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Organisation: Makerere University Walter Reed Project
Kayunga, Uganda
MUWRP – 002
Field Laboratory
Coordinator and PEPFAR Programme Coordinator
The Makerere University
Walter Reed Project (MUWRP) is a non-profit HIV research program that was
established in 2002 as a result of a memorandum of understanding between
Makerere University and The Henry M. Jackson foundation for Advancement of
Military Medicine Inc. of USA (HJF). The primary purpose of MUWRP is to
develop, evaluate and provide interventions to mitigate disease threats of
public health importance to Uganda. Activities include; vaccine development and
building of vaccine testing capability in Uganda, conducting of epidemiological
and basic research and provision of HIV Treatment, care and support and
surveillance of influenza and other emerging infections. Of Recent, MUWRP has
entered in a collaboration with The Austere environment Consortium for Enhanced
Sepsis Outcomes (ACESO) which is a newly formed consortium with Directorship
based at the US Naval Medical Research Centre in Frederick, Maryland to advance
understanding of clinical management and pathogenesis of sepsis as it relates
to a spectrum of clinical manifestations and varying etiologies in
resource-constrained settings.
The Laboratory
Technologist will serve as a Quality control and quality assurance laboratory
technologist for the MUWRP laboratory located in Kayunga. The primary focus of
this position is to support the Kayunga District hospital laboratory to gain
capacity and competency to process ART specimens.
Duties and Responsibilities:
  • The
    applicant will support the successful implementation and ongoing success
    of a fully functional testing HUB that has attained at least a 3 star
    SLMTA Status at Kayunga district hospital.
  • In
    coordination with the PEPFAR Field lab coordinator, institute a strong
    system of documentation at the Kayunga testing Hub to serve as strong
    foundation to a laboratory quality management system to support laboratory
    accreditation efforts.
  • Maintain
    a system of SOPs for the laboratory and make certain laboratory personnel
    maintain management of SOPs. This will include maintenance and enforcement
    of aft laboratory SOPs, annual reviews, archiving, maintaining up to date
    lists and schedules of review and ensuring that all appropriate person
    have read and signed off.
  • Ensure
    that daily internal QA/QC is performed and internal QC results are
    reviewed as established by SOPs and QA/QC guidelines.
  • In
    liaison with the Field lab coordinator, schedule the periodic maintenance
    of laboratory equipment and ensure that all maintenance records are
    properly kept.
  • Proficiently
    conduct, and offer technical support in techniques such as, Automated
    haematology as established by the SOP for this assay, FACSCount and Facs
    Calibur CD4 automated counts as established by the SOP for this assay,
    serum chemistry evaluation using the Roche Cobas c111 as established by
    the SOP for this assay, Syphilis RPR and TPPA as per the SOPs, TB
    diagnosis using the Genexpert system, ZN smear microscopy and Fluorescence
     microscopy as per established SOPs
    and HIV testing using rapid diagnostic tests.
  • Work
    with the field lab coordinator to ensure training and supervision of staff
    as they perform QA/QC, maintenance of laboratory equipment, including but
    not limited to service and repair as established by SOPs and QA/QC
  • Coordinate
    the performance of monthly comparability sample testing between Kayunga
    district hospital laboratory, other MUWRP laboratories, and any other
    laboratories as may be deemed necessary, in order to ensure continuous
  • Liaise
    with the Field laboratory coordinator to schedule and the internal
    calibration of necessary equipment located in MUWRP supported laboratories
    such as thermometers, timers, pipettes etc.
  • Maintain
    all laboratory equipment validation, calibration, quality control
    documentation and necessary routine/ periodic preventive maintenance.
  • Liaise
    with the Field laboratory coordinator to ensure that competency assessment
    for all laboratory staff is routinely scheduled arid performed, and
    documentation of the individual’s performance is done and forwarded to FLC
    I review.
  • Ensure
    that external quality assurance activities correctly performed by making
    sure that all EQA panels from known EQA providers are promptly analyzed and
    together with the Field coordinator, act on the EQA results for continued
    quality improvement of laboratory testing. Liaise with the Field lab
    coordinator to monitor and track logistical requiremen so that all
    laboratory supplies are on hand at all times.
  • Liaise
    with the Field laboratory coordinator in order to establish reliable and
    consistent reagent supply lines.
  • Perform
    other duties as assigned.
Skills and Experience
  • The
    applicant should hold a Bachelors degree in biomedical Laboratory
    technology, Bachelors in medical laboratory sciences or any related
    science laboratory field from a recognised institution
  • A
    minimum of two years working experience in busy Diagnostic/research
    laboratory environment at a supervisory level.
  • Training
    will be an essential means of communicating an updating more quality into
    the daily functioning of the Kayunga District Laboratory Services. The
    incumbent will initially be introduced to the QA/QC policies in the
    laboratory and train on Coulter Act.
  • 5/Diff
    automated haematology, Cobas c111 chemistry, FACS Calibur and FacsCount
    CD4 testing until they are proficient enough to conduct the assays without
    daily oversight.
  • Knowledge
    and practice of Syphilis RPR, TB diagnosis using the Genexpert system and
    ZN and FM Microscopy and HIV rapid testing is required along with their
    specific control measures.
  • The
    Laboratory Technologist must be aware of the logistics used in the
    laboratory and be conscious of laboratory issues at hand. This is also
    true for all equipment used regardless of who is responsible.
  • Occasionally,
    new laboratory activities will be initiated and the incumbent may be
    requested to learn the new testing platforms.
to Apply:
All suitable candidates
should download application forms from  and attach them on their Applications
letters, Photocopies of academic qualifications and Resume with three referees
quoting the Position Number to: The Human Resource Administrator Makerere
University Walter Reed Project Plot 42 Nakasero Road. P.O. Box 16524 Kampala,
NB: Only
shortlisted candidates will be contacted.
16th August 2013
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