Non-profit Jobs – Volunteer Country Liaison at Nobeah Foundation

Organization: Nobeah
Duty Station: Kampala,
About US:
The Nobeah
Foundation is the not-for-profit counterpart of Nobeah Technologies Ltd.,a
technology company focusing on technology with deep potential for social impact
as well as the strong growth prospects required for sustainability. The innovative
technology developed by Nobeah Technologies Ltd. targets transformative change,
aiming to dramatically impact areas such as literacy, and health care. But in
addition to these immediate potential impacts, Nobeah’s core values are to seek
deeply insightful solutions that reach the heart of social challenges, changing
the very equations so that they solve themselves in a sustainable way. The
Nobeah Foundation was created to distribute technologies from Nobeah
Technologies Ltd. on a subsidized or free basis where those technologies could
have dramatic impact.
Job Summary: The Nobeah
Foundation Volunteer Country Liaison will be responsible for preparing the
launch of its operations in Uganda. The role of the Volunteer Country Liaison is
to work with Nobeah headquarters in Kenya to contribute to the effort of
identifying and defining Nobeah programmes throughout Africa, but primarily to
guide the effort of understanding how to customize Nobeah’s programmes for
Uganda. This role will also help identify new programmes as well as define
recruitment needs for Uganda and identify partnership opportunities within the
country. The Volunteer Country Liaison will establish collaborative working and
personal relationships with the organization’s board of directors, staff,
consultants, research and community partners, donors, foundations businesses
and volunteers and follow regular updates on the Nobeah Foundation’s programs
while contributing timely and concise progress assessments.
Key Duties and Responsibilities: 
Actively engaging and energizing the Nobeah
Foundation spokespeople, partners, volunteers, board members, event committees,
alumni, partnering organizations, and funders.
In charge of developing core programs and organizing
efforts to deliver and manage these core programs to the community served by
the Nobeah Foundation.
Work closely with the board, staff and other
stakeholders evolve a vision and strategic roadmap for the organization’s
sustainability and growth.
In charge of explore opportunities for growth and
new programs; focus on strengthening and creating new
partnerships/relationships that support Nobeah and its mission.
Manage recruiting, supervision, retention,
motivation and evaluation of staff to ensure they are well-suited for their
positions and for the challenges facing the organization; develop a performance
evaluation and review system with emphasis on well-defined goals, clear
responsibilities, options for and clarity around staff growth and development
and levels of accountability for all staff.
Be fully informed of national and local developments
that may impact the Nobeah Foundation’s programs.
Qualifications, Skills and
The ideal candidate for the Volunteer Country
Liaison should hold an advanced degree, ideally an MBA
Several years of senior management experience; track
record of effectively leading and regionally and/or nationally scaling a
performance- and outcomes-based organization and staff; ability to point to
specific examples of having developed and operationalized strategies that have
taken an organization to the next stage of growth.
Proven problem solving skills and financial
experience in the non-profit, public or private sectors; a master in business
or a master in non-profit management would be helpful but not required.
Possess excellent written and verbal communication
Excellent computer skills, including MS Word, Excel,
and internet research
The applicant must have a computer and readily
available internet access.
Excellent track record of success in framing a
diverse fund development strategy including foundation and grant writing,
fundraising events and solicitation of donations from individuals and
Exceptional oral and written communication skills, a
history of public advocacy including excellent public speaking skills adaptable
to a variety of constituencies, general public, scientists/researchers and
Ability to lead an organization with creativity and
vision, a dedication to excellence, humility and a sense of humor.
Unwavering commitment to quality programs and
data-driven program evaluation.
Excellence in organizational management with the
ability to coach staff, manage, and develop high-performance teams, set and
achieve strategic objectives, and manage a budget.
Past success working with a Board of Directors with
the ability to cultivate existing board member relationships.
Strong marketing, public relations, and fundraising
experience with the ability to engage a wide range of stakeholders and
Exhibit passion, idealism, integrity, positive
attitude, mission-driven, and self-directed
How to Apply: 
All candidates
interested in this placement should send an updated resume via E-mail to with the subject line: “Re: Application for Volunteer
Country Liaison – Uganda.” Please ensure your name and other contact details
are both in your resume and in the email itself.
Deadline: 31st August 2015
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