3 Agribusiness Cluster Specialists needed at International Fertilizer Development Center (IFDC) in Uganda

 3 Agribusiness Cluster Specialists – CATALIST-Uganda Project
The International Fertilizer Development Center (IFDC) is a public international organization (PIO) governed by an international board of directors with representation from developed and developing nations. The non-profit center focuses on increasing and sustaining food and agricultural productivity in developing countries through the development and transfer of effective and environmentally sound crop nutrient technology and agribusiness expertise. IFDC is recruiting staff for the 4-year CATALIST-Uganda Project, funded by DGIS through the Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands, Kampala.
IFDC is recruiting up to 3 Agribusiness Cluster Specialists (ABC Specialists) to be based in 3 regional offices. The role of the ABC specialists is to oversee the development of agribusiness clusters for priority commodities—Irish potato, cassava, rice (particularly paddy rice) and sunflower—as well as crops grown in association with these crops (usually as rotations). These offices will likely be located in Kabale (Irish potato), Lira (sunflower and cassava), and in eastern Uganda (Iganga or Mbale; rice and cassava). ABC specialists coordinate the identification, training, and activation of agribusiness clusters (ABCs). ABCs are defined as a all actors collaborating to build profitable value chains (producers and their organizations, input suppliers, financial service providers, processors – warehousing – value addition, traders – buyers – market-parties, business development services, others). The agribusiness cluster approach is designed to support rural smallholders to move from subsistence farming to farming-as-a-business through a sustainable improvement in productivity and quality, leading to marketable surpluses and increased family incomes.
The Agribusiness Cluster Specialists will be responsible for translating value chain opportunities into viable businesses in their region of operation. S/he will facilitate and coordinate the formation of ABCs, then facilitate agribusiness cluster interactions between value-chain actors that lead to agreements that are mutually beneficial to the parties involved, and provide support to value chain actors in business plan development. With the assistance of the project ABC Advisor based in Kampala, s/he will be liaise with larger companies (including national and Dutch agribusinesses) and facilitate their contacts with cluster actors, and will also work with financial service providers to develop financial instruments for the various actors. S/he will identify local business service providers who can support agribusiness clusters that want to target profitable agricultural market opportunities.
S/he will be supported by technical expertise available within IFDC and partner organizations, including commercial companies that are partnering with IFDC in the development of viable agribusiness clusters. ABC specialists will work closely with project agronomists, also regionally based.
Required Skills
·         Participate in the identification, analysis and evaluation of farmers’ constraints and in the assessment of the potential impact of a range of technological solutions in their region of operation.
·         Organize agribusiness clusters at various levels, and train cluster participants to identify and exploit business opportunities.
·         Carry out feasibility studies and formulate business plans.
·         Identify and recommend a range of on- and off-farm services, as well as service providers, required to facilitate the adoption of productivity-enhancing products and the commercialization of farm surpluses.
·         Contribute in the design of strategies to strengthen the linkages between farmers’ associations, the private sector, government and civil society organizations.
·         Facilitate market driven linkages between agribusiness producers, wholesalers, processors, and markets within Uganda.
·         Conduct regular field visits to project sites provide hands-on technical assistance and monitoring of program activities and implementation.
·         Provide capacity building support and mentoring to field-based Agribusiness Cluster Specialists as required.
·         Contribute to M&E activities, including data collection and reporting, in coordination with the project M&E and Innovations Advisor. 
Required Experience
·         Minimum Bachelor’s degree in a relevant field (business, agriculture, economics, etc.)
·         Intimate knowledge of government and non-government organizations and farmer associations in their area of operation.
·         Experience in organizing farmers into larger clusters, involving other cluster actors.
·         Knowledge of value chain(s) for priority commodity(s) in their area of operation.
·         Practical knowledge of Uganda agribusiness firms (bulkers, traders, processors, etc.) for priority commodities in their area of operation.
·         Experience with gender mainstreaming in agriculture projects highly desirable.
·         Good networking skills; existing relations with government, private, and NGO value chain actors.
·         Demonstrated ability to work and coordinate effectively with a wide variety of stakeholders, including agribusinesses, other projects, local governments and international agencies.
·         Previous experience agricultural/agribusiness development programs.
·         Proven record of achieving development impacts in a similar context.
·         Strong management, leadership, and interpersonal skills.
·         Good communication and reporting skills in English
·         Knowledge of one or more languages spoken in area of operation.
·         Ability to work independently and to take initiative.
·         Willing to travel extensively in region of operation
How to apply: 
Complete position descriptions and application procedures can be found on the internet at https://ifdc.silkroad.com/ifdc/Employment_Listings.html
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