NGO Procurement Jobs – Logistics Coordinator at Action Against Hunger (ACF)

Organisation: Action Against Hunger
Job Summary: The Logistics Coordinator (LOG-CO) is responsible for all logistics aspects of the mission with a particular focus on building the capacity of the national staff and improving the quality of logistics (procurement management, fleet and handling all logistics activities in the mission and improving logistics systems, as well as the contingency and logistics strategy plan).
Objective 1: Coordination of logistics at national level
  • Responsible for the elaboration and follow-up of the mission logistics organization related to supply chain, equipment management, fleet management, communication, maintenance.
  • Responsible for the specification and forecast of needed logistics means of the mission, planning and management of the logistic budget lines.
  • Responsible for the control and analysis of expenditures related to logistic means. Responsible for the implementation and standardization of the logistic procedures as defined in the kitlog V3;
  • Propose and develop additional procedures if required and mentor staff on correct application of donor and ACF procedures.
  • Collaborate with coordination team in the preparation of project proposals with quantification of logistic needs and costs to be incorporated in the budgets of the proposals. (Draft of the procurement planning & logistics budget, study of any donor specific rules, preparation of necessary derogations.
  • Be vigilant on potential risk of abuses and corruption, propose corrective measures in order to improve efficiency and effectiveness of logistic services to the programs.
Objective 2: Ensure timely, efficient and transparent supply and procurement chain.
  • Supervise the methodology of the purchasing officer for quotation request and updating of mission catalogue.
  • Supervise the supply chain management (orders collecting, orders follow up, goods delivery).
Objective 3: Ensure efficient management of equipments of the mission.
  • Supervise the allocation and the use of the equipments through updated equipment list, storage management and their follow up.
  • Ensure that material and equipment stocked are functional to the mission and avoid accumulation of stockpile.
  • Identify redundant and unused items and organize dispose-off following donors and ACF procedures.
  • Supervise the installation, the maintenance and the repairing of the equipments.
  • Recommend and train on missing tools and procedures of equipment management.
  • Recommend and train in tools and procedures of storage management.
Objective 4: Ensure Information, Technology and communication management.
  • Supervise the smooth running of IT material and makes sure ACF IT procedures are respected.
  • Supervise the safety of computers & data by ensuring that back up and antivirus and updates are properly and regularly done according to ACF IT procedures.
  • Supervise the appropriateness of communication tools for the mission.
  • Recommend and mentor in tools and procedures of communication management.
Objective 5: Ensure fleet management.
  • Supervise the drivers` management.
  • Supervise the internal organization on transportation management (rental contracts, report, log book mileage and maintenance).
  • Supervise that all cars and motorbikes are at any time in good running conditions, provided with security features in order to reduce risks.
  • Supervise the link between transportation management and security rules.
  • Monitor mileage costs of vehicles and motorbikes in order to avoid abuses and propose procedures and measures for cost effectiveness.
  • Supervise the internal organization of movement follow-up between bases in order to optimize travels.
Objective 6: Human resources
  • Supervision, training, support and technical evaluation of logistic team in Kampala and HoB in the field.
  • Responsible for the identification of training need and training opportunities of logistic staff, which include coaching and in-house training.
  • Collaborate with Assistant Country Director for the forecast of the HR logistics needs, preparation of JD and recruitment.
  • Collaborate with Assistant Country Director for the monitoring of the respect of the charter of ACF, policies and standards of transparency and quality of logistic department.
  • Briefing of any new expatriates (security + basic logistic) and of any new logistic staff (logistic organization in detail).
Objective 7: Security
  • In collaboration with HOB and CD, drafting and updating the mission/base security plan.
  • In collaboration with CD, training on security of expatriates and nationals staff.
  • Involvement in crisis and incident management under the supervision of CD.
  • Participation into the context analysis and communication of the information to the CD.
Qualifications, Skills and Experience:
  • University degree.
  • Good experience in logistic procedures
  • Skilled in logistic evaluation and recommendation
  • Skilled and experienced in capacity building IT (network)/ communication equipment knowledge
  • Respectable personality, good communicator, leadership
  • Ability to develop relationships with other actors.
  • Significant experience in logistics of NGO, Good knowledge of donors’ guidelines (ECHO, UN…),
  • Experience in African context.
How to apply:
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