Several Barclays Bank UK Job Placements – Rising Eagles Graduate Programme

Organisation: Barclays Bank UK
About Barclays:
Barclays is a British multinational banking and financial services
company headquartered in London. It is a universal bank with operations in
retail, wholesale and investment banking, as well as wealth management,
mortgage lending and credit cards. It has operations in over 50 countries and
territories and has around 48 million customers.
Barclays Rising Eagles Graduate Programme:
Barclays runs
the Rising Eagles because that’s how we think of our graduates: as fledgling
business leaders with the talent and ambition to take a career in banking to
the highest possible level.
 As a Rising Eagle, you will have
the opportunity to pursue up to ten different career paths including Corporate
and Investment Banking, Accounting Training, Finance, Operations, Retail and
Business Banking, Technology, Risk, Compliance and Legal, Wealth Investment
Management and Insurance. It lasts for a period of 12 months and offers the
chance to develop your skills and professional expertise, with unprecedented
exposure to the business and outstanding training and development to match. We
have opportunities across Africa. Wherever you join us, and in whatever role,
you’ll be working alongside the best in the business – go-getting achievers
with sky-high aspirations just like yours. You’ll be challenged. You’ll be
inspired and bring new ideas to those around you. And you’ll define where your
ambitions lie within our dynamic, global organisation.
Skills and Experience: 
The ideal candidates for the Barclays Rising
Eagles Programme should hold a postgraduate qualification (minimum NQF Level 8)
in computer science, maths, statistics, finance, engineering, business science,
informatics, law or risk management.
The applicants should also preferably have less
than 24 months’ permanent work experience (excluding temporary work during your
full-time studies).
Every bit as important as academic achievements
and practical experience, however, will be the personal qualities you bring.
You must be eager to learn, happy to share your
opinions, and focused clearly on what you want to achieve.
Above all, you must be ready to carve your own
career path while shaping our organisation for the future.
for Each Career Path:
1. Corporate and Investment Banking
Want to
explore the scale and scope of our global organisation? And learn about the
full spectrum of strategic advisory, financing and risk management solutions we
offer to large corporate, government and institutional clients? Look no further
than Corporate and Investment Banking.
Whether you
join our Infrastructure or Front Office team, the programme may include 4-8
weeks of orientation training in London – which may vary depending on the
business are you join.  This will give
you a fantastic insight into our global capabilities and a chance to meet, and
build your network with other Barclays graduates from around the world.
After your
initial orientation, you’ll go on to complete various financial and technical
courses as well as modules focused on the soft skills you’ll need to
successfully manage your career. All of this training is designed to develop
your skills and bring you up to speed, so you’re ready to excel when you start
your new role.
And when you
do start in your new role – taking on real responsibilities and delivering live
client work from day one – we’ll continue to help your personal development, so
you’ll always be prepared for each new challenge and opportunity that comes
your way.
2. Retail and Business Banking:
If you’re
excited by the idea of driving forward the products and services we offer to
our customers, Retail and Business Banking is a fascinating area in which to
develop your career.
Retail and Business Banking provides these products and services through an
extensive branch and ATM network via relationship managers, internet and mobile
banking facilities.
Markets offers a comprehensive range of commercial banking products and
specialised services to corporate institutions from large, medium to small
businesses, including AgriBank.
3. Private/Premier Banking:
In this
context, the word ‘private’ refers to customer service delivered on a more
personal basis than in mass-market retail banking. So if the prospect of building
strong and trusted relationships is what appeals to you most about a career
with Barclays, Private/Premier Banking should probably be your number one
Private/Premier Banking business delivers banking (both transactional and
lending), investments and other financial services like Risk & Investment
Planning and Fiduciary services to private individuals who enjoy high levels of
income or have sizeable assets to invest.
4. Wealth Investment Management and
Keen to
understand how we help our clients grow, preserve and distribute their wealth?
Then this programme could well be the best option for you.
As part of
the dedicated team within Barclays Financial Services (BFS) – a wholly-owned
subsidiary of our Bancassurance arm and one of the largest independent
financial, investment and risk advisory companies in South Africa, you’ll
develop the strong relationships we share with our clients and help them create
balanced investment portfolios to achieve their individual objectives.
5. Technology:
If you’re
passionate about technology’s ability to change the way we live and think,
Technology is the perfect programme for you. As a graduate here, you’ll be part
of an organisation that challenges and inspires you. One that gives you access
to local expertise, a continental footprint and a world of opportunity.
You’ll be
joining a team of more than 4 000 people with diverse interests and diverse
talents, but who are driven by the same belief that ‘what’ you do is never more
important than ‘how’ you do it, and share the same goal to create solutions
that build value for the business and transform customers’ experience of
6. Compliance and Legal:
As our
operations in Africa grow, our focus in Compliance and Legal is on working
efficiently as a team, providing a more cohesive and effective service to the
business, and delivering a better experience for colleagues – whatever
challenges they face and whatever jurisdiction they work within.
Our One
Africa strategy is already firmly established. And for those who join us on
this programme, the growing proportion of cross-regulatory and
cross-jurisdictional work we’re tackling as a result presents more diverse
challenges and more exciting opportunities than ever before.
7. Accounting Training:
If you’re
looking for the broadest possible introduction to our business and the chance
to qualify as an accountant with SAICA or CIMA, this is the programme to apply
Rising Eagles
will constitute the first 12 months of a three-year fixed-term training contract,
during which time you’ll rotate through various business areas with the aim of
finding the place where you’re best suited and wish to make your permanent
Based at our
Johannesburg Head Office, you’ll develop sharp business acumen, diverse life
skills and strong professional values, not to mention a network of valuable
contacts – all of which will help you prepare you for a great career ahead.
If you’re
working towards a B.Com (Hons)/CTA/GDA or equivalent at a university recognised
by the South African Institute of Chartered Accountants, the SAICA programme is
the one to apply for.
programme is open to you if you’re completing studies that will exempt you up
to the Managerial Level at the end of the year you apply.
8. Operations:
Some 12,700
colleagues providing world-class banking services to 12.5 million customers
across twelve African countries. It’s a huge – and hugely diverse – challenge,
and this programme puts you right at the heart of it all.
Operations, we develop and roll-out efficient, automated and clearly-defined
processes that keep the business running smoothly, not only living up to
Barclays own exacting standards but exceeding our customers’ expectations too.
In some
cases, working more efficiently and effectively might involve establishing
world-class hubs. In others, it might mean focusing on specialist areas such as
workforce or Service Level Agreement management. Whatever it involves, the
challenges will come thick and fast. And each of those challenges will bring
its own opportunities.
9. Risk:
How should we
evaluate the risks we face as an organisation? Keep track of them as the
business grows and the world around us changes? And how should we respond to
those risks in a way that supports our broader business objectives?
Join us in
Risk, and these are the questions you’ll help to answer every day.
closely with colleagues across the business, while remaining objective and
independent in our analysis, we define the standards, set out the working
practices and identify the tools, techniques and organisational structures that
will ensure our risks can be better identified and managed.
10. Finance:
If you want
to understand how numbers on a page relate to our success on the ground,
there’s no better programme than Finance.
At Barclays,
Finance is organised into key four functions: Product Control looks after the
daily trading balance sheet and income statement for Corporate and Investment
Banking; Financial Control ensures we meet our financial reporting obligations;
Financial Decision Support underpins our key financial decisions with rigorous
analysis and market insights; and Tax provides specialist support and advice to
all areas of the business.
How to Apply:
If you feel challenged to join the Barclays Rising Eagles Graduate Programme
and pursue a career in any of the aforementioned fields, please feel free to
Apply Online by clicking on link below.
Deadline: 30th June, 2015

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