PCV.
Develops and maintains the Health Project Advisory
Committee and through this and other efforts, establishes working relationships
with the host country government, communities, non-governmental organizations,
and other institutions to encourage effective participation and support for PCV
projects. Briefs on-site host country supervisors and counterparts on projects
and PCV roles.
Maintains liaison with relevant ministries and organizations
concerning PCV supervision, safety, housing, technical support, and project
Mentor and supervises Health Program Specialist. The
PM is the primary rater for this person.
Provides program leadership and works
collaboratively with PEPFAR Coordinator and the Global Health Service
Partnership Manager on strategy and relationship development and management of
key actors in health.
Works closely with the Director, Programming and
Training to assure strategic and operational coordination with the entire
Programming and Training Team.
Volunteer Support and Safety (25% of time):
Provides and
coordinates the provision of timely, locally appropriate technical, personal,
and administrative and safety and security support to PCVs through site visits,
office visits by PCVs, email and phone communications. The duties include:
Provides and coordinates the provision of technical
information and related resources to individual Volunteers and groups, such as
Think Tanks, proactively or in response to requests to assist Volunteers in
carrying out their duties.
Maintains phone and internet communication and
checks in on assigned Volunteers with work status and personal adaptation
Conducts at least 1 site visit per assigned
Volunteer to monitor PCV’s project work and assists PCVs to evaluate their work
and plan for the future.
Provides support and / or problem-solving assistance
to Volunteers experiencing cultural adjustment, language, job assignment,
housing problems, and crises at home. Refers cases in need of professional
counseling to the PCMO as appropriate.
Identifies and advises PCVs on the advisability of
seeking external SPA, VAST or PCPP funding for their projects. Reviews and
approves/disapproves Volunteer community projects involving requests for
external support.
Conducts visits to potential Volunteer sites to
determine their suitability of Volunteer placement and the availability of
suitable housing prior to final site selection.
Regularly reviews MS-270 and Site History Files for
any safety/security issues before Volunteer placement. Updates Site History
Files from time to time with relevant information. As of this SOW, these Files
are being developed.
Organizes meetings with Volunteers’
supervisors/counterparts and/or Ministry of Health officials on Volunteer
related work issues.
Identifies possible Volunteer safety and security
issues during interactions with Volunteers and/or their supervisors/counterparts
and assists the Safety and Security Coordinator with MS-270 compliance.
Alerts the Country Director through the DPT to any
problematic job-related, security or health issues that arise at Volunteer work
Provides clear guidance to Volunteers regarding
Peace Corps policies and enforces those policies in a fair and consistent
manner. Institutes disciplinary actions when PCVs violate established policies.
Informs CD of problems and recommends solutions.
Volunteer Training (15% of time):
Plans and conducts training activities to ensure
that Trainees are given a good start and Volunteers are prepared to be a
valuable member of their Ugandan communities. The duties include:
Steers the development of core competencies and
learning objectives for HE activities to meet the objectives of the ED project
plans, safety and security, and other priority development technical areas of
Manages the Health Sector contribution as the lead
technical specialist to collaboratively work with the Training Manager and
her/his team to plan and implement TOTs, PSTs, ISTs, MSTs, technical workshops
and COS conferences.
Coordinates collection of materials for training,
and identifies guest speakers to participate in sector-specific training
Delivers Health training to PCTs and PCVs.
General Management and Administration (15% of time):
As a senior
staff member at post, provides input and works on tasks effecting overall post
management and the success of the Peace Corps program in country as a whole. The
duties include:
Supports the Country Director in establishing an
overall vision and mission for the country program. Provides input into the
creation of the Post’s strategic and operational plans.
Works with other staff members to create uniform and
complementary programming, training, and administrative systems.
Performs long-range planning and management of new
substantive agency programs where precedents are scarce or nonexistent.
Fulfills fiscal responsibilities, including budget
preparation, budget reporting, and maintenance of fiscal controls.
Assumes oversight responsibility for specific Peace
Corps activities such as the Coverdell World Wise Schools Program and ad hoc
Volunteer working groups and committees.
Represents the Peace Corps to the U.S. Embassy,
USAID, other development agencies, host country government, and
non-governmental organizations, providing information on Peace Corps’ purpose,
philosophy, goals, program, history, and projects.
Actively contributes to PCV welcome books, trainee
handbooks, PCV handbooks, and other post documentation dealing with the
recruitment, selection, placement, training, and support of PCVs.
Takes part in the design and implementation of the
Emergency Action Plan and coordinates emergency plan meetings, resources, and
contacts for assigned Volunteers.
Monitoring, Reporting, Evaluation and (MRE) (10% of time):
co-coordinates and collects ED data and information from PCVs; conducts
evaluative and reflective activities regarding the project and related PC activities,
and writes and contributes reports on ED projects. The duties include:
Learns how to use all relevant reporting tools and
operations and mentors other staff and Volunteers on them, particularly the
Volunteer Reporting Tool and Forms (VRT/F).
Provides timely, technical, relevant and supportive
feedback on VRFs to the PCV author and uploads them into the Volunteer database
Writes reports, with input from the post Monitoring,
Reporting Evaluation Specialist items relevant for periodic and annual reports
to comply with special funding needs and Peace Corps headquarters reporting
Participates in monitoring and evaluation meetings
and activities and creates draft documents for the Integrated Planning and
Budget (IPBS), the annual Peace Corps reporting (Project Status Reviews (PSRs),
Training Status Review (TSR) s, Congressional Reports and Peace Corps Uganda
Annual Report.
Actively promotes to PCVs and their counterparts to
monitor and complete reporting documentation to Peace Corps on their
Conducts site visits to current Volunteer sites in
order to assess their welfare, job performance, job satisfaction, skill
transfer activities, housing and resource support. Prepares site visit reports
indicating any required follow-up.
Works closely with the Grants Coordinator to
encourage prompt and accurate reporting by Health PCVs for their SPA, VAST and
PCPP grants.
Manages the preparation of the Health training
report that is written principally by the Program Specialist.
Other (5% of time)
Periodically serves as post duty officer responsible
for weekend and after-hour emergencies
Contributes articles on Health to Staff Notes and
Volunteer Newsletters.
Perform other duties as assigned by the CD or the
DPT to assist Peace Corps successfully carry out its mission in Uganda.
Qualifications, Skills and Experience:  
The ideal candidate should preferably hold a University
degree in Health or relevant field.
A minimum of five years’ experience in Health
related work as a teacher, a supervisor, tutor, curriculum specialist,
headmaster, or other related health work.
Significant experience with Health supply chain
management, malaria, HIV/AIDS treatment, and public health strategies.
Excellent computer skills including word processing
and spreadsheet programs; excellent command of English, both spoken and
written; native ability in spoken and written at least one Ugandan language.
Ability to work independently with little supervision;
good organization and time management skills; willingness to take the
initiative; excellent teamwork skills, strong service attitude; personal
integrity; strong cross-cultural skills; strong interpersonal skills, strong
interest in Uganda’s development.
Ability and willingness to travel extensively.
Ability to travel throughout Uganda as needed for
implementation of the program and as in line with the job
Legally able to work in Uganda
How to Apply:
ALL submissions
must be electronic. (Please do not attach academic credentials to the email)
Please submit a
Microsoft Word formatted letter of interest, resume, names and contacts
information for three references to Please
clearly indicate the position applied for on the subject line of your cover
email in this format “Surname FirstName_Position Title” e.g. Katungu
Bonita_ Program Manager, Health.” Submitted documents become the property
of Peace Corps and will not be returned. If called for an interview, you will
be expected to bring copies of your academic credentials. Finalists from the
first interview will be expected to bring a reference letter from their Local
Council (LC1) as part of the final review process.
Deadline: 24th August, 2015

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